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Tax management is an especially important part of what separates the smart money from the herd of ordinary investors.

After all, the richest 400 Americans have an average effective tax rate of just 23.13% — far less than the rate implied by their income tax brackets.

And financial data from the last 80 years shows that taxes can eat up as much as 2% of your gains per year. That’s enough to make a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career.

Source: Uncharted Investing

To that end, our research team has gathered the most useful smart money tax minimization techniques into our latest report, “The Ultimate Tax Guide for Investors.”

This report will teach you dozens of legal ways to keep the IRS away from your hard-earned money.

And unlike the vast majority of tax resources you can find on the internet, this report has been updated to reflect the new, post-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act code.

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BONUS REPORT: “5 Ways to Profit from Domain Name Trading”

In 2012, a small holding company called Don’t Look Media sold the domain name for more than $30 million.

The company didn’t disclose the price it initially purchased the name for, but there’s a decent chance it was less than $10.

Domain name trading, like any other form of trading, has its risks. But it also offers investors a chance to pick up a simple web address for a few bucks — and then sell it for millions.

This report shows you how to strike it rich in this new and incredibly profitable market.

It was originally written by Technology and Opportunity investment director Jason Stutman for his newsletter, but Wealth Daily Insider subscribers get free access.

The Wealth Daily Insider podcast series also includes an interview with NameSilo CEO and domain trading titan Paul Andreola. Between the report and the interview, you’ll have everything you need to start building your domain name trading fortune.

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