The Insider's Secret to "One-Minute Dividends"


Dear Reader,

I recently sat down to dinner and shared a bottle of wine with one of the top financial minds in the United States.

And what he shared with me is the solution to every retiree’s dream of having an unending stream of income.

I’m talking about a way, for you as an investor, to collect a payout of as much as $3,570 or more — in CASH — within seconds.

I call these payouts “One-Minute Dividends” for reasons that will become clear in a minute.

And the best part is this isn’t a one-time thing.

You can continue collecting these payments any day the markets are open... for as long as you choose.

This money is yours to keep, no matter what happens in the stock market.

You can use it to invest, to pay bills, to go on vacation... whatever you want.

These payments are not loans. They’re not rebates. And they’re not advances against future earnings either.

Instead, by tapping into “One-Minute Dividends,” you’ll be using a stock market loophole that’s making some Americans rich:

  • Ed Caldwell worked as a printer for 35 years before he retired. But he hadn’t saved a ton of money, so he was living pretty thinly. Then he learned about “One-Minute Dividends” and now pockets an extra $7,000 per month.
  • Alma Quinn is a 62-year-old widow from Minnesota. After her husband passed away, things got pretty tight. So she turned to “One-Minute Dividends” and began earning as much as $10,000 per month. It’s worked so well for her, she says, “I’ve never lost any money doing this and am sure I never will.”
  • Mack Fowler made good money as a pharmacist, but he wanted to build a nest egg for his children in addition to his own. So he started claiming “One-Minute Dividends” and now pulls in up to $23,000 per month.

And here’s the thing...

It’s this kind of low-risk success that has some of the biggest names in finance recommending this strategy to investors who are retired... or would like to retire someday soon:

  • Brian Workman, former Senior Vice President at Citigroup says, “This was a definite eye-opener... It makes you wonder what else Wall Street has been keeping from us.”
  • Ron Groenke, a 25-year financial insider, says this secret yields “incredible monthly cash income.”
  • Financial author Tal Sharon simply calls it “the money machine.”

Of course, you might be wondering how it’s possible to collect up to $3,750 or more in cash almost instantly... and why you haven’t heard about this before.

The answers are right here.

I’ve spent most of the past year putting together the details...

Including my recent dinner with a 20-year insider who probably knows more about this opportunity than anyone in America.

Let me explain what I uncovered...

How to Collect $11,375 in the Next 60 Seconds

When I first walked into Baltimore’s renowned Magdalena restaurant, I was impressed by the vaulted ceilings, whitewashed brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling wine racks.

I was also enthralled by the marble-backed bar that served drinks with names like "The Bookie" and "The Paddington."

But I wasn’t there for the drinks.

Nor was I there for French-influenced specialties like seared foie gras and butter-poached lobster.

Though I’ll say it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, I was there for an entirely different reason...

One not a single person in the entire restaurant could probably have guessed.

I was there to get the full details on the only way I’ve ever heard of to collect thousands of extra dollars in investment income in just seconds.

And when I say seconds, I mean it.

Put simply, you can take just about ANY stock you own and collect “One-Minute Dividends” in the blink of an eye.

And once the money hits your account, it’s yours free and clear.

There are no waiting periods. The money is yours right away.

So what kind of payments am I talking about?

$1,875 in less than one minute:

There’s a company called Forestar Group, which develops residential real estate lots. If you owned shares, you could bank a “One-Minute Dividend” of $1,875 right now. And the money would be yours in less than 60 seconds.

$5,500 in less than one minute:

You may not have heard of Abbott Laboratories, a U.S. health care firm out of Illinois. If you bought shares yesterday, you could’ve pulled in a $5,500 “One-Minute Dividend.”

$4,000 in less than one minute:

You could have also collected a “One-Minute Dividend” on Ball Corporation, the company that makes the famous glass jars. On this one, you could have banked $4,000 in less than 60 seconds.

Those three “One-Minute Dividends” combined could have netted you over $11,000 if you’d known how to collect them.

And each would have taken less than one minute to hit your account.

You know, normally in the investment world, you have to wait a long time to get paid for your investment.

Bonds and CDs typically make you wait a year or more. And they pay hardly anything.

Ordinary dividends generally make you wait a few months.

And it could take years for a stock purchase to pay off.

But with “One-Minute Dividends,” you get paid almost immediately.

And YOU decide exactly when you want to get paid.

It gets even better, too...

