One Insider Just Leaked the Stunning Details On

Apple's Top Secret Device

CNBC reports that it will be “bigger than the iPhone.” CEO Tim Cook says you won’t be able to live without it.

And it’s put a tiny $5 stock on the brink of an imminent 9,900% sales windfall!


Everyone knows that Steve Jobs was the driving force behind the incredible success of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL).

The company became a tech giant because of his great product ideas:

  • The Macintosh.
  • The iPod.
  • And — of course — the iPhone.

Thanks to Jobs and his vision, Apple is now the single largest company in the world, worth over $800 billion and raking in more profit every year than any other corporation on the market.

Yet, even with its $250 billion war chest, Apple hasn’t created any groundbreaking products since Jobs’ reign:

  • Nothing like the Macintosh.
  • Nothing like the iPod.
  • And nothing like the iPhone.

But all of that will change as soon as next year...

You see, a recent insider leak has revealed Apple’s biggest secret — a new device that promises to change everything we know about consumer technology today.

So much so, in fact, that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently went on record, comparing the technology behind it to the coming of the smartphone.

In his own words, it’s going to be “huge” and consumers “won’t be able to live without it.”

And in just a few years time, I believe that this confidential device will even take on the mantle of Apple’s most successful product.

Given the incredible triumph of the iPhone, this may sound unlikely. Even downright impossible...

But as you’re about to see, this coming seismic shift in mobile tech is practically inevitable. And Apple’s secret device is already in the works.

In fact, the recent insider leak I’m about to show you has even revealed that prototypes are already in production.

More importantly, these leaks have led us to a tiny $5 stock that Apple is relying on to make its new device a reality.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this company and Apple’s insider leak in just a moment.

But it’s important for you to first understand just how serious Apple is about developing this new tech and why companies like the one I’m going to tell you about are an investor’s dream...

Apple Is Betting the Ranch On This Top Secret Device

Today, Apple is spending a record $11.2 billion on research and development every year.

And this number absolutely dwarfs the $150 million it spent in developing the first iPhone.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how much of the R&D is being used on Apple’s secret device...

But what we do know is that this budget is funding an "underground" team comprised of hundreds of experts.

As the Financial Times reports, Apple has been poaching many of the team’s members from rivals like Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

But what exactly could they be working on?

Well, Bloomberg calls it “Apple’s Next Big Thing.”

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi predicts that it could “generate tens of billions of dollars in annual hardware sales.”

And financial analysts Brian White and Amit Daryanani predict that it will help crown Apple as the first $1 trillion company.

That’s right — $1 trillion.

All it will take is a 20% bump for the stock to get there.

But the truth is that the largest gains for investors won’t come from Apple.

Those returns will come from pick-and-shovel stocks like the one I’m going to share with you today.


Because the companies that enable Apple in creating its cutting-edge products — by supplying vital tech — have already delivered windfalls for investors.

It happened with the iPhone before, and it will happen with Apple’s secret device once again.

Let me show you exactly what I mean...

How Project Purple Powered One Tiny Stock to 738% Gains


In 2004, Apple was working on a highly secretive mission called Project Purple — something very similar to what we’re seeing today.

Handpicked employees had to sign nondisclosure agreements just to be able to talk about it.

They were told that it would take over their lives. Their weekends, their evenings, even their marriages would be consumed.

But at the end of everything, it would all be worth it.

After all, Project Purple was Apple’s ticket to the big league. It was the codename for none other than the iPhone — a groundbreaking device that would change consumer electronics forever.

Of course, Apple didn’t just have the components for the iPhone lying around its offices. Project Purple’s engineers had to figure out what vendors would help them build this new device.

So, they did...

One crucial part was the graphics-processing unit (or GPU). For this, they turned to a tiny company — much like the one I’m going to introduce you to in a moment — called Imagination Technologies.

This company was there at the very beginning.

And thanks to its early positioning as a vendor, Imagination Technologies made its early investors small fortunes.

In fact, from August 2004 to March of 2012, the company shot up more than tenfold.

A stunning 1,154% gain:


It was good enough to turn $10,000 into $115,400.

It was a truly incredible return, but it wasn’t the only one...

Another pick-and-shovel company was ARM Holdings.

ARM licensed one of its processing chips for use in the iPhone, and the company’s investors made out like bandits!

In fact, it was the stock that just kept on giving...

When the iPhone first launched — on June 27, 2007 — ARM was $8.60 per share.

Just four years later, it had skyrocketed to $28.41 — almost tripling for investors who'd had the foresight to buy it early on.

