This Microcap Cryptocurrency Is Positioned for Massive Gains Before the Close of 2020


This is like finding Bitcoin when it was worth $0.60!


Let me tell you a story that's too extreme to have been fabricated. 

It's the story of how the fastest-growing investment ever rose from obscurity to global prominence in the space of just a few years. 

It all started one evening with an insignificant online purchase... a purchase that would never have been remembered by anybody had it not been for one key detail...

On the evening of Saturday, May 22, 2010, computer programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas, marking the first-ever retail purchase implementing the digital currency. 

At the time, the bitcoins he'd used were only worth about $40.

The change in value Bitcoin experienced in the years that came after was the greatest explosion in price exhibited by any commodity in all of recorded history. 

"It wasn’t like bitcoins had any value back then, so the idea of trading them for a pizza was incredibly cool. No one knew it was going to get so big," said Hanyecz in an interview with the New York Times

On the day the New York Times interviewed the software engineer — around the seventh anniversary of that transaction — the bitcoins Laszlo had used to buy his pizzas would have been worth a staggering $180 million

That's because in the seven years since that purchase, the value of the digital coin — today the most prevalent in the world — has grown by a factor of 4.5 million!

That's 450 million percent!

If you had invested $100 into Bitcoin in 2010, your stake would be worth more than $450 million by the end of 2017.


It completely destroyed all traditional investment vehicles and indexes... 



It handily crushed any stock in any company, public or private. 

Even the wealthy investors who financed the dot-com boom of the early 2000s never saw anything close to it. 

But there was a reason for all that. 

Back in the early days, very few people had heard of Bitcoin. Without demand, the value of a single bitcoin was miniscule.

The idea of exchanging one of these "digital coins" for real goods and services was incredible — but still a novelty.

Needless to say, things have changed since that weekend in May 2010. 

Today, more than 70,000 merchants worldwide accept Bitcoin as payment, with that number growing daily. 

But perhaps more importantly, Bitcoin set a precedent... and opened the door for other, more specialized digital currencies to emerge.

New opportunities for incredible profits that could mirror the rise of Bitcoin are just now coming to light... 

Today, I’m going to share with you a little-known but rapidly emerging cryptocurrency on the verge of going through its own golden era — once again giving early investors the same kinds of profits Bitcoin brought in during its first years in the public eye. 

Now, before I continue, let me make something clear here: I'm fully aware that many investors out there got burned back in 2018 when the bottom fell out of the crypto market.

That was unfortunate — but also predictable. Massive corrections always follow massive rises. It's the way of nature, and it's the way of trends.

But now that we're past that correction, you can be certain that this is the moment the crypto sector has been waiting for.

The mania is over and done with... Now it's time for the long-term run-up to begin.

Over the last few months, Bitcoin, which lost almost 80% between its peak in December 2017 and its low point one year later, has surged back, rising over 300% as it climbed from $3,000 to back over $13,000.

Looking at the five-year chart, you can see precisely where the first wave of manic speculation collapsed...

But now that that's all over and done with, the real revolution in digital currency is set to begin.

Of course, if you want to make one of the real fortunes in crypto, simply going out and buying Bitcoin isn't going to do it.

That train has left the station.

Like I mentioned earlier, what you'll need to do to take real advantage of what's on the horizon is to find a cryptocurrency that's not in the headlines yet... a crypto whose time hasn't arrived yet.

Do that right, and a few years from now, you could be sitting on a fortune in the millions.

The Patterns Are Established

Let me show you why I'm so certain.

It all goes back to a well-established pattern in the cryptocurrency market: Everything follows Bitcoin.

It happened the first time around, as the meteoric rise of Bitcoin paved the way for more than 1,300 other digital currencies to create a combined sector market cap approaching $1 trillion!

But since the collapse, all the big names have been surging back right alongside Bitcoin.

Dash, Ripple, and one you've probably heard of — Ethereum — are just a few of the frontrunners.

Dash, which dropped to the low-$60 range after topping out at over $1,000, has nearly tripled since its lows at the end of 2018.

Ethereum, which collapsed 90% after the first run-up, is up over 200% from its lows, following almost perfectly in the footsteps of Bitcoin.

And another major crypto, Litecoin, has nearly quintupled since hitting its lows at the close of 2018.

