Trump's Secret Rare Earth Stash

It's a Sparsely Populated Chunk of Tundra the Size of Texas...

But With a Quarter-Trillion Dollars of Essential Rare Earth Reserves Locked Inside, it Could Be:

The Most Valuable Chunk of Land on Earth

Dear Reader,

Hidden away in the coldest regions of the North Atlantic, about 700 miles northeast of Newfoundland, lies a desolate, forbidding tundra.

It's more than three times the size of Texas, and yet only 56,000 people dare to live there, giving it the lowest population density of any nation.

From the surface, this wide expanse of desolation doesn't look like much.

It certainly doesn't look like the most strategically important piece of real estate on the planet.

But that's exactly what it is.

You see, locked within a 278-square-mile section on the southern tip of the giant Arctic island known as Greenland is a unique group of minerals, concentrated unlike any other deposit on Earth.

They're called rare earth elements, or REEs for short. And this prized piece of land contains more than $273 billion worth.

Without them, some of our most important modern technologies would not exist.

In fact, they're so crucial to modern circuitry that industry insiders came up with a nickname for REEs: "technology metals."

From hybrid car batteries to wind turbine motors to missile guidance systems... 

Metals such as cerium, promethium, europium, and many of the remaining 14 rare earth elements are essential to all modern electronic devices that use:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Electric motors
  • Photo optics
  • Solar cells
  • Strong magnets

Now, here's the part you need to know:

This chunk of land isn't controlled by any nation. It's controlled by a single company — and not some giant multibillion-dollar corporation with interests scattered all over the globe.

This company is small. Tiny, in fact — just over $70 million market capitalization as of today.

Take a minute to absorb that information: a $70 million company that owns a chunk of land containing a quarter of the known global reserves of one of the most crucial classes of metals known to man.

Its stock, which trades under $0.40, is priced so low because the company is technically still in its development stage.

But here's a piece of information that will soon change that forever: The world's biggest producer of rare earth elements has just announced that REEs will be a major battleground for a trade war that now seems to be all but guaranteed. 

You heard me right. And the world's biggest producer of REEs is also the world's second-biggest national economy, as well as the U.S.'s #1 economic and strategic rival: the People's Republic of China.

You may not hear about it in the news much because these days the media prefers to deal in hot air and sensationalism. But this situation has the true potential to effect an actual shift in the global power balance.

Here's what CNBC wrote about the situation in May 2019:

"China’s threat to curb exports of rare earth minerals to the United States could move the needle in an escalating trade war as the world’s two largest economies continue to jockey for leverage."

And if the economic threat wasn't enough, there's another even more dangerous one out there, putting our very existence into question.

"Rare earths are essential to the production, sustainment, and operation of U.S. military equipment. Reliable access to the necessary material, regardless of the overall level of defense demand, is a bedrock requirement for DOD." — Government Accountability Office, May 29, 2019

The threat is real, and it's been building for a long time.

Because for the last 20 years, the world has gotten its REEs from one main source...

And now the Chinese are finally ready to make their move to establish themselves as the world's #1 economic powerhouse.

China's Mission: A Rare Earth Element Monopoly


"The Mideast had oil, but China has Rare Earth Elements. As OPEC did with oil... China is about to tighten its hammerlock on the market for some of the world's most valuable metals." NY Times

The Chinese knew how important rare earths would be years ago.

In fact, as far back as 1992, Communist Party Leader Deng Xiaoping said: "There is oil in the Middle East. There is rare earth in China."

And since then, they have been doing everything in their power to realize this destiny...

In August of 2014, they penned a deal with a major foreign supplier to acquire 10,000 metric tons of REEs, bringing their grip over the market to an all-time extreme.

"If you have a smartphone or computer, own a flat-screen TV, drive a hybrid car or use a myriad of other high-tech devices, you'll no doubt come into contact with these elements — mined from the earth's crust and supplied predominantly by China — countless times a day." — NBC News

Today, thanks to that deal, Communist China either produces or controls a vast majority of the total global supply of these vital elements.

