Why Are Tesla, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen Watching This Company?

Because Even as You Read This, It's Already:

Disrupting A $100 Billion Global Market

It's barely out of its start-up phase, but it's already changing the lithium-ion battery industry.

And you can still get shares for under $2.


Instead of chasing the crowd into this year's hot new investment trend...

Like you may have done with cryptocurrencies, or drones, or cannabis, I dare you to set your eyes on a bigger goal.

Forget what's hot right now.

Because if it's something everyone is talking about, you're already too late.

Instead, focus on something far more profound... Focus on the one single invention that's already emerged as the most important industrial movement of the next quarter century.

I know this sounds like hyperbole, but I assure you, I'm being dead serious with you.

It's not on the tongues of all the talking heads on TV because it's not built around some trendy buzzword that's going to be as stale as last week's bread 12 months from now.

Instead, it's going to outlast and outearn all the momentary investment fads put together.

In fact, don't even think of it as a trend.

Think of it as the catalyst driving a whole new historical era... just like the age of gasoline and the age of steam before it.

Right now, we're in the process of entering this new period in industrial history — and whether you know it or not, your life already depends on the underlying technology.

Let me give you a few hints... See if you can figure out what I'm talking about.

Among all the amazing, helpful, and world-changing new products out there today, from smartphones to electric cars, one technology is essential everywhere you look...

They're in your smartwatch; they're at the heart of every electric vehicle on the road; they give life to all your portable devices; they power high-speed trains and store excess energy produced by commercial wind and solar farms.

No matter the size, the shape, or the application, all of these devices are just different takes on the same concept.

The market has been steadily growing for the last few years, but in the next few years, it is finally expected to hit the vertical growth that everyone asking the question "What's going to be this year's hot new story?" wants to see.

Figured it out yet?

I'm talking about lithium-ion batteries... And in the coming years, they're going to become as important to our everyday lives as gasoline was in the 20th century.

Even more so... Because eventually EVERYTHING will run on lithium batteries, including every vehicle you step into, from your car all the way to the airliner you take across the Atlantic.

Now, to most people who keep track of developments in the tech industry, this is not news. We've been watching this lithium revolution build momentum for years now.

We know that some of the biggest opportunities anywhere in the investment world today are in the battery business.

What we've been waiting for is an edge...

A company that brings something so game-changing to the market that nothing will be the same afterwards.

A company with technology so innovative and superior to the standard that a major brand, like Tesla Motors, for example, would jump at the opportunity to acquire it, even if it means paying a huge premium over market price.

A company whose technology could become the industry standard, just like the Model T, the Intel chip, and the early Nokia cellphone.

Well, I believe I've found this company, and because it already trades publicly (you can buy shares this minute if you have your online brokerage account open), I had to get this information out to you before share prices run away.

This isn't a big company. In fact, it's relatively tiny. Just barely out of the start-up phase.

The company already has 12 patents granted globally and 30+ more patents being processed at the moment.

And that will be enough to turn this company into a crucial, maybe even dominant, player in a market set to be valued at over $100 billion globally by the year 2023.

In a minute, I'll tell you about all this company.

I'll give you the ticker symbol and talk about share prices and explain to you just how grossly undervalued it is...

But first, I want to tell you about why it's so important.

And to do that, we'll need to talk about the lithium-ion battery.

The Fuel Of Tomorrow


The market is breaking out all around you.

Over the next decade, as billions of new wireless devices, hundreds of millions of electrical vehicles, and tens of millions of distributed power batteries hit the markets, we're going to see demand for these batteries erupt more than 800%.

And mind you, this isn't growth in terms of total market capitalization; this is growth in terms of demand for the raw materials — which means it's not just the product of investor emotion but a concrete, precisely defined variable.

The reason behind this slow, gradual ascent is as simple as it gets: lead time to get production rates up to demand.

In terms of an investment, it's also not as sexy as, say, a new, mysterious currency or everyone's favorite illegal plant finally showing up for sale in your local 7-Eleven. But on a practical, down-to-earth basis, it's by far the most important long-term industrial force emerging today.

In the world of tomorrow — and I don't mean in 30 years but in the next five, maybe eight — the bulk of the machines you see on a day-to-day basis will become powered by lithium batteries.

Lithium already has a monopoly on the small devices, but it's the large ones that will make the most significant impact in the coming years.

Cars, trains, even aircraft will all be transitioning from internal combustion to electric motors and lithium batteries.

The lithium-ion battery market is already expected to break the $90 billion mark globally by the year 2025.

As the transportation sector starts to play an increasing role, growth in lithium-ion battery demand will get the push it needs to maintain that rate for at least another five after that.

That means lithium-ion battery producers are going to be working overtime to fill all that demand.

In fact, they already are.

Daimler, parent of the Mercedes-Benz brand, announced this past November that it intends to spend $22 billion on lithium batteries in the next 11 years and expects as much as a quarter of its production line to be electric by 2025.

