This Miracle "CO2" Pot Spray Just Doubled the Value of Every Marijuana Plant on Earth

And the tiny company that invented it is set to make investors filthy rich


Dear Reader,

J.F. Foster doesn’t drink or smoke.

But the Missouri-based farmer is about to churn out 20,000 pounds of marijuana per year.

And he’d grow more if he could.

“If it was possible,” he says, “I’d turn my entire operation over to some type of cannabis production today. Every acre. Today.”

And it’s no secret why.

Right now, an acre of marijuana is worth more than $1.1 million.

It’s hands-down the most valuable cash crop on earth.

And nothing else even comes close.

Even three of the largest and most important crops on earth can’t hold a candle to marijuana.

Just one glance at this chart shows you that marijuana is worth:

  • 1,730 times more than corn.
  • 2,780 times more than soybeans.
  • 4,800 times more than wheat.

So it should come as no surprise that marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the world.

As of now, the global market for pot is worth $17 billion.

But that figure is projected to skyrocket over the next few years — hitting $146 billion by 2025.

That’s a 758% increase over just a few years.

It’s a rate of growth that’s unparalleled in history.

So it’s a no-brainer that farmers like J.F. Foster are turning to marijuana farming in record numbers.

Just ask Curt Livesay, owner of Dynamite Ag, a crop consulting company.

He deals with farmers from all industries, and it’s quite clear to him that “marijuana is the next frontier of commercial agriculture.”

But here’s the real kicker...

One tiny company out of Toronto, Canada has just discovered a way to double the value of marijuana with nothing more than a simple spray.

And investors who take action now stand to see massive gains ahead.

That’s because, not only does this company trade for an insanely cheap price on the open market...

But it's also on the verge of a full-scale disruption of the $146 billion global marijuana market.

Let me explain...

$900k in Profits Thanks to This Company's "CO2" Marijuana Spray

This tiny company out of Toronto has pioneered a miracle “CO2” spray that doubles the value of marijuana instantly.

It’s not a pesticide. It’s not filled with chemicals.

Instead, it’s a proprietary formula that uses just three natural ingredients.

And once it’s applied to marijuana, the plants grow bigger and faster than anything we’ve ever seen before.

So how does it work?

Well, there is a lot of science behind it, which I won’t bore you with, but the simple explanation is this...

All plants need carbon dioxide to grow effectively.

But plants, in their natural state, can only absorb so much carbon dioxide.

That’s where this spray comes in.

Once applied to the leaves of plants, it instantly increases each plant's carbon dioxide efficiency.

This, in turn, results in bigger, much faster-growing marijuana plants.

It also increases the bottom line in a massive way for pot companies.

You see, with the simple application of this “CO2” spray, an acre of marijuana that’s now worth $1.1 million would balloon to nearly $2 million.

That’s $900k in pure profit, per acre, thanks to a simple, natural spray.

Look at it this way...

Los Suenos Farms is the largest cannabis farmer in the United States.

They have more than 1 million square feet of farmland dedicated to producing cannabis. That works out to 23 acres.

So, at current prices, the value of their marijuana is $25.3 million.

But if they were to spray their fields with this tiny company’s miracle “CO2” spray, that figure would shoot to $44 million instantly.

Now can you understand why this discovery is being hailed as a “miracle” and a “holy grail?”

Perhaps the best part is this company holds the patent for their spray... meaning no one else can replicate this formula. So these guys are the ONLY game in town.

But it gets even better...

This company’s spray works on far more than just marijuana...

Government Ruling Opens the Door For Massive Profits


It works on just about every indoor and outdoor plant on Earth.

It works on lettuce and spinach, potatoes and beets, even tobacco.

And that last one is HUGE.

Tobacco is one of the biggest industries in the world.

In the U.S. alone, more than 700 million pounds of tobacco are grown and harvested each year.

Globally, the tobacco market is worth $500 billion. That’s half a trillion bucks. Annually.

This spray could nearly double that, causing the value of the tobacco industry to explode to $870 billion.

To say this is a huge opportunity would be an understatement.

It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This is uncharted territory.

I mean, this miracle “CO2” spray is set to disrupt some of the biggest — and most profitable — industries on earth.

Marijuana and tobacco are just two of them.

There’s also...

  • The $100 billion floriculture market.
  • The $1.2 trillion non-food plant market.
  • The $2.4 trillion agriculture market.
  • The $8 trillion retail food market.

And this miracle “CO2” spray is set to play a massive role in every one of these industries.

It’s ridiculous how important it will be.

Even better, this “CO2” spray has been 100% cleared for commercial use in every aspect.

