Former CBOE Insider Shows YOU How to Make $3,100 by Next Thursday

Using one simple and often overlooked technique, you could pocket up to $3,100 within the next six to 12 days — no matter what the market does.

And you won't have to buy a single stock to do it!


Dear Reader,

If you had an extra $3,100 in your account by next week...

What would you do with it?

Sip margaritas poolside in Oahu? Lounge in a hot tub at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado? Buy that new zero-turn mower you've had your eye on?

Really, it doesn't matter what you'd do with it...

I only ask because if you listen to what I'm going to share with you today, there's a real chance that within the next week, you could be sitting on an extra $3,100.

How can I be so sure?

Let me show you...

Just recently, shares of Twitter stock were moving up in price.

So, naturally, many people bought in hopes that they'd make some money.

And some did. After all, the stock went up by 17%.

That's a fine gain — one anyone would gladly take.

But not me...

Because I knew how to make 18 times more money on the same stock...

At the SAME time.

Have a look:

So, you could have made $170 on every $1,000 invested the way that most ordinary investors would have.

Or you could have made $3,100 for every $1,000 invested like I did.

And it all happened within 12 days.

This wasn't an isolated event, either.

I find opportunities like this all the time.

I love to watch rank-and-file investors make, or even lose, money while I'm making multiples of anything they might pull in.

And it doesn't always take 12 days.

In fact, sometimes, you can collect your payout in less than a day.

Check out this play on Ross Stores:

Recently, the stock went up by 2% — in one day.

That's not bad for a 24-hour gain.

Most people would be plenty happy with that.

But again, not me...

Because while some investors made $20 for every $1,000 invested...

My play made 54 times that.

That's right!

If you'd done what I did, you could have pulled in an incredible $1,270 — in one day.

So, how did I do it?

I'm about to show you...

You Could Collect Payouts More Often Than Most People Collect Paychecks

My name is Brit Ryle.

And I first set foot on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) almost 20 years ago.

I learned a lot. But one thing stood out...

And I've used it ever since to generate more than $2 million in gains.

It's the secret I'm going to share with you today.

It's the secret that took me from working 100-hour weeks to having the freedom to pick my kids up from school, play golf whenever I want, and spend as much time with family as I want.

In other words, the secret that you're about to learn could be the most profitable, and life-changing, money secret you've ever learned.

Remember, you could earn up to $3,100, if not more, in one week.

Do that for a full year, and you'll be looking at $161,200 in income.

That's almost four times what the average person pulls in at their day job.

That's how fast and powerful this single stock market secret is.

And I'm not exaggerating.

Because opportunities to make massive gains pop up all the time...

$5,850 in 7 Days


For instance, are you familiar with Micron Technology?

It's a tech stock, and thousands of people own it.

And that's great. It's been a solid stock.

But there's something that I can almost guarantee that those holding the stock don't know.

Recently, an opportunity opened up that gave you the chance to bank 120% gains.

And it only took eight days.

Take a look:

Now, you may notice that you could have made 6% on the stock.

That's what most people who were holding it did.

But if you'd been following me, you could have made 20 times that amount.

In other words, plenty of ordinary folks made only $60 for every $1,000 they'd invested.

But you could have made $1,200, instead.

And like I mentioned, these kinds of opportunities pop up on a regular basis.

Gilead Sciences, the well-known pharmaceutical company, was another one.

And recently, you could have made 185% gains...

In just four days.

Most people didn't, of course.

They probably made the 5% that was standard for most investors.

But if you'd used my secret, you could have made 37 times as much.

So, instead of $50 for every $1,000 invested...

You could have walked away with $1,850.

But that wasn't the only opportunity you could have made big money on with this stock.

Because there was another, even faster payout that you could have banked on with Gilead — the same stock from before:

During one three-day period, the stock was in the perfect position.

And I made the most of it.

For most, the stock again went up by right around 5%.

But for me, it skyrocketed by 400%.

That's 85 times more money.

On $1,000, you could have made $4,000 — in only three days.

All told, you could have banked a total of $5,850 on Gilead.

And it only took seven days combined.

Starting to see a pattern here?

If not, I'll tell you. With just one stock market secret, you stand to bank bigger, faster gains than 99% of the investing public.

