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$1.1 Trillion is Officially Up for Grabs...


As These Two Billionaires Battle for

Total Global Control

Early Investors Stand to Gain up to 2,088%

From the Little-Known Tech Stock at the Center of this Heated Rivalry


Dear Reader,

There’s a fierce war brewing in a little-known sector of the technology world...

And it’s locked two of the world’s wealthiest billionaires in a fierce rivalry.

They’re fighting over a new technology that’s so powerful, it will ultimately reward the winner with complete control over what CNBC calls “every inch of the world.”

In fact, this technology is so essential to these billionaires that their continued success depends on it.

And this situation has created a once-in-a-lifetime profit window for investors.

ARK Invest analyst Sam Korus recently called this “a huge opportunity.”

And that’s putting it lightly.

Because at the center of this war is one company...

One that owns and develops the very tech that these two billionaires will do anything to get their hands on.

This means, in a matter of days, we could see shares of this company go absolutely ballistic.

I’m talking 597%... 613%... even 2,088% gains.

I’ll tell you more about this company in a moment, but first let me give you a bit of background...

Turning $10,000 into a $14 Million Fortune

Neither of these billionaires was born wealthy.

For years, one lived in a shabby, shared living space and nearly took a job as a bank clerk just to get by.

The other was born to extremely poor parents.

His father owned a bike shop and his mother was a 17-year-old high school student.

In other words, they weren’t handed anything.

Instead, both carved their fortunes out of enduring patience and years of hard work.

Today, they’re world-famous tech moguls with a combined net worth of $180 billion.

I’m talking about Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

And no matter what these guys put their minds to, they do not fail.

For instance, at the age of just 24 years old, Musk started a small tech company called Zip2.

The company licensed city guide software to newspapers.

It might not sound like that big of a deal, but just four years later, Musk sold the company for $307 million in cash.

Many people would have retired, but not Musk.

He went on to create X.com which merged with PayPal.

Three years later, PayPal was sold for $1.5 billion...

And the stock went on to create fortunes for investors...

Those who jumped in early, knowing Musk would lead them to wealth, saw 257% gains come rolling in.

Again, though, Musk was far from finished.

He would go on to create what he’s best known for: Tesla and SpaceX.

SpaceX kicked off in 2001. Today the company is worth $30.5 billion.

And if you’d gotten in on Tesla stock when it IPO’d...

You could have made 1,511% gains and turned every $10,000 investment into $161,155.

Put simply, everything Musk touches turns to gold.

And Jeff Bezos is no different.

His legacy is tied to just one company: Amazon.

And if you’d been with Bezos since he started the company back in 1993, chances are you’d be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Shares of Amazon once traded on the open market for just $1.40.

Several years later, shares hit $2,039.

That’s an unreal 145,579% gain.

Every dollar invested would have turned into $1,457.

If you’d put $10,000 in, you’d be a millionaire 14 times over.

All of this from two guys who came from virtually nothing.

My point is: They’ve both achieved the highest level of success at every endeavor they’ve ever undertaken.

So no matter who comes out on top in this cut-throat rivalry, people stand to get filthy rich.

And it’s all because of their next world-changing goal...


Believe me when I say that this is going to change the course of history.

More importantly, it stands to produce mountains of cash for early investors who take notice of this full-blown war right now.

Here’s what I mean...

Musk Tweet Adds Fuel to Fierce $10 Billion Battle

Recently, Elon Musk fired a shot at Jeff Bezos with a simple, yet effective, tweet...

It simply read “copycat”...

And it was the most recent shot in an all-out battle that’s been brewing behind the scenes for years.

So what exactly are they fighting over?

It all began in 2015, when Musk began probing the FCC about testing a global broadband system — a satellite-driven project that aims to provide high-speed, cable-like internet to every corner of the earth.

For some, a project of this magnitude would take decades.

For Musk, it took just three years.