Can you think of any stocks that have shown even half those gains this year?

Like I said, it's a cross-sector resurgence, with Bitcoin leading the charge and the rest following along.

And with the weak hands now forever burned from the market by the correction, you can bet that this time, the crypto industry is here to stay.

But for investors, things get complicated.

The fact that you've been hearing and reading about the return of those major coins also means their true Bitcoin pizza-level growth days are over.

These mainstream coins will be with us, growing steadily, for years to come... The biggest profit potential, however, lies with a different class of cryptocurrencies entirely.

I'm talking about cryptos that are in their early stages of development — the same stage Bitcoin was in when it was trading around $1.

These cryptos are valued in pennies today but could be valued in the thousands in just a few short years!

There is one in particular that I've pinpointed as the next breakout digital coin — and its value today is just a tiny drop in the bucket compared to any of today's globally recognized giants. 

But that's all about to change. 

Now, I can't promise you a 450 million-percent return — which is what you'd have gotten if you'd owned Bitcoin from the very start — but this digital currency is in the very beginning stages of rising to prominence, and as it's adopted by more and more businesses, its total market capitalization could easily skyrocket by a factor of 1,000 or even 10,000. 

What makes this new digital coin so appealing? Well, for one thing, it takes what Bitcoin did several steps further.

This technology will very likely become THE most important value-bearing commodity of the 21st century, just like gold was for most of human history.

Now, stop and think for a moment...

What would you do if you were able to get in on the ground floor of one of these investments?

Would you buy a new BMW or a Rolex? Would you get a pool and hot tub built in your backyard?

Or maybe you’d buy 50 acres of wooded property to go hunting and fishing on. 

A small stake in any of these cryptocurrencies could have produced enough profits to buy all of that and more. 

I know it sounds complicated and technical, but you don’t need to know anything about the tech to invest in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Here’s what it takes to get involved:

  • 10 minutes
  • An internet connection
  • A small amount of money ($100 is plenty)

This type of investment is perfect for do-it-yourself investors like you and me — people distrustful of big government, Wall Street, and every other bloated institution looming over us today. 

And that’s a big part of why the tech behind Bitcoin is so ingenious.

When you use the "blockchain," no government, bank, or organization of any kind can snoop on your financial transactions.

The technology creates a decentralized public record of financial transactions free from human error or interference.

"Blockchain" technology prevents hacking, fraud, embezzlement, and cooking the books.

Your assets are indelibly yours, and no one can change that. They can't even be monitored by the IRS for taxation purposes. 

In a world where cyber-crime is one of the biggest threats to our livelihoods, the security and safety provided by this technology has reached a historic level of demand...

As I write this, there is over $600 billion spread out across the digital coin market!

Cryptocurrency could revolutionize banking and finance as we know it. It gives us new solutions to old problems.

Banks are starting to build their own internal blockchain to protect their users from theft and other threats.

A European bank called Swissquote added four cryptocurrencies to its exchange just before Christmas, and none of them were Bitcoin.

It did, however, add Ripple, which I mentioned earlier. And it shot up 40% in less than 12 hours.

The Bank of England, Santander, and Bank of America are all entering into the cryptocurrency space as well.

The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, says:

"Banks will become more productive, with lower transaction costs, greater capital efficiency and stronger operational resilience... These possibilities are why the Bank has already taken a number of steps to encourage [blockchain] development."

IBM says that within four years, 66% of banks expect to have blockchain in commercial production and at scale.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency by big banks could be the ultimate catalyst for growth. And you've already seen it happening.

The Smartest Money in the World Is Jumping into This Market


When billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper predicted a $10,000 bitcoin, this is what he was counting on. 

People called him and expert analysts like him crazy. But then it happened.

And then Bitcoin jumped again. And again. It finally settled close to $20,000 just a few days later.

Many brilliant minds — Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel, to name a few — are all very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency.

Bill Gates says, “Bitcoin is better than currency” and calls it “the future of money.”

Bank of America has even teamed up with Microsoft to explore the technology further...

According to billionaire Richard Branson, “[Bitcoin] is working and there will be other currencies like it that may be even better.”

His commercial space travel venture, Virgin Galactic, will even accept Bitcoin as payment.