The federal government just approved and cleared it as a non-pesticide.

After all, it’s made of just three naturally occurring elements — hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.

So it’s no surprise that just after this ruling was handed down, the company behind this spray immediately signed their first major commercial deal.

Their new partner is U.S. grower Tumbleweed Farms, and the deal couldn’t happen fast enough.

In fact, Tumbleweed Farms was so impressed with the science involved — and the incredible results — that they invested in a full-scale application.

And this is just the start as company after company will be lining up as fast as they can to get their hands on this new miracle “CO2” spray.

So what is the name of this company, and how do you secure a position today?

I’m about to answer that, but first let me briefly introduce myself...

300% Gains in Six Months

My name is Alex Koyfman.

After more than 15 years working in the financial industry...

I’ve developed a talent for discovering the stock market’s hottest trends before major media exposes them and before they make investors rich.

In 2015, silver was trading for peanuts.

No one was buying. Most people, in fact, were selling.

Except for me.

Thanks to my analytical expertise and a few phone calls to high-placed contacts, I was sure that silver was due for a huge rebound.

I was right.

But I didn’t pound the table on buying physical silver.

Instead, I’d uncovered a small mining company — Defiance Silver — that was operating in one of the world’s most active and productive silver regions.

And as the price of silver rebounded, shares of this tiny company skyrocketed.

All told, Defiance paid out 90% gains... turning every $5,000 invested into $9,500.

And it only took a handful of months to bank those gains.

But it gets even better — much better.

Around the same time I was following silver, I was also tracking the lithium market.

That’s because lithium is used in rechargeable batteries for mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and electric vehicles.

And with the smartphone revolution booming and electric car sales hitting all time highs, I knew the opportunity here was massive.

I was just waiting for the right time to pounce.

That moment came back in 2015 when no one even knew what lithium was.

You can see on this chart that lithium was trading around the $60 mark.

But that changed rapidly as it started skyrocketing.

Then came the headlines...

But I had uncovered this information far before headlines like these helped drive lithium to the $150 mark.

Thing is, I wasn’t into lithium ETFs or any kind of broad index...

Because I’d found a little company by the name of Dajin Resources.

This company was trading at just $0.04 per share, but they’d just made a massive land acquisition that rank-and-file investors completely missed.

I even called Dajin “2015’s breakout miner.”

Again, I was right.

Shares of the company soared, paying out 300% gains in just six months.

That turns every $5,000 invested into $20,000.

Things didn’t stop there though...

In 2017, cryptocurrencies were all the rage. But I saw a crash coming.

So I didn’t buy into the hype around the big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I did, however, notice a much lesser-known crypto trading under the name Aragon.

I knew as the major coins surged that smaller, alternative coins would start to make a run because investors could get in on the cheap.

This is what happened...

In just three months, the crypto surged by 223%.

It was another huge win, one that turned every $5,000 invested into $16,150.

I’m not running down this list of wins to brag, though.

I simply want to point out that those who followed my recommendations had the chance to make a personal fortune.

So you’re probably wondering what’s next?

Well, that’s why I’m here with you today...

The $0.50 Miracle Spray Company That’s about to Take
Over the Pot Industry


Over the past few years, one industry has grown faster than anything we’ve seen in history...

Faster, even, than anything seen during the dot-com era.

Of course, I’m referring to the marijuana industry.

And to give you an idea of just how big it has become, consider this...

  • Already 10 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have legalized weed.
  • Canada has legalized it on a national scale.
  • And Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest companies, has even entered the pot game, looking to develop a CBD-infused “recovery” beverage.

But here’s the real kicker...

The Robinhood app, which is a free trading platform, had so much activity in pot stocks recently that trading had to be suspended because the app couldn’t handle the traffic.

We’ve never seen anything like this...

So it’s no wonder I’ve received more emails about pot stocks than anything else over the past several months.

And these emails, from investors all over the globe, all ask the same question...

Thing is, as you’ve seen, I like to strike at the right time...

I like to find under-the-radar opportunities that stand to make investors filthy rich.

Well, the good news is I’ve done just that.

And this play, due to the lightning growth of the marijuana market, could easily dwarf anything I’ve ever recommended in my career.

That’s because, not only does this company trade for cheap on the open market...

But they’re also on the verge of a full-scale disruption of the $146 billion global marijuana market.

And it’s all thanks to a technology they’ve pioneered that every pot company in the world will want to be in on.

Innovations in Marijuana Lead to 12,200% Gains

So the question remains, how much do you really stand to make here?