In March 2018, he scored a massive win when the FCC approved SpaceX’s request to launch a wave of 4,425 satellites into orbit.

Eight months later, Musk won another approval to launch an additional 7,518 satellites into orbit.

It’s a vast project. And it’s known as Starlink.

In total, Musk will launch nearly 12,000 spacecraft starting this year.

Thing is, Bezos — who owns his own space company, Blue Origin — won’t be outdone.

His company is working on Project Kuiper, which would put 3,236 satellites into orbit. It's a project that Morgan Stanley estimates to be a $100 billion revenue opportunity on its own.

Bezos’ aim is the same as Musk’s — to provide high-speed internet to every point on the globe.

The plan was rolled out quietly, but it didn’t stay that way for long.

Because, as CNBC says, this project “could be revolutionary.”

That’s why Musk was so quick to fire off his “copycat” tweet...

Not only did Bezos enter into the race after Musk, the Amazon founder also hired a SpaceX vice president to run Amazon’s project.

So, despite the late start, Bezos might actually have an edge.

As industry insider Sam Korus says:

After all, while Bezos owns Blue Origin, he will certainly leverage Amazon’s trillion-dollar financial clout to make his dream a reality.

As I’ve mentioned, these guys will stop at nothing.

And they’re throwing their collective financial power behind it.

Tim Farrar, president of satellite consulting firm TMF Associates, recently weighed in on the subject:

This is why Bezos and Musk are the central players here.

They’re incredibly rich, and they wield the power to make global high-speed internet a reality over the next few years.

But even more incredible is the impact this will have on the 7.5 billion people that currently live on our planet.

This Internet Will Be 12,000% Faster


What Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are currently doing is launching large groupings — or constellations — of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

One of these satellites looks like what you see here...

The purpose is to provide constant 100% global internet coverage by having tens of thousands of these satellites in the air at the same time.

For perspective, these plans would more than quadruple the number of active satellites in space today.

For those of us with access to high speed cable internet, that might not seem like that big of a deal.

But the shocking reality is that about 40% of the global population has access to the internet today.

That means more than half the world has no internet access whatsoever.

More than half!

In fact, there are 35 countries right now where fewer than one in five of its residents can access the internet due to lack of infrastructure.

But it’s not just people in rural or poor countries like you might expect.

Twenty large countries — including China, India, and the United States — contribute the vast majority of the 4.4 billion disconnected people.

More than half of China’s huge population has no internet whatsoever.

In India, more than one billion people are still offline.

And in the U.S. 50 million people are still disconnected.

In fact, take a look at this map.

All the unlit areas? Those are towns, cities, and countries with no broadband internet access at all.

But things are about to change in a hurry.

Because these billionaires are all-in...

As I mentioned, Bezos and Musk already have FCC approval and are launching these satellites as we speak.

So how do they work?

Well, a regular satellite flies incredibly high above Earth’s surface and operates as a single entity.

But LEO constellations are comprised of several thousand satellites that fly much lower in Earth’s atmosphere and work as a collective unit.

This is why Musk and Bezos are planning to launch tens of thousands of these satellites.

The more satellites involved, and the closer they are to Earth, the better the coverage is going to be.

To give you an idea, a satellite constellation looks something like this:

Instead of a few high-flying satellites, it’s much more effective to use large groupings of LEO satellites.

Not only is the coverage greater, but the latency with LEO satellites is much, much lower.

Simply put, the lower the latency, the faster internet access will be.

And because LEO satellites are so much closer to earth, they’re up to 12,000% faster than ordinary satellites.

This is why Musk and Bezos are in an all-out war to get their constellations up first.

Each wants to be the first to provide internet access to every inch of the planet.

And the implications are massive for investors.

As this race heats up — and it’s already nearing a tipping point — ordinary investors stand to pocket huge sums of money.

This $40 Trillion Revolution has Sparked a Unique Opportunity for Investors

You see, Musk and Bezos — despite being at each other’s throats — have one thing in common when it comes to dominating the new internet race.

