"It’s the most under-the-radar investment on Wall Street" 
— Briton Ryle, Financial Analyst

The $50 California "Retirement Program"

Almost 40 years ago, the first "program" went live...

Today, hundreds of investors are earning continual streams income and collecting as much as $43,500 per year


Dear Reader,

In 1981, a cattle rancher by the name of Joe Jess enrolled in a unique “retirement program.”

twa california horse

It was the first time in history an ordinary citizen had ever done something like this.

By November of that year, Joe had earned $348.

And that was just the start...

Joe continued to capitalize on a brand new formula for earning a continual stream of income.

And as Joe began raking in a comfortable living just by tapping into this new “retirement program,” his neighbors took notice.

Before long, they got in on the action.

And according to Joe, they made more than he did.

Today thousands take part in “programs” just like the one Joe was enrolled in.

You no longer need to live in California to engage, either.

And the results could be life-changing... It was for Joe and his neighbors.

When they enrolled in the first-ever “program,” plummeting beef prices had them on the brink of bankruptcy.

But as the cash rolled in, they could save their farms, sock money away for retirement, and send their children to college.

Today, not only are they still collecting payouts on the regular, but their cattle ranches are thriving.

So what was this “program,” and how did these ranchers figure out how to get in?


They all lived in Altamont Pass, one of the windiest places in the U.S.

And back in the early 1980s, wind energy was quickly becoming a hot topic.

The U.S. government was urging the tech and energy sectors to come up with a viable way of generating non-fossil fuel energy.

So, a company named Fayette Manufacturing took the lead.

It set up what would be the first wind farm in the U.S. in an attempt to generate mass amounts of electricity using the heavy wind gusts coming through Altamont Pass.

The experiment was a huge success.

Altamont Pass, California remains one of the most important sources of wind energy on the planet today.

twa california altamont

But here’s the thing, Joe Jess saw this new trend unfolding, and he wanted in.

So he set up an investment with Fayette Manufacturing that allowed him to collect lump sums of cash, in effect, every time the wind blew through the area.

It was a savvy move, and it kick-started what is today one of the most unheard-of ways of generating continual cash payouts.

As I mentioned, Joe’s first earnings amounted to $348.

Accounting for inflation, that amounts to $1,092 today.

Not bad for just one payout.

But as I mentioned, Joe began collecting these disbursements regularly and generated more money than he’d ever made before.

Keep in mind, though, Joe was just the first.

His neighbors set up similar deals, and they collected much more.

Since 1981, these “programs” have grown exponentially in popularity.

Those already enrolled in these “programs” are earning 10... 20... even 50 times more cash than Joe Jess — or his neighbors — ever did.

In some cases, as you’ll see momentarily, they’re earning tens of thousands of dollars from just one payout alone.

But before I get into exactly how much they’re making, let me explain why this is one of the most under-the-radar income plays in the world today.

This Might Sound Ridiculous, but It Could
Make You Filthy Rich

Simply put, few people know about this.

Even lifelong finance veterans I’ve spoken to were blown away when I shared this with them.

They’d never even heard of these “programs,” let alone the story of Joe Jess.

Yet you can tap into an income stream that allows you to pocket continual streams of cash starting with just $50.

It’s why I call this secret the "$50 California Retirement Program.”

But it’s not just California anymore.  

That’s just where the first “program” kicked off.

Hundreds of these “programs” are in place all across the United States, and they effectively allow you to collect lump sums of cash every time the wind blows.

It might sound downright crazy, but I’ve found dozens of investors from around the globe who’ve been doing this for years.

One of them is a guy named Chris Gill.

He doesn’t live in California, and he doesn’t own a cattle ranch.

He lives in Belton, South Carolina and is an electrical engineer.

Yet, he collects lump sums of cash every time the wind blows through Idaho.

In 2019 alone, he pocketed $10,506... and he’s enrolled in only one “program.”

And he earned that amount on just two payouts.

He used the money to pay off credit card debt he’d accumulated, but you can use the money for anything once it’s in your hands.

You see, this isn’t a traditional “retirement program.”  

It’s nothing like a 401(k) or IRA.

There are no penalties from withdrawing and using the money for whatever you want, whenever you want.

Luke Dodson, a plumber out of Amboy, Michigan, is another “program” participant.

Every time the wind blows through Missouri, he gets paid.

In 2019, Luke pulled in $9,421.

He’s also enrolled in just one “program,” yet he earned a sizable amount of money without hardly lifting a finger.

Alan Hurst did something similar.

Only, he collects payouts from New Mexico.

He doesn’t live there, yet he collects lump sums of cash every time the wind blows through the state.