Well, as I’ve already mentioned, we’re in unprecedented territory.

Never have we seen a single product that promises to double the values of the world’s largest industries.

BUT, we have seen game-changing innovations in the marijuana space.

And they’ve made investors mountains of cash.

Take Supreme Cannabis Company for instance.

They were one of the original companies to begin exploring what’s now known as “craft” marijuana.

Today, it’s common practice. But these guys were leaders in the field before legislation truly opened the doors.

And their proprietary methods led them to their first massive contract.

Once investors took notice, the stock went ballistic:

Those who got in early had the chance to pull in 13,000% gains.

You could have made $655,000 for every $5,000 invested.

All thanks to a proprietary tech pioneered by a forward-thinking marijuana company.

Sound familiar?

It does to me. Because that’s exactly what we’re looking at with today’s opportunity.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is another example.

They created and developed a game-changing cancer treatment using CBD — a naturally-occurring compound found in marijuana plants.

And guess what happened?

Their stock shot off like a rocket:

If you’d gotten in early on this company, you could have made 16,025% gains in just six months.

The gains that have come from innovative pot companies have been ridiculous.

Like those from Abattis Bioceuticals.

In short, Abattis had their hands on a unique set of fertilizer formulas used in growing marijuana.

These fertilizers aided in marijuana crops growing bigger and faster.

It’s nothing compared to what today’s company has discovered, but at the time it was a big deal.

And the stock took off as investors began to pile in:

That’s a 10,950% gain. And it took place in a little over two months.

Those who missed this window by even a few days were left out in the cold.

But the investors that took action right away ended up making enough to turn $5,000 into $552,500.

If you’d put in $10,000, you’d have been sitting on more than $1.1 million.

This is the kind of opportunity we’re dealing with today.

Like Abattis, this tiny company holds the “master key” to bigger, faster-growing marijuana plants.

Their miracle “CO2” spray takes seconds to apply, and it instantly doubles the value of the plant to which it’s applied.

This is the “holy grail” of the pot industry. And it’s ripe for the picking.

And remember, this company has already signed its first major deal, with dozens — potentially hundreds — to follow.

It’s Already Starting:
388% Gains and Counting

But you MUST move fast.

In fact, things are already in motion.

The minute this tiny company signed its first mega-deal in December 2018, investors began to take notice.

In just the few months since, the stock has already shot up by 388%.

But this is just the beginning.

Maybe you missed out on the initial surge, but there is FAR more to come.

This company has several more deals right around the corner, and I expect the stock to hit $1... $3... even $5.

That means we could be looking at 5,400% gains here...

Enough to turn $5,000 into $277,000 in a very short time.

And that’s on the low side considering the gains that have come from innovative pot companies before.

But the window of opportunity here is brief.

As I showed you, when a company pioneers an innovation in the marijuana industry, the stocks take off FAST.

So how do you get in today, before it’s too late?

Let me show you...

Get Ready for 5,400% Gains


As I mentioned, my name is Alex Koyfman.


And like many successful people, I got to where I am doing something I really enjoy.

To me, trading isn’t a job, a casual hobby, or another form of gambling.

It’s a passion — something I obsess over day in and day out.

And the fact that I take it seriously has paid off.

It all started with the very first trade I ever made when I was in my early 20s.

At the time, I hadn't been trading stocks for all that long. So I turned to several extremely experienced contacts I'd made in the industry.

Every last one of them told me it was a great opportunity.

But I was still a bit skeptical because the company was trading for only $0.06 at the time.

It was too tiny for the big money managers to touch it. And it was too small for the Wall Street Journal to cover.

However, I'd done my research, and I couldn't find a single reason this stock wouldn't skyrocket.

So I got together a small pool of capital with a buddy and purchased 200,000 shares.

Over the next few weeks, we watched as the stock hit $0.10, $0.20, and $0.35 per share.

Needless to say, we agreed to sell. And we cashed out for 483% gains.

I ended up turning several thousand dollars into a small fortune within only a few weeks.

The secret behind that one trade has proven so effective and consistent that in 2009, I decided to pursue stock trading full time.

Since that first play, I've been in on some of the biggest gains of the past decade.

Like when I purchased as many shares as I could of this biotech company:

Or when I put a significant sum of money into this oil company:

But this might have been my most lucrative play:

This was on a basic materials company, and it was a blockbuster.

The company probably seemed too boring to many investors. But I made a killing as shares went parabolic.

I’m not trying to brag here.

I simply want you to see how easily and quickly a single stock can change your life.

You could end up not only making enough money for your own long retirement but also for your children and grandchildren, as well.