They both are telling the public they’re doing this for the betterment of the planet.

And while it would no doubt be a massive boon to citizens all over the globe...

Musk and Bezos aren’t exactly doing this for humanitarian reasons alone.

Consider that right now the internet is worth $19 trillion.

And that’s with just 40% of the globe connected.

This means the internet, if 100% of the globe was connected, would be worth roughly $40 trillion.

That’s an insane number.

It’s more than half of what the entire global economy is worth right now.

Now think about how much money those who pioneered this revolution will make...

Both Bezos and Musk stand to easily double their collective net worth here.

So no matter how they try to spin it, this is all about one thing...


And when something of this scope happens, it’s not just the billionaires who get richer...

As you’ll see in a moment, ordinary investors get rich, too.

This means you have a unique opportunity in front of you...

One that will only come once...

And could make you extremely wealthy in the process.

Here’s why...

Investors Mouths are Watering Over the Birth of this $1.1 Trillion Industry

Right now, the global space industry is worth around $350 billion.

But thanks to the current “War of the Billionaires,” Morgan Stanley estimates that figure could grow to $1.1 trillion in short order.

Already, billions of dollars are being spent in order to complete these satellite networks as soon as humanly possible.

And it won’t be long...

Soon, every point on the planet will have high-speed internet access.

And the amount of money to be made is ridiculous.

How do I know?

Because I’ve already helped investors get rich off of this technology.

In April 2019, I issued a "Buy" rating on satellite operator Intelsat (NYSE: I) to a group of private retail investors. Within months, shares climbed from $9 to $34.91 — a 288% return in just six months.

Already, I’ve watched dozens of companies involved in the satellite game take off...

One of them is Analog Devices, and they’ve returned gains of 573% for investors: 

Honeywell is another.

You might know them for their thermostats. But they have an aerospace division as well.

And shares of their stock have blown up for 613% gains:

Ball Corporation has also been involved.

They’re mainly famous for their decorative glass jars.

But like Honeywell, they’re heavily involved in satellites.

So it’s no surprise their stock has produced 597% gains for early investors:

And the list goes on...

  • Thales deals in mobile satellite communications, and the stock has surged by 411%.
  • L-3 Technologies produces innovative satellite tech, and they’ve gone on a 515% run.
  • Viasat builds entire satellite systems, and they’re up a whopping 2,088%.

Thing is, these gains are likely very conservative next to what’s about to come.

I have no doubt about that.

Global internet is one of the largest-scale operations the world of technology has EVER seen.

That’s why Musk and Bezos are working nonstop to get their satellites in the air.

But here’s the real kicker...

They’re not the only ones.

20,000 Satellites Over Five Years:
A HUGE Opportunity for Investors


Google is also in on the race.

And their constellation is expected to include around 1,000 satellites, which will be arranged to cover around 75% of the Earth.

Facebook has also joined in.

The Facebook team has been tight-lipped regarding numbers and launch dates, but a series of emails uncovered that they’ve been working on a “small satellite experimental application.”

It’s not just tech titans funneling billions of dollars into this revolution, either...

Boeing — the world-famous aircraft company — also has its hands in the pot.

They recently proposed a constellation of 2,900 satellites of their own, intending to provide internet access to both commercial and government users all over the globe.

And it doesn’t end there...

  • Telesat is working on their own constellation of 512 satellites.
  • LeoSat Enterprises is launching up to 108 satellites.
  • OneWeb just received FCC authorization to launch its 720-satellite constellation with 1,260 more to follow.
  • Kepler Communications has also been approved for a 140-satellite constellation.

Of course, all of these efforts pale in comparison to what Bezos and Musk have up their sleeves...

As I mentioned, Musk has already been approved for a network of satellites that could reach 12,000 in number.

And Bezos is right on his heels with 3,236 satellites and a virtually endless bankroll with which to operate.