Yet, the stock still had more room to run...

By 2014, you could have locked in a 425% gain.

And by September 2, 2016, it was bought out for a 688% gain:


This home run would’ve turned your $10,000 into a $78,800 jackpot.

But the opportunity we’re looking at today is even bigger.

And because of the insider leak that I mentioned earlier, investors like you can stake a claim on this quantum leap in consumer tech as soon as today.

All you really need to know is what stock is providing such a crucial component of Apple’s secret device.

There’s no speculation, no guesswork, and no uncertainty.

It’s as simple as seeing the leaked information that I’m about to share with you in a moment.

But just so you can truly understand the vision behind Apple’s new secret device, I want to show you a brief video clip that will change the way you think about consumer technology forever...

This Video Tells You Everything About Apple's Future


What you’ve just seen is the reason why Apple is spending $11.2 billion on R&D right now...

In simple terms, the company is bringing the digital world into reality.

That’s the key and the focus of Apple’s secret device.

Mixed reality, augmented reality — it doesn’t matter what you call it.

This is the next big thing in consumer tech.

But today, this virtual world is still limited to the 4-inch screen of your smartphone or to a clunky, inconvenient iPad.

These windows are simply too small or inconvenient to truly merge both worlds for day-to-day life.

But this is what Apple’s secret device is changing.

And it’s going to look something like this:

Right now, you’re seeing two real people have a virtual conversation.

But they’re not in the same room.

In fact, they could be on opposite sides of the world.

Yet, they’re interacting as if they’re standing face-to-face.

It might not seem obvious at first, but this is the clearest sign that personal consumer tech is moving from smartphones to an entirely new handless device.

With a device like this, there’s no need to dig into your pocket and pull out your smartphone. The digital world will always be there — merged seamlessly with the real world you’re looking directly at.

Of course, you’ve only seen one application of this stunning tech. I’m going to show you more shortly. But first, let me reiterate how this breakthrough could deliver enormous returns for investors like you...

How the One Tiny Company Behind Apple's Secret Device Will See 9,900% Gains

In early 2017, the war between Tim Cook and Qualcomm got bloody.

The two got into the ring and threw accusations of monopoly abuse and broken agreements at each other until Apple stopped paying royalties to Qualcomm.

For us, it doesn’t matter who’s right or who wins at the end of the day...

What’s important is that Stacy Rasgon, an analyst at Bernstein, used Qualcomm’s lost revenue to figure out exactly how much Apple pays component suppliers on average.

By her math, about $10 per iPhone...

And here’s why this is significant...

The tiny $281 million company that's making this top secret device a reality only pulls in $22 million in revenue annually as of today.

However, Apple sells up to 55 million phones per quarter — generating $550 million in royalties for component suppliers, or $2.2 billion every year.

If this new device replaces the iPhone, the revenue of this tiny company would explode by 9,900%!

Let me say that again...

If Apple’s secret device becomes the barnstorming success that Cook and insiders expect it to be...

Our tiny $5 company will grow its revenue a hundredfold...

From $22 million to $2.2 billion or more.

So, how can you get in on this opportunity?

Stay right where you are and keep watching to discover:

  • Exactly what Apple’s secret device is and how it’s set to topple the iPhone.
  • The tiny stock at the heart of Apple’s plans.
  • The step-by-step instructions on how you can invest today.

But first, I’m going to explain how we know about this device...

"Will be like what the iPhone did 10 years ago."

In July 2017, a self-proclaimed Apple insider quietly took to an online discussion board to reveal exactly what Apple is up to.

Though the insider has remained anonymous to the public, his credentials have been verified through documentation and evidence.

We know now that this insider was senior enough at Foxconn — the Taiwanese manufacturing giant that builds Apple’s products — to see what designs were in the pipeline.

And this is incredibly significant.

You see, Foxconn only receives designs, prototypes, and research from Apple once the company is beyond the drawing board.

This means that what the insider revealed about Apple’s secret device is:

  • Not an idea floated in a meeting.
  • Not an off-the-cuff comment.
  • And most importantly, not a moonshot.

In fact, the leaker confirmed that projects like this one only reach Foxconn after years of internal development. Put simply, Apple has its skin in the game for everything it sends to them.

This all lines up with Apple’s record R&D budget of $11.2 billion and also its string of acquisitions, patents, and poached employees that I’m going to show you in just a moment...

But first, let me explain exactly what the leaker confirmed that Apple is working on and what CNBC is calling “bigger than the iPhone.”