You can collect “One-Minute Dividends” almost as often as you wish.

It’s amazingly simple once you know how to get started, too.

Let me show you an example of what I mean...

This Stock Paid $16,345 in "One-Minute Dividends"


There’s a company based in Massachusetts called Cabot Corporation.

There’s nothing remarkable about the company at first glance.

Cabot has been around for more than 130 years and produces specialty chemicals like printer ink, waterproofing agents, and food coloring.

Last year they brought in roughly $3 billion in revenue, and they pay a regular dividend of around 1% per year.

From February to August of 2018, the stock went up 8%.

So if you collected those gains — and the dividends during that period — you’d have pulled in a total profit of $6,060.

Not bad.

But for investors who took advantage of the company’s “One-Minute Dividends” during the same period, the results were amazing.

Look at what I mean...

Investors who owned shares had the opportunity to collect:

A $3,200 “One-Minute Dividend” in February

A $2,275 “One-Minute Dividend” in May

A $3,875 “One-Minute Dividend” in June

A $4,100 “One-Minute Dividend” in August

And a $2,895 “One-Minute Dividend” in November

Keep in mind, this is just a short list of the “One-Minute Dividends” you could have actually collected.

You can essentially collect these payouts whenever — and as often — as you choose.

But my point is this: Instead of collecting just $6,060 in stock gains and dividends like most shareholders did... you could have collected $16,345 in cash by tapping into “One-Minute Dividends.”

And you could have used the money right away to reinvest, pay bills, take a vacation... whatever you want.

But here’s the real kicker...

Even while taking advantage of the “One-Minute Dividends” I’ve listed, you could have STILL collected the stock gains and the regular dividends as well.

That’s what makes this secret so incredible.

It allows you to double- and triple-dip on stocks you already own.

You see, those who simply hold stocks do okay (some of the time).

But savvy investors who take advantage of “One-Minute Dividends” have made a fortune, no matter what happens in the stock market.

And amazingly...

"One-Minute Dividends" are Available on 4,000+ Publicly Traded Stocks

This includes some obscure companies, like Cabot Corporation.

But it also includes many well-known companies like Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and thousands of others.

In fact, if you’d tapped into Apple’s “One-Minute Dividends,” you could have collected 11 payments in 2018...

And EVERY one of them would have been for at least $2,400.

So it’s pretty easy to see why investors from all walks of life have started tapping into this secret.

And they’re getting filthy rich doing it...

Earn $12,000 Per Month with "One-Minute Dividends"


Martha Curtis is a kindergarten teacher from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a story on her amazing run of collecting “One-Minute Dividends.”

As the paper says, she can rattle off which stocks she’s collected payments on “faster than one of her bright 5-year-olds can recite the ABCs.”

Of course, the individual stocks she uses don’t really matter to her...

It’s the payments of up to $3,000 per month she’s more interested in.

Same with Wes Pittman — for years, he was in charge of warehouse inventory for a small company close to his home in Gary, Indiana.

His boss treated him well, but he never really made all that much money.

But when he turned to “One-Minute Dividends,” he started making enough to pay his rent on time, buy parts for his custom car, and pay off the debt on his wife’s recent surgery.

That’s what $2,000 extra each month — free and clear — will do for you.

And Wes isn’t some financial wizard.

In fact, he dropped out of college after the first year.

But as he says of collecting “One-Minute Dividends”...

“It’s so easy anybody could do it.”

Homer Moore started collecting “One-Minute Dividends” a bit earlier in life.

He kicked off his investing career in his mid-20s and did what most people do... funneled money into his 401(k), lived economically, and avoided risky propositions like real estate.

But when he learned about “One-Minute Dividends,” things kicked into high gear.

He began pocketing up to $12,000 per month, and by the time he was 40, Homer was able to call himself a millionaire.

And this is just a small sample of the many people who’ve been tapping into “One-Minute Dividends” to collect cash payments just about whenever they want.

Of course, this begs the question...

Why Haven’t You Heard about this Opportunity Before?

I believe there are three reasons...

First, “One-Minute Dividends” are only available on around 25% of the publicly traded companies in the market.

4,000+ stocks offer them, but they’re not available on every company that trades on the stock market.

Second, this is a market secret few people know about.

It’s extremely simple to use once you’ve learned it, but I’d venture that 99% of the investing public has no idea “One-Minute Dividends” exist.

On top of that, brokers and financial planners will almost never tell their clients about this secret...