And again, you'll have this chance repeatedly...

Because the opportunities are literally endless...

Make 42X More Money

Bank of America had a quick profit window, too.

Only a few months ago, you could have made 257% gains:

But if you notice, some people made only 6%.

And that's because they hadn't been using my secret.

So, they didn't make as much.

In fact, using my method, you could have made 42 times more money.

So, while most people were making $60 on every $1,000 they put into Bank of America stock...

You could have walked away with $2,570, instead.

And shortly after that massive winner, there was another...

This time, on Uniti Group.

This one took a bit longer. But in only a month, you could have pulled in 266% gains:

And keep in mind that those 266% gains were 16 times better than the 16% ordinary investors made over the same period.

They would have made only $163 on $1,000 while you would have made $2,660.

These aren't just random examples, either.

These are all trades straight from my portfolio. They all actually happened. And I have the straight proof to back it all up.

I figured you know that, but I want to make it clear that finding these opportunities is my specialty.

And when I say they happen all the time, I mean it.

Even better, like I've already shown you, you can do it on the same stocks again and again.

Remember the two strikes I made on Gilead?

Well, it gets even better...

3 Chances to Profit On Just 1 Stock

Twitter has been one of my favorite stocks for many years.

And it's not because I love social media.

It's because I've seen so many chances to profit from it.

I showed you one example earlier. But that was only one part of an incredible run.

Let me show you what I mean...

Recently, there was a five-day period where I saw another opportunity pop up:


You probably won't see anything out of the ordinary when you look at this chart.

Most investors didn't. They saw measly 1% gains.

But I saw a 50% winner. And it took only five days to profit from it.

So, you could have made $10... Or you could have made 50 times more and pulled in $500.

Now, $500 might not seem like a ton of cash.

But check this out:

On the heels of the first play, another one appeared.

Only this time, you'd have made 175% gains, instead of 2%.

This one took six days, and it was 88 times better.

So, most investors made $20 while you could have raked in $1,750.

But the run wasn't over...

After these two chances to profit, there was a third:

This time, Twitter went up by 17% for investors who hadn't known my secret.

But for those that had, it skyrocketed by 310%.

That's 18 times better.

In other words, by doing what most people do, you would have made $170 for every $1,000 you put in.

But if you'd followed me, you could have made $3,100 in only 12 days!

All told, that's $5,350 in 23 days — from one stock.

Now maybe you can understand why I compare this secret to an ATM.

There's always money out there, you just need to know how to pull it out.

But there's one thing that I haven't shared with you, yet...

And it's the most amazing part of all...

Earn $840 in 3 Days On a Dead Stock

A perfect example of what I'm talking about is Chipotle.

In 2017, a serious food-poisoning concern caused shares of Chipotle stock to plummet.

Shareholders either held their collective breath or got out as fast as they could.

But not me... I saw the perfect chance to make some cash.

And that's just what happened:

As you can see, the stock took quite a dive. In fact, it hit a four-year low.

Yet, if you'd known my secret, you could have pocketed $840 in three days while everyone else was losing or selling.

It's amazing. A stock can be taking a headlong dive and cost investors thousands. And yet, those who'd known what I'd known walked away with profits.

It's literally one of the most powerful investment secrets in the world.

It's just that most people don't know how to do it.

And Chipotle wasn't the only loser that you could have turned into gold.

There was also a situation with McDonald's.

Due to deteriorating industry standards and disappointing sales, McDonald's stock took a big hit.

You can see it right here on this chart:

But you'll also see that I climbed aboard this sinking ship and jumped back off with $570 in profit...

In one day.

It was like taking candy from a baby.

So, how am I doing this? And how can you start doing this as soon as today?

I'm about to reveal that right now...

3 Proven Steps To Maximum Profits


As I mentioned, my name is Brit Ryle.

I kicked off my career almost two decades ago on the floor of the CBOE.

In the time since, I've created, tweaked, and mastered a specific strategy that 99% of the investing world has ignored.

I call my profit method the "OP-7 System."

You'll see in a moment why I call it that. But first, I want to reiterate something...

All the gains I've shown you so far are real, proven gains that I've shown my readers how to make.

