One tiny tech company just secretly went public using a little-known loophole...

And when it hits its afterglow period (soon), the stock will be primed to pay investors up to 50 times their money.


Dear Reader,

Everyone loves initial public offerings, or IPOs.

After all, they are the first chance average investors have to get in on a stock.

For instance, Facebook held its IPO on May 18, 2012.

The stock was offered at $38 per share, and it was the first time rank-and-file investors had the chance to get their hands on shares of the company.

On that day, 573 million shares were gobbled up.

It was, and still is, the biggest day of trading in Facebook history... by FAR.

And you know what?

It paid off for those who got in right away.

ipo afterglow facebook

Today, Facebook stock trades for just under $233.

That’s good for a 670% gain.

But get this...

For every IPO that takes place, there’s something known as the afterglow phase.

And it takes place during a short window after a stock first goes public.

Take a look at this Facebook chart again, and you’ll see there’s a big dip in the days following the IPO.

ipo afterglow facebook2

During that dip, prices of Facebook dropped by more than half... to $17.73 per share.

This is what’s known as the afterglow... 

The period when the initial excitement wears off, the stock falls in price, and smart investors have the chance to get in for FAR bigger gains.

In short, if those investors who got in on day one had simply waited just a couple of months, they could have actually more than doubled their gains.

In other words, if you’d bought during Facebook’s afterglow period, you could have walked away with 1,552% gains instead of 670%.

Now don’t get me wrong, 670% is a phenomenal gain.

And those who got in right away and held their shares made $7,700 for every $1,000 they invested.

BUT those who waited to buy during the afterglow period made $16,500.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, I recently uncovered a bizarre situation in the stock market.

There’s a tech company I’ve been following for some time.

I was on pins and needles waiting for its IPO so I could tell my readers about the company (so they could get in front of potentially life-changing gains).

But then something happened that shocked me.

The company went public, but it did it using a little-used loophole and it hit the stock market under a secret name.

And currently, it's in the afterglow period I’ve been telling you about.

But before I get to why this company’s secret IPO could earn you 1,000%... 3,000%... even 5,000% gains...

Let me give you a bit more detail on the IPO afterglow and what it really means for investors like you and me.

5,384% From This Company’s IPO Afterglow

Not many people remember what happened on May 23, 2002...

But I do.

It was the day of Netflix's IPO.

See, in addition to being a tech fanatic, I also closely follow IPOs like many people follow their favorite sports teams.

So I was eager to see what would happen when Netflix stock was offered to the public for $15 per share.

Much like what happened with Facebook, Netflix experienced its most prolific trading activity on the day it IPO’d.

More than 100 million shares traded hands.

ipo afterglow netflix

And those who got in at the $15 price tag were handsomely rewarded as Netflix became the best-performing stock of the past decade.

In all, IPO buyers watched as the stock soared by 3,180%.

But right after the IPO, something happened — much like it did with Facebook.

ipo afterglow netflix2

For a brief period after the IPO, during Netflix’s afterglow, the stock dropped by 40%.

And those who showed a little restraint and waited for the afterglow had the chance to pocket gains of 5,384%.

That turns every $1,000 invested into more than $53,000.

If you’d put in $10,000 during Netflix’s afterglow, you could have made a cool half a million bucks.

Thing is: Netflix and Facebook are just two examples.

These types of afterglow gains happen all the time in the stock market.

And they don’t always involve companies everyone knows...

918% Afterglow Gains on a Company You’ve Never Heard Of


Take HCA Healthcare for instance.

The company owns a chain of health care facilities that operate throughout the United States, but for the most part, few investors have ever heard about it.

So when the company went public back in 2011, few people paid attention.

And even fewer bought up shares at $31 apiece.

But those who had a little foresight were rewarded handsomely...

ipo afterglow hca

Today, the stock trades for $124 per share, good for total returns of 300%.

Not a bad gain at all.

But check this out.

ipo afterglow hca2

After the IPO, shares dropped abruptly.

And once this afterglow period hit, investors had the chance to get in on HCA Healthcare for the crazy-low price of just $17.66 per share.

That’s nearly half of what IPO investors paid for the very same stock.

And those who waited for the afterglow had the chance to make twice as much as 600% gains rolled in.

Something similar happened with AIA Group...