Even more shocking than that, it control more than 80% of our own supply — which means the People's Republic of Chine, our single biggest strategic and economic rival, is holding our defense and consumer tech industries hostage.

And with Trump calling for an all-out trade war against China, the world's biggest REE producer is wasting no time wielding this monopoly as a weapon...

Since 2004, or even earlier, the Chinese government has treated rare earth resources as strategic... the government employs a three-pronged strategy; rare earth exports are restricted, imports encouraged, and outbound rare earth acquisitions actively encouraged.

— Chinese Society of Rare Earths

It's been planning it long before Donald Trump ever considered running for president, but now that economic hostilities are at all-time highs, it's put the plan into overdrive.

The ultimate goal: to control the price of every gram of rare earths produced.

“China is ‘seriously’ considering restricting rare earth exports to the U.S. and may also implement other countermeasures.” Bloomberg, May 2019

“Now, rare earths have become a bargaining chip in the expanding trade war between China and the United States, which escalated after the Trump administration placed Huawei, the world's largest supplier of telecommunications equipment, on a blacklist that imposed some restrictions on trading with American companies.” — NBC News, May 2019

But there was one thing the Chinese juggernaut didn't count on...

A resource that just might save us from the Chinese economic onslaught and make investors millions of dollars in the months to come.

With the Chinese stranglehold on REEs immune to the sort of congressional action that usually stops Western monopolies in their tracks...

The fate of the hybrid industry — and the high-end electronics industry along with it — rests on this single 278-square-mile plot of land in a remote corner of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Company Taking Over This Real Estate Is About to Claim 25% of the Global REE Marketplace

As this company moves from limited to full-scale production, it will finally start to monetize the world's single-biggest REE deposit. 

Over the next 50 years, even by the most conservative growth estimates, these reserves will have generated as much as $273 billion in today's money.

Being in such a position at this time in history is the kind of rare opportunity that can create truly legendary fortunes.

Because with each passing day, rare earths only become more important to modern industry...

In fact, one sector — one of the fastest-growing markets in the world — simply can't move forward without them.

The Cleantech Imperative

“The Prius automobile is the biggest user of rare earths of any object in the world.”

Jack Lifton, commodities analyst

Almost since its very inception, the cleantech sector has been under threat.

Here's what I mean:

Every Toyota Prius, every Honda Civic Hybrid, and just about every other battery-powered car on the market requires between 23 and 25 pounds of rare earths to run.

For Japan, this is a very dangerous scenario:

“Japan, which imports nearly 100% of its rare earths from China, sees the group of elements as a probable battleground.” Wall Street Journal 

And while cleantech is still new, it's already changing the face of the REE market.

Because as vital as rare earth components are, they make up only a tiny fraction of the overall mass of any modern electronic device.

That is why up until 2008, the entire global market for REEs was just $2 billion.

But with the emergence of cleantech, this is all rapidly changing.

China could cripple clean tech manufacturers outside of China, giving the nation a virtual grip-lock on global manufacture of batteries for hybrid vehicles, as well as magnets for wind turbines and other electric motors.

— Telegraph UK

In fact, less than a year from now, growth in the battery-powered car industry will increase global REE consumption between 200% and 250% from 2008 levels.

And I bet you've heard plenty about the Tesla Gigafactory... the one tech tycoon Elon Musk is building right now in Storey County, Nevada, at the cost of $5 billion.

It's projected to increase the global rechargeable battery market by 100% by 2020.

Much of this is just to sustain the demand for Tesla's own products... but the competition isn't far behind.

Just look at the future of the industry:

Annual sales of electric vehicles are projected to go up eight-fold in the next six years.

And remember, that's just one product...

Rare earth elements are essential to any technology for which electric motors, lasers, photovoltaic cells, or portable rechargeable batteries are essential... which means that on top of using REEs in the solar panels and wind turbines themselves, every cleantech power generator will also rely on REE-filled batteries to store the energy.

And because batteries are so much hungrier for REEs than any other single product, the demand for REEs will outpace the growth of the consumer electronics market alone — by as much as four-fold.