You already know that Apple is working to make the virtual world as accessible as our reality.

And it will do this through using a technology that we’ve known about for decades...

We’ve seen it in movies, video games, and in the most sophisticated section of our military.

It’s what Jackdaw Research calls “the most important platform that Apple has created since the app store.”

What is the tech at the core of Apple’s secret device? As I mentioned earlier, it’s Augmented Reality (or AR).

A virtual overlay on top of real life, a seamless merge of the real and the digital...


More importantly, for you, this market is growing at lightning speed — from just $1.2 billion in 2016 to $133 billion by 2021, as forecast by Zion Market Research.

That’s a 110-fold boom.

Right now, we’re at the ground floor, and Apple knows it.

It has recently put together an all-star AR team to build its next great device.

The team includes:

  • Doug Bowman, a prominent computer science expert who led Virginia Tech’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

  • Zeyu Li, the former principal computer vision engineer at Magic Leap — a top startup in the AR space that is funded by the likes of Google and Alibaba.

  • Yury Petrov, a research scientist from Facebook’s Oculus VR — the virtual reality firm that Zuckerberg and his team bought for $2 billion.

  • Jeff Norris, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s resident augmented reality expert.

  • Many members from companies and divisions like Oculus, HoloLens, Amazon’s VR team, Lucasfilm, and Weta Digital.

Yet, Apple has gone beyond just building a great team; it has also acquired six companies in the same space — the standout being Metaio.

At first glance, the company seems like just another AR acquisition, until you look at one patent that it came with:


The patent picture shows a user interacting with the digital world through his glasses. And this is the biggest clue as to what Apple’s top secret device is...

Apple's Biggest Secret: Project Iris


The official codename for this leaked device is Project Iris.

It's a pair of augmented reality glasses. And it's what the Foxconn insider claims will do to the tech industry “what the iPhone did 10 years ago.”

These smart glasses may sound like a pipe dream, but we’ve heard the naysayers say this before.

It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of a powerful personal computer in your pocket was considered science fiction and virtually impossible.

And not too long before that, you couldn’t listen to music, watch videos, or do many of the things you can today.

But Apple made the breakthrough a reality, and here we are today.

It’s like we’ve rewound the tape and are letting the last 10 years play out all over again.

Only this time, the leap in tech will be even bigger...

These glasses are a way to enhance every corner of your everyday life.

Take getting directions as one example...

Today, you just have to pull out your phone, open an app, type in the address, and keep looking at it in order to get where you need to go.

But what if you didn’t need to look down?

Or even pull out your phone at all?

It would look something like this:

What you’re witnessing right now is one of the first real-world uses of this technology.

Instead of having to look down at a 4-inch digital window for directions and then having to look up again — while you’re in traffic or walking in a crowd — you'll just have to look forward.

Again, it’s a seamless way to combine the digital and the real worlds to make our lives better.

Or how about travel and tourism?

Let’s say you want to see if you’ll like a specific destination for a retirement trip...

Today, you’d have to ask your travel agent or watch a tourism video online:

But with AR glasses, you'll just have to create a portal wherever you are and “step through” it to experience the place yourself.

With a pair of smart glasses, you'll even be able to see how furniture would look in a room before you buy it:

Before, all of this was a guessing game. If you'd picked the wrong couch and it didn’t work, you’d have to go through the hassle of returning it.

But with Apple’s glasses, you’ll just choose from the catalog and drop a digital replica in its potential place.

Once Project Iris is released to the world as soon as 2018, there will practically be no reason for the iPhone to exist anymore.

If you want to type an email, you'll just tell your glasses what to write.

If you receive a call, you'll just have to nod your head to answer and speak through the glasses.

Truthfully, the possibilities for what this device will be able to do are endless. It will enable:

  • Real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world. You'll be able to see what they’re seeing, and they'll be able to see what you’re seeing.

  • Holographic personal trainers. So, you'll be able to be trained anywhere, anytime.

  • Real-time translation. As someone speaks, their words will be translated and written on your screen in English.

  • The military to identify friendlies or roadside bombs much faster than the human brain can.

  • The user to pull up a digital screen anywhere they'd like. It will allow them to watch TV, check their email, work, or look at their investments.

But the benefits of Apple’s smart glasses to you as a consumer should be just an afterthought. As I mentioned earlier, there’s an incredible opportunity out there for early investors.

And this is why I’m going to show you the company supplying Apple’s top secret device in just a moment.

But first, it’s important that you truly understand why this opportunity is so big...