When it went public at $20 per share.

And the stock has steadily climbed ever since.

ipo afterglow aia

Those who bought at the IPO and held ended up making 86% gains.

Nearly doubling your money is never a bad thing, but now consider what you could have made if you’d gotten in during AIA’s IPO afterglow...

ipo afterglow aia2

If you’d been following this IPO and you decided to wait for the afterglow period, you would have made FAR more cash than those who jumped in right away.

Instead of paying $20 per share, you could have gotten in for just $10.30...

Meaning you’d have made 262% gains... or THREE TIMES MORE than the IPO buyers had the chance to make.

And if you’re still on the fence about just how much more money there is to be made during a company’s IPO afterglow...

Check out a company by the name of Blackstone.

It's a financial services company, and it went public back in 2007.

If you wanted to buy stock in the company during its IPO, it would have cost you $31 per share.

Many investors jumped at the chance, to the tune of 100 million shares trading hands on June 22, 2007.

It was a good move for those who got in...

ipo afterglow blackstone

If those who’d bought in 2007 held onto their shares, they’d have pulled in a hearty 75% return.

But those are peanuts compared with those who waited for the afterglow.

ipo afterglow blackstone2

Instead of shelling out $31 per share at the IPO, you could have gotten in for a mere $5.34 during Blackstone’s afterglow period...

Meaning you could have pulled in 918% gains — 12 TIMES MORE than those who bought at the IPO.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious at this point that the time to invest in a stock isn’t when a company holds its IPO... 

But during the afterglow period, which has proven to yield massive gains.

And that’s why today is so exciting.

Not only have I found a company that’s a few short weeks from entering its afterglow period...

But almost no one knows about it because the company I’m talking about used an overlooked loophole to go public.

Let me explain...

The World of Secret IPOs and 1,000% Gains


When most companies IPO, they simply appear on a major stock exchange under the name they’ve been using for years...

Facebook IPO’d as Facebook. Netflix did so as Netflix.

But the IPO process involves considerable expense and effort, not to mention all the red tape involved to comply with government regulations.

So it should come as no surprise that fewer companies are going public due to these considerable hurdles.

However, many companies have used alternative methods for making their shares available to ordinary investors.

One of these methods involves special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs.

And the success these companies have experienced has made SPACs hotter than ever.

So how does this process work?

The language is pretty technical, but essentially an SPAC is an entity that’s set up specifically as a shell company and seeks to make an acquisition of an existing business.

If the SPAC is successful in finding a suitable business, then a merger occurs.

From that point forward, the SPAC takes on the identity of the business that it’s acquired.

For instance, look at the popular sports-betting platform DraftKings.

Rather than jump through the ordinary hoops of going public, DraftKings merged with Diamond Eagle Acquisition earlier this year using the SPAC method.

So, despite avoiding a traditional IPO, rank-and-file investors could still get their hands on shares of DraftKings stock.

Virgin Galactic did the same thing.

It used an SPAC formed by Social Capital Hedosophia to bring shares to the open market in 2019.

And once this happens, despite using a loophole to go public, these companies trade and act just like any other company on the market.

For instance, Virgin Galactic sold its newly public shares for $10 apiece.

Investors could get in immediately, and for those who did, some pretty nice gains came rolling in.

ipo afterglow virgin

The stock has more than doubled since it went public, handing investors 132% gains.

But since companies that use the SPAC method to go public act like normal companies, you’ll see in Virgin’s chart that the afterglow period still occurs, just like it does with companies that use the traditional IPO method.

So if you’d been waiting for Virgin to go public but you waited for the afterglow, here’s what would have happened...

ipo afterglow virgin2

Instead of pulling in 132%, you could have pulled in nearly TWICE as much and nailed down 220% returns instead.

So no matter how a company goes public, the afterglow period still occurs.

Look at Vertiv Holdings.

It merged with GS Acquisition, and the deal was sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Therefore, the ordinary investor could buy shares of Vertiv Holdings as the company went public at $9.85 per share.

ipo afterglow vertiv

The company is relatively new, so it hasn’t had a chance to ramp up yet, but still, those who bought in immediately have seen 40% returns.

But by now, you’re well-versed enough in the afterglow period to see that it occurred a few months after the IPO.