And while they probably won’t admit it, the reason for this is because they don’t know how to use it effectively themselves.

As former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Joseph Lynch says, this is “without a doubt the most misunderstood... and poorly implemented financial tool in the world.”

And the third reason you’ve probably never heard about “One-Minute Dividends” is because, for years, they were essentially only available to very wealthy money managers.

In fact, Richard Lehman, a finance instructor at UC Berkeley and a VP at Mechanics Bank, wrote about this in a book on the subject: “Professional investment managers have been using this strategy for years, and recent developments have now made it easier for individual investors to employ it as well.”

The good news is that this is now one of the easiest, safest, and most profitable investments in the world.

So how can you begin collecting “One-Minute Dividends” right away?

Let me show you...

Why Some Americans are So Rich

My name, by the way, is Brian Hicks. I’m the President of Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.

We’ve been around for nearly two decades now, and individual investors from all over the world come to us on a daily basis for our independent financial research and stock recommendations.

And many of them have gotten quite rich thanks to our expertise.

  • We turned our readers on to early opportunities in the tech sector as technology stocks shot through the roof. Those who took our advice could have netted gains of 212% on Rocket Fuel Inc., 136% on AVT, and 157% on Envision Solar.
  • Before cryptocurrencies crashed, we showed ordinary investors how to get in and out before everyone else lost money. We helped them nail down 1,040% gains on Ethereum and 2,528% on Bitcoin.
  • We were also in on marijuana stocks before just about anyone else in our industry. Our readers had the chance to make 1,174% on Aphria, 1,185% on Organigram, and 3,015% on Canopy.

And that’s why our readers from all over the world have reported such incredible success stories...

Dan W. from London, England is up $45,000

“Since I have taken over my portfolio, I’m up $45,000-plus in five months. I currently have 16 open positions and every single one is up. I got up this morning and watched the market open and my portfolio came to life with a $3,000 jump.”

Erica D. from Denver, Colorado made $50,000 in one year

“I’m up about $50,000 in one year... which was my best year of investing ever.”

Bennie R. from Wooster, Ohio earned $42,000 in ONE DAY

“Today I made over $42,000... this, to me, is a game changer. Incredible.”

Simon B. from Valencia, Spain is up $120,000

“A BIG thank you... I just secured a $120,000 gain in 30 days.”

Jack S. from Miami, Florida bought a boat

“I live in Florida and just bought a 30' Pro Line fishing boat... In fact, at the end of this month, my wife and I are going on a 15-day cruise to South America... It can happen to anyone with a little effort, and like myself, change your total way of life.”

As you can see, not only do we provide honest, unfiltered advice... we also change lives

You have the chance to experience that starting today.

And it’s all thanks to one man...

The man I recently sat down to dinner with at Baltimore’s renowned Magdalena restaurant.

His name is Briton Ryle.

And for more than 20 years, he’s been making people wealthier than they ever dreamed possible.

Ever since Briton set foot on the floor of the CBOE more than two decades ago, he’s generated an estimated $6.8 million in gains.

The crazy thing is, the lion’s share of these riches has come thanks to a single, simple secret: “One-Minute Dividends.”

And that’s because he’s made a career out of showing ordinary investors how to pocket these lightning-fast “dividends” as often as they wish.

I’m talking about “One-Minute Dividends” like these...

$3,750 in less than one minute:

Right now, electronics retailer Best Buy has a $3,750 “One-Minute Dividend” available for anyone who knows how to claim it. And the money would hit your account in less than 60 seconds.

$950 in less than one minute:

Pandora, the music streaming service, currently has a “One-Minute Dividend” available for $950.

$1,050 in less than one minute:

There’s also a “One-Minute Dividend” available from oil giant ExxonMobil. In the next 60 seconds, you could bank $1,050.

Every single day, ordinary investors have the chance to bank massive payouts...

But to date, I’ve only come across a handful of folks that have been tapping into this secret.

One of them is Bruce P.

He knows a bit about investing, but he hadn’t really ever done anything outside of buying and holding stocks.

But that changed once he learned how to collect “One-Minute Dividends” from a book he purchased online.

Now, he collects these “dividends” on the regular. And he says that these flash payouts are “the safest way for the novice trader (in my opinion) to put money in their pocket each month.”

Jeanette R. feels the same way.

She retired a few years back, and she wanted to make some extra money without returning to the workforce.