How the Google Glass "Failure" Made Investors Rich

I’m sure you remember Google Glass — Google’s shot at augmented reality that didn’t take off.

You may even remember the mainstream media having a field day over it.

The New York Times ran a piece called “Why Google Glass Broke.”

Fox News went with “The Google Glass Epic Fail.”

And TechCrunch proclaimed, “Why We Hate Google Glass.”

It wasn’t a good time for Google. But here’s why this so-called “failure” was actually a home run for investors...

You see, like Apple is doing today, Google tapped a small company to provide the micro-displays for its glasses.

The identity of the company was a well-kept secret until one tech analyst exposed it.

And then investors flooded into Himax.

Between March 4, 2013, and March 12, 2014, the stock shot up 354%.

A $10,000 investment would’ve grown into $45,400 in just over a year!

To you and me, that’s no failure. In fact, it’s a tremendous win.

But it’s still nothing compared to what’s to come with the $5 stock currently supplying Apple...

How a DARPA Prodigy Will Make You Rich

When it comes to Project Iris and augmented reality, the savviest investors understand this...

The most important company in this story isn’t Apple.

It’s the suppliers — like the $5 stock I’ve been telling you about.

You see, this company got its start in 1984 with $50 million of DARPA money.

DARPA is the next generation research arm of our military. It funds the development of cutting-edge tech that often finds its way into consumer applications.

Today, this DARPA prodigy still works with the military on four augmented reality projects. The most impressive of which is its work for the F-35 fifth-generation combat aircraft.

It’s like the plane is built around the helmet that houses this company’s tech.

And there are six cameras embedded into the aircraft’s skin.

These cameras are linked to the pilot’s helmet and lets them have a 360-degree view of the environment — meaning the pilot can see through the floor of their cockpit!

Of course, that’s impressive, but we’re not talking about military tech today...

What’s important to Apple is this company’s near-eye display.

This tech is just what it says on the tin — a virtual display that’s close to your eye. And it’s also a vital part of any pair of smart glasses.

And our tiny DARPA prodigy makes the best near-eye displays on the market.

In fact, I recently had the opportunity to try out one of its near-eye displays to compare it with others I’ve tested before.

Augmented Reality Stutman

These glasses were built specifically for cyclists, yet perfectly demonstrated why the company is poised for incredible growth.

We’re talking up to a hundredfold revenue boom...

The company's tech is so cutting edge — so ahead of the pack — there’s simply no other tech that comes close.

And this is why Apple wants it...

Because it knows that while the smartphone is today’s most important consumer tech, tomorrow’s will be smart glasses using augmented reality.

And only this tiny company can supply the vital component for making Project Iris the next big thing.


Now, as much as I’d like to share with you my full research on this company — including my buy instructions — the best way I can help you is to give you free access to a special report that you can keep...

It’s called "Project Iris: The $5 Stock Behind Apple’s Top Secret Device." And I'll show you how to access it in just a moment.

First, let me show you how I’m able to pinpoint opportunities just like this one and bring them to investors like you before the mainstream piles in...

Why I’m So Confident


Look, I’m a tech investor because it’s exciting and profitable.

That’s the long and short of it.

There’s nothing like the rush of doubling or tripling your money overnight on the back of a breakthrough you were the first to see coming.

Those are the stocks that I look out for, sharing them with bold investors like you in my two publications, Technology and Opportunity and The Cutting Edge.

As a function of my career, I’ve been immersed in the tech world for years.

From meeting with industry insiders and high profile executives...

To seeing firsthand demonstrations of driverless cars, virtual reality, drones, 3-D printers, robots, and augmented reality.

It’s hard work, but it lets me understand what tomorrow’s tech looks like today. And it also lets me find the investments that will triple — or more — and bring them straight to you.

Take the latest cryptocurrency boom, as an example...

If you followed it closely, you know that the story went mainstream in the middle of 2017.

But before everyone was talking about it, I'd identified Ethereum as the next big cryptocurrency winner.

In my eyes, it was — and still is — a superior digital currency to Bitcoin.

On April 17, 2017, I recommended Ethereum to my readers when it stood at just $48.

On June 18, 2017, I issued the sell instruction at $354.20.

In just two months, my readers booked 637% gains:


Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $76,370...

Not bad, right?

Another hall of fame winner was MassRoots.

I identified the social network for the booming pot industry as a no-brainer.

My readers and I got in at $0.98...

And just two months later, we sold at $2.22.