And these tremendous gains are entirely thanks to the system that I've spent almost 20 years developing.

Now, I've already shown you how much money the OP-7 System has made...

But now, I want to show you how it works.

The OP-7 System is built on three carefully constructed filters that have proven to deliver massive winner after massive winner...

Filter No. 1: The Hot List

The first filter is what I simply call the "hot list."

And it only ever contains 10 to 12 stocks at a time.

So, out of 4,000+ publicly traded stocks, less than 1% makes my list.

And I don't use a computer or automated software to narrow down the stocks I'm zeroing in on.

I do it all by hand.


Because believe it or not, the most efficient computer in the world is still the human brain...

There are things the brain can catch that no computer or program ever will.

And it might seem like my list is tiny. After all, many analysts look at hundreds, even thousands of stocks.

But that has never made any sense to me.

Think of it like a draft in sports.

Teams aren't looking at hundreds of athletes at a time when their draft spot comes up.

They already have their selection whittled down to the several best players that fit their system.

And that's what I do. Only, I do it with stocks.

After all, who in their right mind would put their money into the 100th best stock on their list when they could just put it into one of the top 10?

Put simply, I don't dumpster dive when it comes to profit opportunities.

And that's why my readers can rest assured that they're getting my best recommendation at any given time — not my 50th best.

That's why those who've been following my strategy were able to bank some of the gains I showed you:

  • 120% on Micron Technology
  • 127% on Ross Stores
  • 185% on Gilead Sciences

Each of those stocks was on my hot list. And I never stray from it.

But remember, the hot list is only my first filter.

I've identified the 10 to 12 stocks that are best primed for massive profits. But that's not good enough for me or my readers.

So, once I have my hot list, I apply a second filter...

Filter No. 2: The Gauntlet

I call this second filter the "gauntlet."

Once I have my hot list all set, I put each of the stocks through a rigorous test.

In short, I apply a series of seven different technical indicators to each stock on the list.

I do this for all 10 to 12 stocks that I have my eye on.

Now, if you want to know, the indicators I use are...

  • Resistance and support
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
  • Eight-day moving average (MA)
  • Bollinger bands
  • Volume price trend (VPT)
  • Manager of managers (MoM)

If that all sounds like gibberish to you, that's absolutely fine...

I don't expect any of it to make sense.

In fact, you don't have to know a single one of those terms to use my secret starting today.

I'll show you why in a moment. But first, let me show you what these technical indicators do.

Remember, I love Twitter.

And when I ran the stock through my gauntlet, this is what I saw:

I've circled the indicators on the chart. And it probably looks like a mess to most folks.

But to me, it looks like a profit opportunity.

And it was.

But that wasn't before it cleared my third and final filter...

Filter No. 3: The Reversal

The last and most important factor in my OP-7 System is what I call the "reversal."

It's a trigger that most people don't see because they don't know the secret to my system.

But once you do, the reversal becomes obvious.

Although, it's only obvious after you've run the stock through the first two filters.

Here's why...

Stocks go up and down all the time.

And most of the time, it doesn't mean anything.

It's normal. No stock stays the same every day.

But at certain times, this indicator does mean something. And it usually means something big.

Let me show you an example...

I've circled the reversal here.

As you can see, it's tiny.

Yet, it meant lightning fast 57% gains on McDonald's.

But even those who'd been closely watching McDonald's stock would have missed it unless they'd known when to look for it.

I did because I put McDonald's through my three-filter OP-7 System.

In fact, every gain that I've shown you today has gone through these filters.

And that's why each of them has resulted in the massive profits you've seen...

"I have made $1,000 per month..."

Now, I don't like to brag...

But this system, and the secret it's all built on, is why I've been featured at The MoneyShow in New Orleans.

And it's why I've been invited to countless radio interviews, seminars, and webinars.

In fact, it's also why I was asked to help write two best-selling books...


But really, it's what ultimately led me to Angel Publishing where I share all my expertise and research with a loyal group of readers.

It's where I share the secret of my success with them — the secret that I'm sharing with you today.

And it's this same secret that has led many people to earn fast, easy cash...

"Started off 3 months ago with $2,800 and the account's now at $5,600."