So she began getting into investing and quickly found out about “One-Minute Dividends.”

She only started recently, but she wasn’t hesitant to mention, “what I learned... has already been profitable for me.”

Another novice investor, Lowell H., has also started collecting “One-Minute Dividends” as often as he can.

He’s never considered himself a savvy investor, but he sure started feeling like one when he started getting 60-second payouts.

As he says, “I’m not a rocket scientist... but I was able to understand it.”

All of these people, new or fairly new to investing, have all been able to tap into “One-Minute Dividends” and collect princely sums of fast cash.

So, how can YOU tap into “One-Minute Dividends” and pull in guaranteed sums of cash in less than 60 seconds like these people?

Let me show you...

The Real Secret Behind "One-Minute Dividends"


In short, the real secret behind “One-Minute Dividends” lies in options.

But let me clear something up right away. In order to take advantage of this secret, you DO NOT have to buy options.

Instead, you take advantage of options in a different, much lower-risk way.

And if you’re on the fence about using options, I’ll tell you this: I’ve put together an entire video, which I’ll share with you today that details everything you need to know in order to get started.

There’s nothing risky or complicated involved here AT ALL.

Instead, you’re simply collecting fast, lump sums of cash, whether the market is up or down, when other people trade certain shares of stock.

It’s a little-known stock market strategy that 99% of investors have no idea exists.

Yet it’s explosively profitable... extremely easy... and you can do it starting today.

Once you learn the secret of how this works, I think you’ll realize few things in life are easier or simpler than collecting “One-Minute Dividends.”

Remember, you’re simply collecting guaranteed payouts when certain shares of stock trade hands. Whether the share prices go up, down, or stay the same, you still get paid.

And I can’t reiterate enough... the money’s yours to keep. There are no strings attached, no hidden clauses, no complicated agreements.

Once the money hits your account — in less than 60 seconds — it’s yours free and clear.

The simple secret is taking advantage of the money other people are spending.

Millions of stock options are traded every single day. And as that happens, millions upon millions of dollars change hands.

And by using this 100% legal strategy, you’re able to capture a portion of that cash with only a few clicks of your mouse.

But the best part of all is that these payouts are 100% guaranteed.

If you know the secret to collecting “One-Minute Dividends,” you’re absolutely guaranteed to receive these payouts for EVERY “dividend” transaction you make.

Why "One-Minute Dividends" are Guaranteed

Of course, I know very few things in life are guaranteed... especially when it comes to profiting from the stock market.

But thanks to SEC law, brokers are forced to distribute the money their clients receive from certain options transactions.

In many cases, the amounts range anywhere from $500 to around $3,500.

Sometimes, as you’ve seen, the amounts can be even higher.

And by taking advantage of “One-Minute Dividends,” you’re able to take that money and put it in your pocket.

For decades, only the most powerful and successful traders were able to tap into this.

But today, ordinary investors are taking advantage of “One-Minute Dividends” more often than ever.

Just ask Arthur Fein, an 82-year-old retiree from New York City.

He recently took advantage of FOUR “One-Minute Dividends” paid out by ExxonMobil.

All told, he raked in $920.

Now that payout might not seem crazy high, but keep in mind that he did it all in a single day and each of the payouts hit his account in less than 60 seconds.

In his words: “The returns on CDs and money markets and bonds are so low that I’m looking for a way to generate better returns and some income.”

I think it’s safe to say he’s found the key to doing just that...

And he’s not the only one touting the profit power of “One-Minute Dividends.”

  • MarketWatch recently reported: The “great exodus of investors out of the Treasury market has caused them to look with increased interest toward a yield-enhancing strategy like [‘One-Minute Dividends’]."
  • The Wall Street Journal had this to say: “[‘One-Minute Dividends’] generate income and can juice returns in any market."
  • Forbes also chimed in, saying "One-Minute Dividend” income is “like finding money in the street.”

Thing is, how do you find the biggest “One-Minute Dividends,” and how do you know which ones are available at any given time?

That’s where Briton Ryle comes in. It’s his specialty.

It’s also likely the most impressive — and consistently profitable — investment secret we’ve ever shared with our readers.

He’s perfected this strategy over almost two decades, and on any given day, he can tell you which “One-Minute Dividends” will pay the most and when you should take advantage of them.

And that’s the hard part... finding THE perfect “One-Minute Dividends” to rake in.

Because, truth be told, if you don’t use this strategy properly, it’s possible to lose money.