Notice the huge dip in share price...

ipo afterglow vertiv2

It’s the same story yet again...

The IPO buyers made decent gains, but those who waited for the afterglow ended up making FAR more.

Instead of 40% gains, the afterglow buyers had the chance to get in on Vertiv at just $5.57 per share and earn 146% gains instead.

It’s crazy how much more cash you stand to make just by waiting for the afterglow period.

And the company I’m telling you about today could see the biggest afterglow gains of any IPO we’ve seen yet.

It's about to disrupt a $24.1 billion tech market thanks to its series of patents and proprietary knowledge...

It's about to go into its afterglow period...

And it's about to be one of the hottest names on Wall Street.

But before I get into exactly what this company is and what it does, let me briefly introduce myself.

My Name Is Jason Stutman

And when it comes to the vast world of tech, and as Angel Publishing’s primary tech investment strategist, I leave no stone unturned.


You may recognize me from Angel Publishing’s tech investing newsletter Technology and Opportunity.

Or from the popular newsletter Wealth Daily.

Basically, I learn about everything going on in the tech world and track down companies.

But not just any and every company...

I only focus on the firms with clear innovation.

ipo afterglow tao3

The ones that are rewriting the rules of the game...

ipo afterglow tao2

The stocks with blockbuster potential...

You know, the revolutionaries.

And it’s paid off. Here are some gains my know-how in the tech world has delivered to my readers:

  • Ethereum — 637%.
  • Teladoc — 454%.
  • Teradyne Inc. — 257%.
  • Brooks Automation Inc. — 243%.
  • Prana Biotechnology Ltd. — 212%.
  • Envision Solar — 157%.
  • Mastech Digital Inc. — 143%.
  • AVT Inc. — 136%.
  • Intelsat S.A. — 134%.
  • Splunk Inc. — 115%.
  • Ambarella Inc. — 111%.

It’s an honor, and I’m blessed to do it. I get to travel all over the world to check out compelling stuff that some people only see in movies.

Don’t forget, I also get to meet the innovators behind these technologies.

That’s allowed me to check out tons of revolutionary technology, like delivery drones, robots performing surgery, and 5G, before the consumer has.

I’ll say it flat out: I love my job.

ipo afterglow stuts

ipo afterglow tao1

This has been my calling for over a decade now. And as a world-renowned financial publisher based in Baltimore, Angel's mission is simple:

Each day, around the clock, it supplies millions of readers with the information to not only safeguard their wealth...

But have it grow beyond their wildest dreams.

I’m talking about the "retiring early" type of wealth...

Or the "which car should I drive today?" type of wealth...

And we can't forget the "forever vacation" type of wealth.

You know, real fortune.

The type of wealth that’ll pass down to your son’s son’s son.

And like I said earlier, the massive world of technology is my forte.

Now, if you really think about it, dear reader, the tech sector is a never-ending honeypot of exponential growth.

From stone tools to self-driving cars to everything in between, we humans have always pushed the envelope on what our technology can do for us.

That’s why we’re on top of the food chain. But now investing in technology has an added effect...

For early investors, tech can create constant opportunities to get filthy rich.

Trillions of dollars are poured into the tech world by companies, governments, and entire countries for one reason...

To put their chips in the most under-the-radar revolutionary technologies and win big when the rest of the world tries to play catch-up.

But today is different. You see...

Gains Bigger Than Netflix and Facebook COMBINED!


The company I’ve just uncovered has so much going for it, it’s not even funny.

It’s the type of situation that you know you just HAVE to get in on because it’s on the verge of something massive.

And what it's recently implemented will be a game-changer.

ipo afterglow velodyne

And trust me when I say that it’s going to change everything.

Let’s take solving crimes for example.

Crime scenes are packed with evidence, but time is of the essence when processing everything in the wee hours of the investigation.

And there are instances when scenes are compromised by time and the elements...

Well, this tech preserves crime scenes and evidence in minutes, mitigating that risk.

It can also identify fingerprints without the use of any chemicals. 

But it’s not just a tech for crime scenes.

It’s also providing a huge boost to the oil-and-gas exploration industry.

This tech produces a scan of a prospective area, detecting natural resources we may need.

It’ll show us exactly where to dig with impeccable accuracy.