— Ken Willett

"Dear Briton, I have made $1,000 per month on a $16,000 account since using your service, so thank you!"

— Carol Briggs

"Brit, I'm loving this. Every time I get an alert from you I say to myself, ‘It's time to make some more money!' I love your approach."

— John Tundance

As you can see, I use a tried-and-true method that makes people money.

And I have no problem in admitting that I've made a pretty penny over the years, too.

The best part is...

It's all been built on the single secret that drives the OP-7 System.

So, what exactly is the secret?

I'm going to tell you right now...

The Most Misunderstood Investment Vehicle on Earth


The secret I'm talking about is options.

And I'm sure you have opinions on that.

But hear me out, because I consider options to be the most misunderstood investment vehicle on earth.

In my experience, most people don't trade options because there are two myths surrounding them.

The first one is that people think options are risky.

Now, are they riskier than simply buying stocks? They can be.

Then again, buying stocks is riskier than investing in bonds or collecting dividends, too.

Every investment strategy in the world carries some risk.

So, look at it this way...

When you buy stock in a company, you're betting on a direction that a company's shares will go. Typically, you want them to go up.

With options, you're betting on the direction and the time it'll take to go in that direction.

Of course, with my expertise at your back, there won't be any guesswork on your part.

Think of it like this...

If I wanted to go skydiving, would I just go pack my own parachute and jump out of a plane?

No, I wouldn't.

I've never packed a chute before, and I've never gone skydiving.

It's something that's on my bucket list, but I wouldn't try to do it on my own.

But that doesn't mean I should avoid it completely or call it risky...

See, I would do it if I had a trained expert with 9,000 jumps under his belt and who knew how to pack a parachute properly.

Eventually, I might be able to do it on my own... But at the start, I'd make sure I had someone who knew what they were doing to help me get going.

So, think of me as your trained expert.

I'll mentor you on exactly how to navigate the world of options. This way, you'll have the best chance at pulling in some huge paydays.

Even if you're completely new to options, you could rake in huge wins.

It's happened plenty of times before...

"A total gain in excess of 300% in less than a month"

"I sold and made about $12,000 in 2 weeks. Thank you very much."

That note was from Ray Amlen who was a complete novice.

Same with Jay Gillan:

"A total gain in excess of 300% in less than a month. Not too bad for a few days' work."

Jill Worth experienced similar success:

"Started off 3 months ago with $2,800 and the account's now at $5,600."

Steve Barthau has been loving options, despite being a newbie:

"I have been on board now for 5 months, and I really can't get enough."

And Anna Bilton had tried options before but found them to be confusing.

But once she started taking advantage of my strategy, she felt much differently:

"I have tried other options learning programs, [but] yours is exactly what I have been looking for... Sold 200 shares this afternoon for $253 profit. A very big thank you."

See what I mean?

Anyone can take advantage of what I do.

Even better, anyone can make money...

$28,000 in Profits In 10 Minutes

Every example that I've shown you today was a play that I've recommended to a small group of like-minded investors.

They're investors who like to make money continually, reliably, and quickly...

Investors who've had the chance to cash in on plays like this one:

This is a play on Silver Wheaton. And the price was all over the place.

But thanks to options, we were able to bank $4,136 in profit for every $10,000 invested.

And it happened all within two days.

Compare that to the 2% that old-fashioned buy-and-holders made.

I don't consider that risky, especially because holding the stock returned far less in profit.

So, in my experience, the claim that options are risky is complete hogwash.

Of course, I've been doing this for two decades, and most people haven't.

But before I get to that, you may recall that I said there were two myths about options...

The second one is that options are complicated.

And the reason for this is because many systems you'll find out there involve complex ideas of which options play a small part.

But the strategy that I've used, that I'm sharing with you today, isn't one of those systems.

I don't use any software or complicated processes.

That's all flash and noise.


I figure if I'm going to do something, I might as well do what self-made billionaires are doing.

So, I use straight, and uncomplicated, options plays to make quick market strikes with the potential to result in immense gains.

You've already seen a ton of the plays that I've uncovered using common sense and a series of technical indicators available to any investor who has the time to learn them.

That's why, as I've said, I'll be your trained expert...