As with anything, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll probably make mistakes.

But that’s not a concern when you have Briton at your back. He scours the markets on a daily basis... applies several technical indicators to EACH stock that might pay a good “One-Minute Dividend”... and evaluates those stocks to make sure they’re poised to be profitable.

It’s a ton of effort, but trust me when I say that effort pays off BIG TIME.

Take a company by the name of Allied Nevada, for example.

Briton found this company after A LOT of research and applying all of his technical indicators.

And guess what?

He immediately recommended this play to a select group of folks, and they had the chance to collect on a $500 “One-Minute Dividend.”

It didn’t matter that the stock was trading for under $5 and that share prices were all over the place.

Those who knew about this opportunity saw a $500 guaranteed payout sitting in front of them.

And he spots tons of “One-Minute Dividends” just like this every single month...

  • $1,250 on Simon Property Group
  • $750 on
  • $1,110 on Hyatt
  • $2,250 on Lands' End
  • $2,400 on FirstEnergy

It’s no wonder I’ve been receiving tons of emails lately about “One-Minute Dividends.”

Of course, with anything this profitable, I’d fully expect people to be excited.

But the high demand for information led me to make a decision.

I decided to have Briton write up a full reveal on “One-Minute Dividends.”

And what he came up with is truly incredible.

In his tell-all, called "'One-Minute Dividends': Your Key to Endless Wealth," you'll find out:

  • How to find the highest “One-Minute Dividends” available
  • How to collect them
  • How to make $500–$3,570 on every payout
  • Which “One-Minute Dividend” to collect right now

But perhaps the best bit of information you’ll receive today is that this report is absolutely free of charge.

That said, you might be wondering why I’d give this information away for free.

Let me explain...

Why This Report is 100% Free


In my many years in the financial markets, I’ve discovered one ultimate truth:

Roughly 95% of people who want to retire on time are going about investing the wrong way.

I can tell by what people are buying, when they’re buying it, and how they go about “saving” their money.

And it’s quite disconcerting to say the least... especially when money can be so easily had.

In fact, if you were to collect one $750 “One-Minute Dividend” per week, you’d be sitting on an extra $39,000 over the course of a year.

Collect two per week, and you’re looking at $78,000.

And even that is on the low end of what you could do, depending on how active you want to be in the markets.

It’s astounding how quickly it all adds up.

The bottom line: High-yield income strategies aren’t just for the pros; they’re for anyone who knows how to use them.

With “One-Minute Dividends,” you can sit back, profit from the cash flow of others, and rake in huge amounts of guaranteed weekly income.

And each “One-Minute Dividend” takes less than 60 seconds to hit your account.

That’s a very tiny fraction of the time it would take to earn the same gains by owning blue chips or holding bonds.

So how do you start collecting “One-Minute Dividends” today?

I simply ask that you take a sneak peek of Briton’s high-powered, high-profit advisory service, Real Income Trader.

As you might expect, a good portion of the service revolves around collecting a stream of “One-Minute Dividends,” but he also covers other income-generating secrets as well.

You can probably tell from the name, but Real Income Trader will give you the opportunity to earn real income without the hassle normally associated with the stock market.

It’s your chance to sock away an extra $20,000–$50,000 per year for retirement or whatever else you might want to use the money for.

And I’m not talking about potential stock gains or low paying bonds here, either.

I’m talking about real income in your pocket... lump sums of actual cash you can use for whatever you like.

And the best way to start generating that type of income is through “One-Minute Dividends.”

Once all is said and done, you could easily earn more in the next couple of months than most people in an entire year of investing.

But before you agree to partner with Real Income Trader, there are a couple important things you need to know...

Collect $2,180 in the Next 60 Seconds

The first thing you need to be aware of is that Briton just spotted another massive “One-Minute Dividend” you could collect this very moment.

If you follow his instructions to the letter, you could find yourself up to $2,180 richer in the next 60 seconds.

That’s no exaggeration either. That’s how fast this secret works.

But as I also mentioned, while “One-Minute Dividends” are Briton’s specialty... they’re not the only profit secret he has up his sleeve.

In fact, I’d like to share one of these opportunities with you right now...

Consider it a FREE bonus should you decide to partner with Real Income Trader today.


The opportunity I’m talking about is all in another of Briton’s explosive profit reports: "Safe Harbor Savings Accounts: How to Sit Back and Become a Millionaire."