All told, we’re looking at around 20,000 new satellites being put into service over the next five years...

For perspective, there are only 5,000 operational satellites in orbit today.

The bulk of these satellites will come from the two billionaires that are currently spewing bile at one another via social media.

And it’s not going to take decades to build and launch these satellites.

Approval has already been handed down by the FCC.

The satellites are being built.

SpaceX will start launching more of their satellites in months.

Amazon will do the same.

So will several of the other companies involved.

There’s just one sticking point...

The ONE Company Billionaires Are at War Over

To launch a satellite into space, there is one critical technology that ALL of these companies need in order to be successful.

Without this tech, not a single satellite would ever be able to reach space.

And there’s one company that controls this technology and the patents behind it.

It’s not Amazon. It’s not SpaceX. It’s not Google, Facebook, or any of the other firms that have spent years planning these constellations.

This is a company that very few people know about.

But right now, it wields a massive amount of power in this $1.1 trillion race.

And this company has the biggest tech goliaths on Earth lining up, ready to shell out billions in order to be the first to win total global control.


Because this company owns more than 120 patents related to the most critical piece of satellite technology in the world.

I’m talking about satellite propulsion.

It might not sound sexy, but it’s absolutely crucial to the future success of the satellite constellation revolution.

Not a single satellite can be launched or stay in space without this tech.

It would be like building a revolutionary airplane with no engine.

It might be the most advanced aircraft in the world, but it would never be able to leave the ground.

That’s why today’s company is so important.

They’re the ones that get the aircraft — or, in this case, thousands of satellites — up in the air.

So it’s a no-brainer that massive government agencies and conglomerates like NASA and Boeing have already inked deals with this company... deals that are worth a whopping $3 billion combined.

It’s also why the U.S. military has been shelling out millions upon millions of dollars for this company’s critical tech...

  • The Navy signed them to a $2.6 million contract last year.
  • The U.S. Army contracted them for $40 million.
  • The Air Force entered a $69 million deal for their own project.

And it’s all because the company I’m telling you about today has a stranglehold on the single-most important technology that will drive the global internet transformation.

Already, 75 satellites have been launched for constellations using this company’s game-changing technology.

And there are currently more than 1,400 of their thrusters in space right this very moment.

You see, this company is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of space.

In the last year alone, this single company has used their unparalleled technology to...

Power every phase of NASA’s InSight Mars journey

Launch NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

Power the launch of the asteroid probe OSIRIS-REx

Support NASA’s entire Space Launch System

Deliver control thrusters for Boeing’s Starliner module

And that’s just what they’ve done in the last year.

Thing is, these guys aren’t just providing their groundbreaking tech.

They’re also making history.

For instance, there have been eight successful Mars landings.

This company’s propulsion technology has been responsible for ALL of them.

Their tech also enabled NASA’s Parker Solar Probe to journey within 6.2 million kilometers of the Sun’s surface — eight times closer than the previous record.

No one can do — or has even come close to doing — what this company has accomplished.

So it doesn’t actually matter who wins out in the fierce war that currently has Musk and Bezos locked in battle...

Because both of these billionaires — and everyone else involved — will need this critical piece of tech to realize their dreams.

And one company owns it.

I’ll reveal the name of this company in just a moment, but first let me briefly introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Jason Stutman

My name is Jason Stutman.

I’ve spent more than a decade exploring the ins and outs of the tech world...

And I’ve spent the last five as a Primary Investment Strategist for Angel Publishing.

We’re a world-renowned financial publisher based in Baltimore, Maryland.

And our mission is simple.

Day after day, we work tirelessly to provide our countless readers with the guidance and information they need to grow and protect their wealth.

My personal area of expertise — as I’ve mentioned — is the vast world of technology.

Now, if you’ve noticed, tech — in all aspects — is growing exponentially.

Not only is it changing our day to day lives, but it’s also creating an endless stream of opportunities for investors to get extremely rich.