A lightning-fast 126% gain:


Turning $10,000 into $22,600...

Now, I know what you’re thinking...

Anyone can show fast gains, but how about what’s in the portfolio today? Right now...

Well, let’s look at one pharmaceutical company in the addiction and abuse space. We’ll call it company X.

There’s an epidemic of legal drug abuse sweeping America. Opioid painkillers kill more people than heroin and cocaine combined, according to the CDC.

Laws won’t solve this problem — only technology will.

On January 17, 2017, my readers and I got into one company that was offering a solution for $7 a share. Today, company X has showed us gains as high as 457%, and I'm expecting it to run up even higher:


Of course, you can imagine how happy my readers must be.

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2. Is it under the radar?

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If it hasn’t gone mainstream yet, I’ll ask:

3. Could it become the leading trend for the next 10 years?

Again, we’re looking for huge gains — triples, quadruples, sometimes even higher. Most of the time, these come from powerful trends.

And this is where we are today. Apple’s smart glasses tick all the boxes, and we know the exact stock the tech giant is tapping to make its device a reality.

So, here’s the deal...

How to Bet on Apple's Top Secret Device, Project Iris, Today

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Tesla has a problem.

Solar isn’t good enough. And its recent acquisition of failing SolarCity puts it on the hook for a $2.8 billion time bomb.

You see, ever since the 1950s, solar cells have relied almost entirely on a single material to capture energy from the sun — silicon.

The problem is that a single layer of silicon can only capture 29% of the available solar energy. The vast majority of it ends up lost.

Until today, we’ve had to use silicon, but this has changed.

A new material is king.

And it costs $2,000 per gram.

That’s nearly 30 times more than gold.

Why so high?

Because it’s two times more effective than silicon.

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And although that may sound underwhelming, here’s what this bump in efficiency means...

Not only is it collecting far more solar power throughout the day...

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No wonder Forbes is calling it “the holy grail” of solar.

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"Pot Profits From America’s Craft Cultivator"


The pot market is booming.

Forbes says it will become a $22 billion industry by 2020 — and that’s on the low side.

Industry insider Marijuana Business Daily predicts that it will be worth $44 billion by 2020.

That’s a 600% growth from 2016!

Even if you use the conservative figure, this is a market that you want to be in. And here’s how a tech investor can tap into it...

The marijuana business isn’t as simple as just growing the plant.

There are thousands of different strains that need nuanced care and a large number of different products being made from pot, like edibles and concentrates.

Often, you’ll need to use a high-tech extraction machine and chemicals like butane to make them. And this is where the company shines...

It holds thousands of registered patents and a portfolio of proprietary high-quality marijuana strains. The company is as cutting edge as it gets when it comes to the pot industry.

Yet, what's even more exciting is its craft-cultivation mission.

The company has seen how the craft beer market has been on a tear in the U.S., booming from $6.3 billion in 2008 to $23.5 billion in 2016:


And now this company is looking to do the same for pot.

It finds exceptional marijuana growers — people who have been growing in their basements since the "Summer of Love" — and takes them under its brand.


The company gives these growers the resources to grow and distribute the product.

The result is that the company gets super high-quality craft pot to sell at a premium.

And all this translates to great financials...

In a recent quarter, the company booked 57.9% more revenue than the previous year. And this trend is set to continue.

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The nature of these tiny stocks means that it doesn’t take much to move them.

If The Cutting Edge were priced too low, everybody would buy in, and I’d likely get a call from the SEC for "pumping" the stock.

And this is why the service isn’t for the masses — we reserve this research for a select group of investors.

But consider the pick-and-shovel gains we’ve seen today:

  • 738% on Imagination Technologies
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And as I mentioned earlier, this is why we offer a risk-free trial.

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Let me underline that...

You have 30 days to enjoy every part of The Cutting Edge.

You can read every issue, dive deep into the archives, and explore the full suite of investor tools at your fingertips.

But if you’re not delighted, we’ll refund every penny that you've invested in the service.

And this brings us to how much The Cutting Edge is...

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  • "Project Iris: The $5 Stock Behind Apple’s Top Secret Device."
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  • "Pot Profits From America’s Craft Cultivator."
  • 12-month access to The Cutting Edge.


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This is a verifiable insider leak.

We know that Apple is working on smart glasses and also the identity of the tiny company that it's tapped.

If any mainstream analyst or even Apple reveals this information...

This $5 pick-and-shovel stock will skyrocket and leave late investors behind.

I can’t say how long it’ll be on the ground floor...

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Until then,

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