Volkswagen has already secured $25 billion worth of battery supplies and plans to spend about $25 billion more as it refits 16 of its factories to turn out EVs.

Elon Musk built the biggest, most expensive factory in the world just to keep all of his customers happily supplied.

He now plans to build between 10 and 12 more just like it.

But the real opportunity this presents isn't to the makers... It's to the companies that innovate on the existing product.

With the race for the highest capacity, the shortest charge time, and the longest service life now in full swing, companies making even incremental improvements to the battery will inevitably be at the center of attention — both for their patents and for their shares.

Several weeks ago, I found a company that I believe may have taken this to the next level.

In the Most Competitive Sectors, the Smallest Improvements Matter

I'm not talking about incremental improvements here, but a dramatic, multilevel evolution that will give us a vastly better battery, while at the same time making the production process simpler, more efficient, and less taxing on the environment.

This revolutionary new process dramatically reduces the number of required steps, as compared to current industry standards, taking the production cycle down from as long as a week to less than a day.

The end result: a battery that can last two to three times longer, store more energy over its lifetime, and deliver more power, while reducing operational and raw materials costs, with an overall cost decrease of up to 40%.

This will be an enormous benefit to the entire spectrum of products relying on lithium-ion technology.

The battery cost in electric vehicles is still one of the single biggest production costs and getting that price down makes adoption much easier and faster... batteries will last longer hence cost of ownership goes way down.

Consumer electronics will charge faster, run longer between charges, and maintain their function for more charge cycles.

The same goes for distributed energy storage systems like the Powerwall, as well as for larger industrial power storage arrays.

The limit of the applications is defined only by the limit of devices and machines that rely on lithium batteries — a list that expands every year.

Tesla Just Paid a Battery Maker $218 Million to Do its Homework

A few weeks ago, Tesla Motors took steps to acquire California-based battery maker Maxwell for 56% above market value.

You'd think this would make shareholders happy, but guess what? They decided to file a lawsuit to block the acquisition.

Why? Because even with that 56% markup, they think their company is worth far more than Tesla is offering.

That's how competitive the market is right now.

The company I've been talking about has more than 40 patents at various stages of issue, funding from the Canadian government, and collaborative product development deals with a major French multinational, as well as a Chinese cathode producer.

In a climate where the big brand names are scooping up smaller companies with innovative new products, this hits all the desired check marks.

That's good news for current shareholders because this company's market capitalization, despite all its achievements, is still under $70 million (USD).

This will not last for long, however.

The intellectual property rights alone are arguably worth far more than the current share price implies. Add to that the joint development agreements to push the innovations into the market faster, and we could be looking at order of magnitude growth inside of a few years.

So never mind the flash-in-the-pan investment craze of this year. In all honesty, whatever that craze is, if you're not bought up yet, you're already probably too late.

A much bigger, more substantial industrial movement is underway, and it's only getting warmed up.

And here's where it all begins...

The Heart of the Battery: The Cathode


Of all the components of a lithium-ion battery, one stands out.

The cathode. It's the biggest, costliest, most crucial part of the battery.

Figure out a way to make a better cathode, and your resulting battery will charge faster, hold more charge, and last for more charge/discharge cycles.

So it makes sense that if a company is setting out to make the world's most effiient, cost-effective battery, the cathode is where it's going to focus its effort.

Build a better cathode, and you're almost sure to:

  • Disrupt the current market
  • Dominate the new market
  • Establish the new benchmark

Today, that is exactly what this company that I recently discovered is doing.

Before I explain, let me ask you a question.

Let's say I'm trying to pursuade you to switch the brand of some common household product that you buy on a regular basis — paper towels, for example.

If I could provide you with a similar quality product, what sort of cost savings would I need to offer to get you to switch?

5%? Maybe 3%?

Well, what if I told you that this company's technology has been proven to achieve cost benefits to the user of between 10% and 30% over the industry standard.

Would you switch then?

As of this moment, the company has 12 patents, with 30 more pending, has accepted millions in grants from the Canadian government, and is financed through the first quarter of next year.

Its management team has nearly a century of combined experience in relevant fields, and billions of dollars worth of business growth directly attributable to their efforts. 

And this technology will go down as the crowning achievement of everyone involved.

At the moment, shares trade for just under $70 million (USD) — putting this company on par, in size, with many Silicon Valley start-ups.

But with collaborative development deals in place with major European and Asian battery makers, it's advancing rapidly to bring its technology to the consumer market...

Not to mention the pipeline of top-level auto companies, cathode manufacturers, and other supply chain strategics they are working with to bring deals across the line.

Perhaps best of all, at least to guys like me who need to see beyond all of the hopes and dreams, this company is financed through the start of next year.

That means the company is liquid and ready to pursue the business model through to the logical conclusion.

Just how big is the opportunity?

Each line that gets built using the companies technology could generate $5 million in revenue per year.

To meet the demand of the market, 100s of lines would be needed...And yet, the company I've been talking about has a current market cap of less than $70 Million (USD).