Companies, governments, and entire countries are throwing millions, billions, even trillions of dollars into game-changing technologies.

And today’s opportunity is no exception.

In fact, I’ve put together an entire report on it called “Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2020 and Beyond.”

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Tech Trillions:
17 Chances to Get Rich


It’s no secret the marijuana industry is brimming with cash.

It’s a market that’s growing faster than anything we’ve seen in history.

And some people have gotten rich.

But it’s also very risky.

As you probably know, pot is still illegal in most countries around the world.

So while we’ve seen some big gains, marijuana stocks also frequently crash as a result of concerns about government crackdowns and overestimated demand...

Marijuana technology companies, however, don’t have this problem.

They provide the services, machinery, and infrastructure to the entire industry... But they never actually handle the plant itself.

So they’re never exposed to any of the legal risks that producers and distributors are.

Of course, with as big as marijuana is right now, the world of tech companies piggybacking off the insane growth is rising exponentially.

And there are five marijuana tech stocks that I believe will produce the biggest winners in the industry.

  • Marijuana Tech Stock #1: There’s one resource that’s more important to the pot industry than any other: space.

    Without greenhouses, storage facilities, and land, no one would be able to grow any profitable amount of marijuana.

    Of course, those things are expensive to purchase outright.

    That's why there’s a massive profit opportunity with a little-known company that specializes in renting out greenhouses and other properties.

    And they’ve been making a KILLING.

    The stock is already up several hundred percent. But thanks to their innovative approach, there’s still a lot of room to run.

    It could be another easy double or even triple.

  • Marijuana Tech Stock #2: Growing marijuana isn’t an easy process... 

    Not if you want top-notch product that drives insane demand.

    But there’s also an easy solution.

    And one tiny company has pioneered and patented it.

    Put simply, they produce fully-automated grow cabinets that resemble mini fridges.

    The company itself is quite new to the space. But like the previous company I shared with you, they’ve already shot off for huge gains.

    But the run is far from over.

    See, they are just now expanding into enterprise-scale growing equipment.

    It’s a project that will produce $24 million in revenue for growers.

    So as you might imagine, companies all over the world are going to be banging down the door to access this tech.

    The company still trades for under $5 — for now. So it’s an incredible opportunity to get in cheap and turn it around for several thousand percent gains.

  • Marijuana Tech Stock #3: Marijuana oil — the concentrated liquid or wax form of the drug — is one of the fastest-growing segments of the marijuana industry.

    Marijuana oil has many advantages for consumers over conventional flower buds. It’s more discreet (i.e., less smelly) and more compact on a per-dose basis.

    What’s more, oil is either vaporized, ingested, or applied topically — methods of consumption that are likely healthier for the lungs than smoking the flower buds.

    But one problem with marijuana oil is that it’s a sticky liquid or wax; it’s harder to handle and use than flower buds. In fact, the only “ready to use” marijuana oil products currently in existence are prefilled vaporizer cartridges and droppers.

    One tiny company specializes in manufacturing these delivery systems.

    Its unique oil filling system and proprietary packaging systems have brought triple-digit revenue growth to the firm in the last few years.

    Now, the company trades for just $1.

    It also means this is a speculative investment.

    However, it gives you the chance to load up on ridiculously cheap shares of a company that is making waves in one of the fastest-growing portions of the marijuana industry.

  • Marijuana Tech Stock #4: As I’ve mentioned, marijuana can be very smelly. In its oil forms, it can make a big, sticky mess if it isn’t handled properly.

    And in legal states, there is growing concern about whether or not marijuana retailers are doing enough to keep young children out of their products.

    It’s a very niche enterprise, but one $5 company has built an absolute empire out of it.

    They produce — and have created massive demand for — childproof, sanitary, and odorless packaging.

    It might seem like a weird way to get in on the marijuana craze, but this company’s revenue has exploded by 240% and early investors stand to make an absolute fortune.