How to Become an "Armchair Millionaire"

Imagine if you could quit your job, sit back in an armchair, and still become a millionaire...

Well, to be honest, there’s no way that’s possible for most folks.

BUT there is a way to generate eye-popping income figures without being a hedge fund guru or a top-tier trader on Wall Street.

In fact, the real truth is you should be just the opposite.

That’s right — I’m advising that you’re better off being a lazy investor than someone who studies charts day and night, watches the markets from a smartphone, and keeps a hawk’s eye on stocks during all hours.

And that’s no mistake. You really can accomplish more in the markets over the long run by doing less.

Of course, seasoned lazy investors have known this for years. That’s why the truly rich don’t spend their days glued to the financial news.

They’re too smart for that.

And you should be too...

That’s why Briton put together this first bonus report for you: "Safe Harbor Savings Accounts: How to Sit Back and Become a Millionaire."

And just like with “One-Minute Dividends,” you don’t need any special financial expertise or a degree in business.

You simply have to be able to follow a couple guidelines, and you could be on the track to making a million bucks the easy way.

All of the details about this income generation technique are included in Briton’s report I just mentioned.

And it’s also 100% FREE to you today.

So that’s TWO free reports in total, and both will be immediately sent to your inbox in return for agreeing to join Real Income Trader today.

What You’ll Get as a Partner of Real Income Trader


Once you decide to become a member of Real Income Trader, you’ll have the opportunity to pocket lump sums of guaranteed cash about as often as you wish...

And you’ll also have access to all of the following:

  • Profit Report #1: "'One-Minute Dividends': Your Key to Endless Wealth" — This is your guide to pocketing the most explosive “One-Minute Dividends” the market has to offer. Not only will this report show you how to claim your first “dividend,” but it also includes the first company you should target to collect your first guaranteed payout.
  • Profit Report #2: "Safe Harbor Savings Accounts: How to Sit Back and Become a Millionaire" — If you want to learn an easy way to make money — the lazy person’s way to becoming a millionaire — this is the report for you. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the essential keys to getting rich in the market today.
  • Real Income Trader Direct Alerts — “One-Minute Dividends” don’t operate on a fixed schedule. In fact, they pop up all the time. That’s why you will get direct alerts... so you have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the best “One-Minute Dividends” the market has to offer. More often than not, these alerts will come around once per week or so. Some weeks might hold nothing, while others could hold two or more opportunities.
  • 12 Monthly Real Income Trader Reports — Each month, you’ll receive a full-length briefing on everything that’s gone on during the month. This report will include a recap of the “One-Minute Dividends” Briton has recommended to you, as well as any new ones that may have popped up while I was putting the report together. Think of this as your monthly touchstone... Briton’s way of keeping you abreast of everything that’s going on in Real Income Trader.
  • VIP Service — A subscription to Real Income Trader qualifies you for VIP service. You can contact the VIP team with any questions at (844) 310-4115.

That’s a pretty full slate of benefits... But best of all, you’ll have the power to profit consistently. And the payouts you’ll receive are 100% guaranteed.

You can then use the money for whatever you want.

That’s what Real Income Trader is all about — helping you earn a steady stream of income that continues year after year after year.

That said, I’m sure you’re wondering by now how much it costs to partner with Real Income Trader.

Well, due to the specialized nature of this service, I pondered this question for quite some time.

I know secrets and advice like this go for a pretty penny in some circles.

In fact, I personally know folks who pay upwards of $5,000 for similar information.

But I realize that’s outlandish. So I decided on a price that’s a mere fraction of that figure.

However, before I get into the full details on price, I’d like to tell you about one more benefit you’ll receive as a partner of Real Income Trader.

A $199 Gift — Yours FREE

I mentioned earlier that anyone — regardless of experience — could take advantage of “One-Minute Dividends.”

But I also want to make it as simple for you as possible.

That’s why Briton created a complete walkthrough for “One-Minute Dividends.”


It’s called "The Endless Income Quick-Start Guide."

The purpose of this guide is quite simple. It’ll help you get started collecting “One-Minute Dividends” from start to finish.

This guide covers every step, detail, and nuance of “One-Minute Dividends.”

This way, no matter how much investing experience you might have, you’ll own a resource that will help you get started (even if you’ve never bought a stock in your life).

Now, this guide carries a shelf price of $199.

But as a partner of Real Income Trader, you’ll receive it absolutely FREE.

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