That's because I've uncovered what could be the next single stock to make people exponentially wealthier.

And as of right now, you could secure a sizable position for cheap. And that's because, as I've mentioned, this stock trades for cheap right now.

But it won't stay that way for long...

How Do I Know?
I’ve Seen It Happen Before

When you find a tiny stock that’s on the verge of disrupting a major industry, things tend to get crazy... quickly.

Just one announcement, piece of media coverage, or blockbuster deal can immediately send stocks like these soaring.

It’s how I’ve found some of the biggest winners of my career:

  • 300% on Dajin Resources Corp.
  • 223% on Aragon
  • 210% on Versus Technology
  • 134% on BetterU Education Corp.
  • 128% on Future Farm Technologies

And that’s just a small sample...

Now, I'll admit that many stocks like these — known as penny stocks — are garbage.

But I don’t just buy any penny stock.

That's a risky game.

My technique is entirely different from anything you've likely seen.

There are no hunches. No guesswork. And I never act on hot tips or hyped-up emails.

In short, I hone in on tomorrow's big gainers with pinpoint accuracy, using my robust, rigorous, and completely proprietary screening process.

By doing this, I drill down and target a very specific "sub-niche" of penny stocks...

One that's almost always profitable but is overlooked by 99% of investors.

It's a certain kind of penny stock that meets very specific criteria.

The kinds of companies with the vision and drive to become the next Microsofts, Nikes, Apples, and Facebooks of the world.

With just a few well-timed trades based on the proper information, you could be touting yourself as the next penny stock millionaire.

Here’s how my screening process works...

Five Keys to Becoming A Millionaire


Over the course of my career, I’ve found that there are five key factors to look for to profit with penny stocks:

  1. Avoid the Dividends: Early-stage companies need to be reinvesting their cash, not doling out profits.
  2. Cash Reserves: This implies a healthy, stabilized debt-to-equity ratio. This means a company has the money to research and develop products, market itself, hire new staff, and buy new equipment. If a company is the body, the cash is the blood.
  3. Strong Profit Margins: A good profit margin isn’t essential, but it’s indicative of stability and future growth.
  4. Gross Margins of 50% or Better: This implies that the business model works and will continue to keep the company profitable moving forward.
  5. Tight Share Structure: Fewer shares for a small company means two things: First, individual shares will be valued higher and thus carry an appearance of stability. Second, positive news will have a stronger effect on trading volume as a percentage of total market capitalization. In short, good news will drive gains faster.

If you’re seeing a pattern here, it can be summed up in one word: stability.

Now, I realize stability isn’t something you typically associate with penny stocks. But it’s exactly this sort of stability that sets young companies up for the meteoric growth you dream of.

Apple would never have been able to develop its first commercially successful PC without this type of stability.

Google wouldn’t have had the liquidity to build its first data center, either.

So once you apply these keys to your approach, you’re already nine-tenths of the way to finding a great company.

The last 10%, though... that’s the hard part.

That’s where you need to be able to anticipate what has the potential to be big tomorrow as opposed to today.

Calling market trends is the one common thread through all of investing, and it matters here as much as anywhere.

In fact, it matters the most here because trends can swing stocks double-digit percentages in mere hours.

But I can tell you this: Watching those green digits tick up NEVER gets old. It means money in the bank.

The good thing for you, however, is that you don’t need to know the ins and outs of the penny stock market in order to get rich.

Because I do ALL the legwork for you.

That’s my job here at Angel Publishing.

I use my proprietary system and long list of contacts to identify tiny stocks that have the potential to pay life-changing profits...

Then I publish my picks through my advisory service, Penny Stock Millionaire.

My Proprietary System Has Delivered 91% Winners

I was asked to join the Angel Publishing team because of my ability to find the most profitable penny stocks in the world.

And what started out as a stock advisory service has grown into one of the most distinguished associations of wealth seekers in the world today.

Take Kevin G., for example.

He's an ordinary investor. And for years, he was paying a high-priced broker to manage his money for him.

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And Kevin is far from the only one who's changed his financial future...

Marvin T. is another.

A few years ago, he took a serious financial hit because of an illness.

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That is until he started following our advice at Angel Publishing...


He says it best himself: It can happen to anyone.

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The list goes on and on...

But the important thing is that you have the chance to join these folks today. And you'll have access to the most powerful and potentially profitable stocks in the world.

I just put the finishing touches on a brand-new special report that details the company that’s about to disrupt the $146 billion global pot industry.

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It’s massive.

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The Penny Stock Millionaire portfolio contains massive winners, like...

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