Peter Thiel — one of the original financiers of PayPal — has navigated his worldwide online payment system into a partnership with BitPay and Coinbase to enable Bitcoin transactions for PayPal users. 

This partnership marks a new era in currency. 

Now that major corporations are treating digital currency the same as real money, there is a layer of legitimacy added to this once highly speculative idea.

Big companies like Microsoft, Subway, Dish, Apple, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Whole Foods, Home Depot, CVS, Sears, and Amazon are all starting to throw their hats in the ring.

They’ve all started to accept Bitcoin payments in the last few years. 

This mass adoption has contributed greatly to the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency this year.

Even if you weren’t on the forefront of this industry-wide boom, you could have already seen 46 times your money in less than a year!

Take Ethereum, for example. One Ethereum "coin" was worth about $10 back in January of last year.

If you bought $1,500 worth, that stake would now be worth over $45,000... enough to buy a new car, remodel your kitchen, or take the vacation of a lifetime

Point blank, people made millions on the cryptocurrency boom. 

  • Like school dropout Erik Finman, for instance. He had a deal with his parents: If he became a millionaire by the time he was 18, he wouldn’t have to go to college. Erik didn’t want to go to college. Going off a tip from his brother, he purchased 403 bitcoins when they were worth just 12 bucks. Now those same coins are worth a combined $7.24 million!
  • Or former Marine turned Bitcoin entrepreneur Jered Kenna, who bought his first batch of Bitcoin when it was worth a measly $0.02 per coin. He started selling them when they reached $258 per coin! He took his profits and founded several companies in the cryptocurrency space. He hasn’t disclosed how many bitcoins he owns today, but it is rumored that he owns more than $100 million worth!
  • Or college senior Charlie Shrem, who bought his first 500 bitcoins at $3 a pop. When they shot up to $20, he bought thousands more. Buoyed by his success, he started a cryptocurrency company called BitInstant the same year. He is now estimated to be worth more than $150 million thanks to his digital investments.

As amazing as these stories are, the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum are far behind us. 

But even as the potential upside of these pioneer digital currencies wanes, new opportunities, more explosive than ever, are opening up.

And I’m here to show you how YOU can join them.

You see, I’ve been fascinated with small-cap investments for over a decade...

Shares of small, early-stage companies that have the potential to return thousands of percent as companies go from research and development into mass commercialization. 

But tiny market caps — of $100 million or smaller — aren't the sole domain of public companies. 

Today, there are digital coins — cryptocurrencies — that fall into the same category. 

As an avid penny stock investor, I see even greater potential for sudden, significant profit from digital currencies in the same valuation category. 

You could see a fortune unfold literally overnight.

As the crypto sector comes roaring back, something that costs $0.60 today might be worth $60 tomorrow.

Top-performing cryptocurrencies look a lot like top-performing penny stocks. 

That’s why a lot of the same techniques I use for picking penny stocks work for cryptocurrencies, too.

Before we get down to it, let me introduce myself.

Hello Again

Hi, I’m Alex Koyfman, managing editor of Penny Stock Millionaire.

I'm NOT your typical investment "guru." I've never worked for a Wall Street bank. I’m not a broker or a financial advisor.

I've been in the investment research business for almost two decades, starting out as a self-taught trader in my late teens.

Today, I live my life the way I want to. I travel when and where I want to, and I rarely set foot inside my office, preferring to work poolside, from a hotel room in some far-off location, or, better yet, from the deck of a boat. 

I’ve walked the Great Wall of China. I’ve spent weeks out in the African Savannah on safari. I’ve sailed the Greek Islands on a private catamaran.

I don’t say any of this to brag. This is life. This is what I worked for years to achieve.

And, like many successful people, I got there doing something I really enjoy.

My secret for finding stocks like these has proven so effective and consistent that in 2009, I decided to pursue stock trading full time.

You won’t find me on CNBC, CNN, or any other major television network, and I don’t plan on writing any books or doing any seminars (not that I haven’t been asked).

It’s just not my cup of tea.

I love to trade, and I love to invest. It’s not just a hobby or a way to make money. It’s my passion and my life’s work.

My quest for new ideas has taken me from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

I've traded on American, Canadian, European, and even Mongolian exchanges.