I don't expect you to "pack your parachute" by yourself. I'll show you a straightforward, easy-to-understand way to trade options so you'll have the chance to bank the kinds of profits I've been showing you.

So, instead of sitting in front of your computer for hours, trying to figure out what plays to make, I'll send you concise instructions on every play I uncover.

And in five minutes, you'll be able to execute any trade I send your way.

Now, is that complicated? I don't think so.

In fact, the only thing that you'll have to decide for yourself is whether or not you want to take my recommendations as they come your way.

Like this one that I recently came across:


With this trade on AMAG Pharmaceuticals, you could have made $14,000 in profits by following my instructions.

You could have jumped on this BP trade, too:


And you would have made another $14,000.

That's $28,000 from just two trades. And it'd only take around 10 minutes of your time to execute them.

Of course, you won't have to put $10,000 into every, or any, trade.

You invest what you feel comfortable investing.

You could start with $1,000 if you want to, and you'd still make tons of money like I showed you earlier.

And to get you started, I'll give you two free gifts today...

Valued at $199


The first thing I'll send you is "The Greenhorn's Guide to Getting Rich With Options."

This is the third edition of this guide. And it's hot off the presses.

You can't buy it on Amazon, eBay, or in brick-and-mortar bookstores...

Which is why I kindly ask that you don't "resell" the guide once you have it in hand.


This is the only way to get your hands on "The Greenhorn's Guide to Getting Rich With Options," and I'd like to keep it that way.

In it, I not only get you started with options from the very beginning, but I also reveal some top tricks and shortcuts that I've used over my career to multiply my gains several times over.

This guide will be your launchpad into banking the kind of quick, easy profits I've shown you today.

Even if you've never traded options before, even if you've never read about them or thought about them before...

You can still make money using the strategy that I'll teach you.

Look at David Barrera. He wrote in and confessed that he has "big scars from past investing failures."

So, he was hesitant to try options...

But once he took the plunge, he quickly realized how easy and profitable it was.


Now, you can see why I'd price this guide at $199 if I were forced to sell it.

But it can be yours today for free.

The minute you have it in hand, you'll have access to an incredible collection of information:

  • What you need to know to make your first options trade.
  • Where options are listed, and how to make sense of them.
  • Various options strategies for changing market conditions.
  • Real-world trading scenarios, and what to look out for.
  • The Wall Street options secret they'll never tell you.
  • How to read options charts and determine profits before you trade.
  • Three shortcuts that'll help you multiply your profits.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg...

There's far more included than what I can list right here.

You'll also have the keys to banking quick profits like these:


I think you get the idea and understand why "The Greenhorn's Guide to Getting Rich With Options" is valued so highly.

And even more incredible, this is just the first gift I'd like to give you today.

Here's the second...

Valued at $199

The second gift I'd like to give you reveals one of the most important, and profitable, secrets I've ever learned in my life...

It involves a way to use options to generate guaranteed income.

That's right: guaranteed income.

You make a trade, and you get paid — no matter what.

I call this secret "daily dividends" because you can use it as often as you wish, every day if you want to, and the payouts are 100% guaranteed — like dividends are.

Only, they're generally much, much higher than dividend payouts.

For instance, I took a few minutes and found five daily dividends available right now...


The best part?

You could collect any of these payouts within the next 24 hours...

And you can do it over and over again as often as you'd like.


You only have to know the options trick that I detail in my exclusive report, called "The Endless Income Quick-Start Guide."

And you'll know the trick the minute I send this report to your inbox, free of charge.

Even better, you'll also receive the companion video I shot, so you'll get a live-action play-by-play on how to collect daily dividends.

I'm completely waiving the standard $199 fee that I'd normally charge for this report, and video, so you can begin profiting quickly and easily starting today.

So, how do you get on my list to receive these two free gifts?

It's easy...

$10,000 Into $107,000 On Just 3 Trades

All you'll have to do is be a part of my high-powered advisory service, Real Income Trader.

In Real Income Trader, I reveal EVERY trade that meets my criteria.

Any time a trade lines up that could hand us quick profits, I'll notify you immediately.

So, not only will you get the two free gifts I just outlined, but you'll also have access to every trade I recommend and clear, concise instructions on how to take action.