  • Marijuana Tech Stock #5: These guys trade for around a buck right now.

    So it’s another speculative play, but it’s also another chance for early investors to get filthy rich.

    That’s my specialty. Getting in ahead of the curve.

    And this stock gives you the chance to do just that.

    See, these guys have pioneered a social networking app that’s 100% focused on marijuana.

    You might think it sounds strange, but in just its first week, this company’s online ordering platform gained an astonishing 80,000 users.

    Not even Facebook saw that kind of surge.

    That’s why there’s so much attention on this company right now. They’re doing things in the marijuana industry no one has been able to accomplish.

    And it could mean a fast 1,000%... 3,000%... even 5,000% run.

These five stocks alone could move your retirement up by five years.

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And that makes six total opportunities to get rich off of tech stocks.

But I promised 17.

So here are three more...

How to Bank 1,134% on the “Chip” Every Device Needs

See this tiny component? This one right here...

It’s less than a quarter of a millimeter in length. No bigger than a grain of rice, it’s barely visible to the naked eye.

But don’t let its size fool you... This component is incredibly powerful.

It’s so powerful, in fact, that it powers everything from smartphones to electric cars.

And it has nothing to do with “energy metals” like lithium, cobalt, or vanadium.

This tiny but essential component is used in nearly every electronic device in the world.

It’s THE workhorse of the technology industry. Without it, virtually no electronic device could work.

I’m talking about your iPad, your smart TV, your computer mouse, your smartphone, your Bluetooth speaker, your gaming console, and even your car — all would forever cease working without these components.

You may never see one in person, but:

  • There are hundreds of them hidden inside your smartphone.
  • The typical gas-powered car contains thousands of them.
  • An electric car needs ten thousand of them or more.

Simply put, the more sophisticated the device is, the more of these components it needs to run.

And right now, there’s a MASSIVE shortage of them...

“A global shortage,” as the Wall Street Journal points out.

And that’s major news, because without these tiny “chips,” dozens of billion- and trillion-dollar industries would come to a grinding halt.


Because this tiny component literally powers everything.

It’s the basic building block of nearly every electronic device in the world.

And because of the sudden shortage I just mentioned, dozens of industries now find themselves scrambling.

That includes three key industries:

  • The $355 billion smartphone industry.
  • The $271 billion electric vehicle market.
  • The budding $7 trillion Internet of Things industry.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are three companies that have spent years developing a stranglehold on the market for these tiny components.

And ALL of them are primed for a massive cash explosion as demand for this essential technology reaches critical highs.

I won’t go over all of these companies right here, but you can access them for FREE in the report I just put together called “How to Bank 1,343 on the ‘Chip’ Every Electronic Device Needs.”

This is a truly historic opportunity...

The opportunity to pull in life-changing gains on three of the most important tech companies in the world right now.

Even better, I’m not done giving you chances to get rich.

And this next one could be the granddaddy of them all...

Ultranet Profits: Top 3 Stocks for Riding the 5G Revolution


No doubt by now, you’ve heard of 5G.

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The “G” in “5G” means it’s a generation of wireless technology.

It signifies the next major upgrade to wireless network standards.

And it’s designed to enable a faster, more robust network of connected devices.

4G is what most of us use today.

It has a theoretical download speed of 100 megabits per second, which is pretty fast.

But it won’t be able to hold a candle to 5G.

5G will be able to handle 10,000 Mbps., which is 100 times faster than 4G on its best day.

It’s already been rolled out in select markets.

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This means RIGHT NOW is the time to start taking action.

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Five Ways to Secure Future-Proof Income

The internet is still poorly understood.

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The internet, with all of its websites, cloud services, and mobile networks, uses physical infrastructure.

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Tech investors don’t typically pay much attention to real estate — and that’s a big mistake.

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How to Claim Your
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As I mentioned, my name is Jason Stutman.

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I absolutely love my work. I get to do some really cool stuff and see some really cool things.

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