I count numerous members of the rarefied point-one percent among my friends and colleagues, which isn't something I often mention...

But it's something you should expect from the person you go to for the market's most cutting-edge, informed investment strategies.

Normally, my focus is specifically in penny stocks...

The kinds of companies with the vision and drive to become the next Microsofts, Nikes, Lockheed Martins, and Facebooks of the world.

But now I’ve turned my attention to the rising cryptocurrency boom.

With more than 1,300 digital currencies following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, I come across many incredibly lucrative opportunities.

Bitcoin itself was once valued right around the same level as most penny stocks — but today, at nearly $10,000 per coin, it's valued in the hundreds of billions. 

But Bitcoin was the standout in the first wave of "blockchain" technology that has slowly been upgraded and perfected over the last eight years.

Now we are in the second wave of "blockchain" tech, with bigger opportunities than anything Bitcoin investors could dream up.

These second-wave cryptocurrencies have unique technology behind them that could end up revolutionizing the way we do business and finance. 

I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time to enter this market.

And that time is right NOW!

How to Spot Smart Money in Cryptocurrency


Over the course of my career, I’ve found that there are five qualities to look for if you want to all but guarantee profits with penny stocks — five things that ensure growth and stability.

Now, cryptocurrencies are very different from companies, but the core concept is the same.

We want to put our money where the biggest growth potential is.

We don’t want something that will shoot up overnight and then crash the next day.

We want to invest in things that will be around for the long haul.

That’s why I only consider the very best cryptocurrencies for investment.

Second-wave cryptocurrencies (at least the good ones) all represent new uses of blockchain technology.

Here’s a quick look at the qualities of a top performer:

  • New ideas — Solves an old problem in a new way.
  • Attainable goals — The developers can make good on their promises.
  • Stage of development — The price has reacted favorably to news, updates, and releases.
  • Utility — Has real-world value; can be used for more than just trading.
  • Major players — What are governments, banks, billionaires, and financial analysts saying about it?

When put through these filters, only a few of the 1,300+ digital currencies measure up. 

Many of them have overly ambitious goals or are just copying Bitcoin in the hope of drafting off its success. 

But the cryptocurrencies that have unique qualities and the potential to be picked up by mass markets are already starting to lead the pack.

  • Ethereum has tripled this year:


  • So has Dash:


  • Litecoin is up close to 400%:


These have already hit their stride, and while they'll continue to grow at double- or triple-digit rates for years to come, their true heyday is over.

But right now — right at this moment — there is one rising superstar that could make this all look like child’s play.

Like the rest of the sector, it's more than doubled since hitting its post-correction lows... but it's still trading for less than $0.10.

That's less than one-tenth of where it was when the market topped out in December 2017.

If it follows the Bitcoin pattern like the rest of the cryptos are, we could be looking at an 800% gain before the end of this year!

And that will only get us back to old highs... The true long-term potential could add another zero to the coin's value before the close of 2020.

Point blank, this investment could change the way we think about finance, banking, and the internet FOREVER!

In the next few minutes, I’m gonna show you how rich cryptocurrencies could have made you in recent months.

The potential profits you could reel in are literally unlimited. 

And here's the thing...

I invest in cryptocurrencies in such a way that virtually eliminates the downside risk.

How is that possible? Let me explain...

I don't EVER recommend rolling all of your profits from one play into another.

Instead, what I recommend is that after doubling your money, you put your initial investment right back into your savings.

So that way, you're ONLY playing with house money.

This cuts your risk to the bone and enables absolutely mammoth profits!

You could have bought Bitcoin in March 2019 for $4,000, sold half in May for $8,000, and held the rest with zero risk to your bottom line.

That's how easy it could have been to completely insulate yourself from loss.

But like I said, if you're looking at Bitcoin or any of the other cryptos that the media follows, then you're already late to the game.

The new cryptocurrency I’ve found is still so early in its development that it could simulate an investment in Bitcoin at $1 or even less. 

Can you imagine the profit potential?

The only people lucky enough to have gotten into Bitcoin that early are tech geeks and wealthy venture capitalists.

But why should they get all the gold and glory? That should be YOU on the front cover of Wired talking about your cryptocurrency fortune.

And I’m here to help make that happen. There’s no greater thrill than seeing my readers succeed.

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