This is important, as this tech will also expose the least environmentally damaging sites.

It’s a win-win. We get the resources we need while also being environmentally responsible. Can’t argue with that.

Even how we conduct archaeology will forever change.

By using this tech, we’ll locate ruins of ancient civilizations entirely engulfed by forests and other natural structures.

From new species to other historical breakthroughs, this tech will help discover things about the past that we could’ve never imagined.

This tech will not only change investigations, drilling, and history — but this tech will also save lives. 

Traffic injuries and fatalities will be reduced. This tech will register your surroundings and then suggest less-congested routes.

The fewer cars you’re around, the less chance there is of an accident.

My grandmother always said that coming home safely every night is a blessing and all we can ask for.

Well, with this tech on the streets, many more people will be able to do that than ever before.

Reader, this tech is going to bring an absolute tsunami of profits. So buckle in for its fortune flood that only the earliest investors will reap.

Even big-timers like Ford, Baidu, Nikon Corporation, and Hyundai Mobis have added in their chips.

They’re not going to invest for nothing. Clearly, they believe in this technology.

So without further ado...

Meet the Most Disruptive Tech in the World

The way it works is extraordinary, and the number of ways it can be applied are almost endless.

Here’s just a small list of what it is capable of:

  • Making topographic maps of Mars.
  • Making elevation maps so farmers can predict where to plant, saving them money and maximizing crop yield.
  • Assessing damages post-earthquake. This allows first responders to get to the most wrecked areas ASAP, saving lives.
  • Locating cancerous tumors in the body.

Pretty compelling stuff. And not only does this technology pack a punch, but a slew of titan-level companies already see what it can do for them.

That spells nothing but dollar signs for the company that uses this tech.

You already saw that it's working with Google, Ford, and Spot. Here are more of the biggest companies ever that it works with:

  • Microsoft

    ipo afterglow microsoft
  • Postmates

    ipo afterglow postmates
  • Caterpillar

    ipo afterglow caterpillar

And so many more.

So what is it? Here goes...

Enter Lidar

Lidar stands for “light detection and ranging,” and it’s quite simple.

Basically, lidar is like a radar but with lasers. Lidar creates a three-dimensional map, allowing machines to see and interact with the world around them.

ipo afterglow velodyne2

And in each of those earlier photos, the lidar sensors were made by the same manufacturer: a company that I think is going to send shock waves throughout the tech world.

The market for lidar sensors is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, and it’s one that this company has dominated for the last few years.

This firm has over 300 customers — including major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and leading tech companies — with $570 million of cumulative revenue since 2010.

The global lidar market was valued at $1.1 billion in 2019, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.7% from 2020 to 2025.

Reader, that means the overall market will more than double to $2.8 billion by 2025.

Grand View Research presents an even more aggressive forecast, with the global lidar market expected to reach $3.7 billion in revenue by 2027. This would represent a CAGR of 13.2% between 2016 and 2027.

And this company manufactures solid-state lidar.

Its management sees an opportunity for 60%+ annual revenue growth between 2020 and 2024.

According to its most recent investor deck, the company already has $800 million in contracted revenue in that time frame.

It has robust intellectual capital with 55 patents granted or pending.

Furthermore, its sensors provide top-of-the-line perception, low power consumption, and durability.

The company is also pairing its hardware with its own driver-assistance software, which should keep any companies using its hardware deeply entrenched since switching cost is extremely high.

Multiple OEMs are currently in joint development with this company for this driverless software.

And while its lidar sensors get most of their fame from fully driverless vehicles, the company actually serves a much more diverse customer base, with roughly 75% of its revenue outside the autonomous-vehicle category.

As far as active projects go, it uses:

  • 35 of its sensors for autonomous vehicles.
  • 58 for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
  • 11 for delivery.
  • 10 for mapping.
  • 34 for industrial/robotics.
  • 11 for shuttles.
  • 6 for smart cities.

Reader, clearly lidar applications extend well beyond the driverless hype, even if that remains a major component.

And I cannot stress enough how powerful this tech is and the implications it’ll have for generations to come.

That, of course, is going to bring in a tsunami of profits to early investors.

Especially for the investors who understand the explosive profit opportunities that lie in IPO afterglows.

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Jason Stutman
Investment Director, IPO Authority