You do the math. The opportunity here today is simply staggering.

Where Will This Company Be a Year From Now?

Barring a buyout — which would most likely double the current shareholder value overnight — the next year could bring historic changes to the company.

As its cathode technology begins to make its way into the market through its collaborative development deals, the benefits it brings to existing product lines quickly become evident to chief financial officers across the world.

They're driven by fear just as much as ambition. Failing to secure licenses today will mean failing to compete tomorrow.

However, it's also not the likely outcome.

With advantages this big, and batteries being the limiting factor for such a wide variety of consumer and commercial applications, quiet growth simply isn't feasible.

The story will get out, you will see more interest, and demand for those patents will be coveted fiercely.

Now, although this is definitely great news for the company, and for existing shareholders, it does pose a problem for prospective investors...

Because time is now desperately short.

This thing could take off any day. And when it does, there will simply be no going back.

Once the ascent begins, it'll be hard to tell how far or how high it will continue.

But to give you a ballpark idea of the potential, I've located a few examples from recent history that mirror the path that this company is already on...

Batteries Will be the Biggest Consumer Product of the 21st Century


As I've been mentioning througout this presentation, the lithium battery market will hit the $100 billion per year mark within the next five, maybe six years on the outside.

What would it look like if a single, unknown company turned the whole thing on its head?

What do you think this company's stock will look like once its technology starts getting integrated on a mass scale?

Where do you think the value of this company will go once the products and licensing deals, like the kind this company has already entered into, start to hit the mainstream?

Well, here's another look at what's already happening:

As you can see, the last six months of this company's life have already started to hint at what sort of future is in store.

Average share prices are up about 25%–35%, while investors continue to test the upper limits.

This is all slow, gradual buildup. What we're waiting on now is one or two major press releases, and things will really pick up.

Now, those investors who bought in at the perfect time, could have already cashed out with close to a 65% gain, if they'd sold out at 2019's highs.

And if you were one of them, it would have been a reason to celebrate.

After all, a 65% gain in just a few months is pretty good in anybody's book, right?

In most cases, yes... But not in this case.

Remember, we're sitting on a potentially industry-disrupting set of innovations here. For the competition, it will be the the equivalent of a giant meteor hitting the Earth.

But we're still at the very, very beginning stages of advanced cathode design.

Once it gets going, there's no telling what could happen to this stock.

Although, there have been a few examples of what happens when a single company brings out a highly disruptive product.

Back in 2001, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) introduced the world's first iPod into the market and forever changed the music industry:

Over the next six years, the company would grow by 20-fold, even though it was already well past $6 billion in total market capitalization when the new product hit the market.

Just imagine the sort of percentage gains an investor would have made had Apple been worth less than $1 billion when this innovation was first introduced... Or less than $100 million... Or, as is the case with the company that I've been talking about, less than $70 million...

And then there's Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX).

You might remember when Netflix did business by renting out DVDs through the mail.

But sometime after 2010, when it switched over to a primarily online model, its value skyrocketed.

Here's what it looked like when it disrupted the cable and network television industries:

Its market capitalization, also already past the 10-figure mark, exploded by more than 30-fold.

Now, think about the sort of fortune you'd be sitting on had you managed to buy shares of Netflix when it was still a tiny private startup, valued at one-fiftieth of where it was when this historic run-up took hold...

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), which back then was little more than an online bookstore, rose by an astounding 5,300% as it drove a knife into the likes of Borders and Barnes & Noble:

But Amazon wasn't satisfied with just selling books...

The company then took its business model and expanded it to cover just about all consumer goods. It disrupted retail sales across the board and effectively swallowed up an entire sector.

That initial first bit of success, a "mere" 53-fold growth, looks like a blip on the radar as the company continued to grow and grow and grow by another 25-fold into the trillion-dollar market capitalization territory. It's now the second-biggest tech brand in the world. And its founder, Jeff Bezos, is the richest man alive:

So, you might ask... What do these giant successes of the tech industry have to do with the company that I've been talking about since the start of this presentation?

Well, they all show, and quite dramatically, what happens when a company has a single idea that sweeps away everything that came before it.

But there is one major difference between the tech successes I just mentioned and the company I've been describing since the start. 

As a retail investor, you had no access to the likes of Netflix, Apple, or Amazon until they were already household names. 

The company I'm introducing you to today isn't going to make you wait. 

Because you can already get shares today.

You heard me right. It's already trading.

There's no need to wait for an IPO because it's a done deal.

You can buy shares today — right now, in fact — from the comfort of your computer.

All you'll need is a trading account on any commonly used platform like TD Ameritrade or E-Trade.

But this as-of-yet unknown company stands to take on an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

And that makes its true growth potential, over the course of five to 10 years, one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever seen.

I work in a cut-and-dried industry so one has to do really deep due diligence to see where value can be created and where the big opportunities lie... I think this company checks all the boxes and is on the cusp of massive growth.

The Owner of This Revolutionary Technology is
Trading Publicly, Right Now


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