It's a trend that's been playing right into the hands of Beijing's puppet masters...

And it's giving them a potential weapon against us if this latest saber-rattling becomes an all-out trade war.

But that's not the worst of it...

You see, in addition to cleantech, the Chinese stand to gain control of something just as critical but far more dangerous...

Meet Beijing's Wealthiest Hostage: The $1.4 Trillion Global High-Tech Weapons Industry


Three of the most important rare earth elements — neodymium, dysprosium, and terbium — are vital to the construction of high-tech military equipment, including:

  • Communications systems
  • Precision munitions
  • Navigation and guidance systems
  • Lasers
  • Spy satellites
  • Specialized optics

REEs are needed in varying quantities in a wide spectrum of high-tech military devices, and the bigger and more sophisticated it is, the more rare earth elements that machine will need to function.

According to a recently released exposé on 60 Minutes, each and every F-35 Joint Strike Fighter — the most advanced and by far the most expensive fighter plane ever made — requires half a ton of rare earth elements for its systems and supercomputers.

The F-35, by the way, is supposed to be in service for at least the next 30 years.

Makes you wonder where our Department of Defense thinks it's going to get all those REEs to make that possible...

And in case you're wondering about existing stores... well, shockingly, the government has made no effort to stockpile these materials — even in the quantities it requires to maintain battle-readiness.

“The United States imports 100 percent of the rare earths it needs... As the American military depends more and more on high-technology weapon systems, it becomes ever more dependent on rare earth minerals — and China. That is raising alarms inside the Pentagon.”Defense News

And it's the same story for every other major Western power.

So you're starting to see the problem if China holds a monopoly on rare earths...

And the problem we will most certainly make worse if we step into trade hostilities with the Chinese.

Strategically, they have us over a barrel.

They may as well have a monopoly on oil or gas. It would be no less volatile and dangerous to Western strategic dominance of the world.

And not just because Western civilians will soon come to rely on Chinese products just to get to work in the morning...

But because the very fabric of global security — made possible only through NATO's military dominance — will be in jeopardy.

It's the financial equivalent of the Cold War.

But with Greenland's massive REE resources now under private ownership, it has opened the door for individual investors to amass a fortune off this developing crisis from one simple trade.

Let me introduce you to...

The $0.40 Stock That Could Return 670%

This company has already set itself apart from all others in the junior mining sector.

It's precisely this sort of company that I live for.

Right now, my brand-new recommendation is poised to make a triple-digit leap as early-stage limited production — like the kind I told you about at the beginning — moves to full-scale production.

The future, however, wasn't always this certain.

Up until several years ago, two other mining companies — Lynas Corporation and Arafura Resources — were also major contenders to threaten the Chinese rare earths monopoly.

But after these companies barely survived the global downturn, the Chinese swooped in with emergency financing.

The infusion of capital saved these companies' hides, but it came at a price.

When it was all over, these two companies — and their vast rare earth deposits — were in Chinese hands, leaving my brand-new recommendation all alone to challenge the Chinese.

Once production ramps up in Western Greenland — which could happen in the next few months — this operation will remain a significant player by producing 6,500 tonnes of rare earth elements annually.

This site is a country-maker for Greenland and the first big opportunity to represent a monopoly-breaker of Chinese dominance.

— USA Today

With an expected annual production of that magnitude, this $40 million outfit would have grossed a staggering $208 million.

But even if it was running at only a quarter capacity, and even if costs ate up an almost unheard-of 90% of gross revenue (for REEs, 50% is closer to normal), the share price would still hit about $2.00.

Based on today's price, that works out to a 670% increase...

Which means if production had hit its stride a year ago, investors getting in on the ground floor would have already cashed in $3,850 for every $500 invested!

And that's figuring very conservatively.

Fortunately, this didn't happen a year ago... but all signs indicate that it's imminent — most likely as the warmer summer months make working conditions more tolerable.

So, for the moment, this monumental opportunity is still within your reach.

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