And like I already mentioned, these instructions are so easy to follow that you can get in on these plays even if you've never traded options before.

Not only that, but you'll also have access to all of the following:

  • Between 24 and 48 trade alerts. Every month, you'll get complete instructions on fast moneymaking trades. You can call your broker or make the trade online in just two minutes. I'll hold you by the hand and guide you to the biggest, fastest, lowest-risk potential profits. It doesn't matter if the market's moving up, down, or sideways. I'll be with you every step of the way to grow your wealth and guard your money.
  • Ongoing position monitoring. I'll never leave you in the dark. After the buy alert, I'll follow up with an explanation of what's going on with our trades. In short, don't worry about being left to figure it out on your own. I'll be right by your side the whole time.
  • FREE gift No. 1: "The Greenhorn's Guide to Getting Rich With Options."
  • FREE gift No. 2: "The Endless Income Quick-Start Guide."
  • Access to VIP service. A subscription to Real Income Trader qualifies you for VIP service. You can contact the VIP team with any questions at 844-310-4115.

Plus, in case I haven't mentioned it yet, you'll also get my next recommendation the minute it's ready.

It might take a day... or two days...

Or it might come within a minute of you joining.

These plays can pop up at any time.

Like this one on American Express:


Within a matter of days, a $10,000 investment turned into $25,000 — a fast and easy 150% gain.

So, in short, be ready to collect profits the minute you officially join Real Income Trader.

Of course, you're probably thinking by now...

"Briton, I understand that you've been making people piles of money very quickly. But how much does it cost me to be one of these people?"

That's a great question.

What's a service worth when it can turn $10,000 into $107,000 within only a few months?

$10,000? $25,000? $50,000?

Hedge funds take that much or more from you every year and require you to have a net worth of around $1 million. And they end up only delivering a fraction of the profits that I've shown you here.

So, I understand that I could charge a small fortune for access to this type of information.

But I don't. And I never will.

In fact, the price that I charge is a mere fraction of what I could charge.

That's why the normal price I charge for Real Income Trader is set at only $5,000.

And even though that's already an extremely fair price for everything you'll get as a member, the good news is, as a special today, I'm offering a 50% discount on that price.

So, you'll get one year of access, one year of on-the-money trade alerts, research reports, potential new monthly windfalls...

And you'll pay only $2,499 — half the normal rate.

That's right, I'm chopping $2,501 off the price to make it as easy as possible for you to join me today.

But if that's not enough...

I'm also willing to put my numbers to the ultimate test...

My 100% Ironclad Guarantee

You won't find an opportunity like this very often. And with the amount of information that I'll give you FREE of charge, taking a trial run of Real Income Trader is a no-brainer.

And of course, you're 100% covered by my no-risk guarantee.

Become a member today, and you'll do so with no risk and no obligation.

Take 30 days to decide if Real Income Trader is right for you.

During that time, you'll have full membership access. You can log in to the private members' site, check out all the special reports, and view every update I've posted.

Again, you'll have 30 days to see the ins and outs of Real Income Trader for yourself.

But if you find that this service isn't for you, just let me know within those first 30 days and I'll send you a full refund, minus a 10% tire kicker fee.

I've had to institute this small fee because too many people sign up, take in all the information they can, and then immediately ask for a refund.

And that ruins the service for everyone.

This is a service for serious investors only. I want to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, that small fee is in place to weed out those who don't take this service seriously.

But I'm confident that you're the kind of person I want to be a part of Real Income Trader.

And honestly, it only takes three or four guaranteed payouts before you've already paid your subscription in full — and then some.

I know you get it, but I wanted to be upfront with you.

I simply can't give this kind of information away to those who aren't serious about growing their wealth.

It costs a lot of money to run a service like Real Income Trader, and it wouldn't exist without honorable investors such as yourself.

I'm a complete believer that a year from now, you'll be looking back on a very different life.

And I say that because once you have my research and alerts at your disposal, you'll have continual access to the biggest potential profits the market has to offer.

The only thing left to do now is to take your trial run of Real Income Trader and find out what payout is available next.

To get started, click here.

To your wealth,


Briton L. Ryle
Investment Director, Real Income Trader