In just one year, 2019, he earned $14,159.

See what I’m getting at? No matter where you live, what your financial background is, or what you do for a living...

You could start collecting payouts like these today.

All it takes is a simple two-minute transaction and $50 to get started...

Then you’ll be set up for a string of continual paydays just like the folks I just introduced you to.

So what exactly are these “programs,” and how do they work?

I’m about to show you...

Only 1% of Investors Know This
Stock Market Secret

But first, let me be clear.

What I’m sharing with you today has nothing to do with options, shorting stocks, or any other complex investment.

Instead, it’s an easy way to earn large quantities of cash that even novice investors can set up in minutes.

You don’t need a special brokerage account. You need not fill out any paperwork.

When I say it takes two minutes to get started, I mean that literally.

Now, when the first program started back in 1981, few people understood just how prolific the profits could be.

Guys like Joe Jess and his neighbors wanted the cash to keep their farms running (and a little bit extra for retirement).

But today, investors from around the globe are tapping into various “programs” to help secure their retirements in a big way.

Remember, this is extra money.

So, you can do whatever you want with it. You don’t HAVE to put it away for retirement.

You could pay down debt, buy a new car, or go on vacation.

That’s how much extra money you could pocket thanks to this unique investment.

Of course, to understand how these payouts work, I need to briefly fill you in on the details...

How Fractions of a Cent Add up to a $16,000 Payday


I’ve told you the people I’ve shown you have been earning money every time the wind blows...

But I haven’t shown you how the process works.

Let’s look back at Joe Jess — the first-ever “program” participant.

As a reminder, he earned his money due to the windy region of California known as Altamont Pass.

The reason this area was targeted is that it can generate 576 megawatts of energy.

I understand that probably means nothing to you.

But that’s A LOT of wind energy.

Broken down, it amounts to 57.6 billion watts.

A watt is the amount of energy that an electrical device (such as a light) is burning per second that it’s running.

So we’re talking 16 million hours of energy from Altamont pass alone.

That means the energy from Altamont could power a single lamp for 1,826 years.

And that’s just from one year’s worth of wind... in a single location.

Of course, back in 1981, the energy being produced wasn’t even close to what’s being produced now.

We’re talking about the first-ever wind farm.

But still, Joe Jess got paid what works out to a small amount of cash for each hour of electricity that was produced.

And the payout on each hour was tiny — fractions of a cent.

I’m talking thousandths of a penny.

But those fractions of a cent added up quickly, handing Joe his first earnings of $348 (which equals $1,092 today).

Right now, though, these payments have grown exponentially.

As I mentioned, Altamont produces 16 million hours of energy per year.

So even if you collected just one-thousandth of a cent for each hour of energy produced in that region, you’d make $16,000...

From just one payout.  

Keep in mind, these payouts come several times per year.

And it’s not just from California anymore.

There’s South Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and 32 Other States

For most people, South Dakota sparks thoughts of endless farmland, long stretches of interstate, and very likely Mount Rushmore.

Few probably think of the state’s lucrative retirement “program” though.

Yet, right now, a handful of astute investors are collecting payouts thanks to the immense amount of wind that blows through South Dakota every single year.

Right now, South Dakota produces 977 megawatts of power per year.

That’s nearly twice what Altamont produces...

This means South Dakota generates enough energy to produce 27 million hours of energy.

And you could be collecting a small payout on each one of those hours right now.

Several smart investors are already doing so:

twa california marshall

twa california edhung

twa california jim

But, as I mentioned 40 states offer similar “programs.”  

It doesn’t have to be South Dakota or even California.

twa california melanie

twa california ervin

twa california chris

twa california tyler

twa california arthur

Now keep in mind, these payouts are continuous. They keep on coming.

In some cases, the investors you just saw made their money in just a single payout.

Take Ervin Wallace.

He made $11,855 on a single payout.

But throughout 2019, he collected THREE such payouts...

Which means Ervin earned more than $35,000...

In just one year.

Arthur Ford made $31,048, again, on one payout.

He earned TWO of those checks last year.

So, in total, he pocketed more than $62,000... in a single year.

Like I’ve said, this is a continual source of income.  

Some of these people have been collecting disbursements for a decade.

A few — like Joe Jess and his neighbors — have been doing so for even longer.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to buy a wind farm, set up any turbines on your land, or invest in windmills.

All you have to do is take two minutes out of your day, participate in a unique transaction, and you’ll be set up to collect continual payouts.

$9,600 on Four Disbursements
From a Single "Program"

The U.S. boasts over 200 wind farms across the country...

This means more wind power being generated than ever before.

twa california region

Since the year 2000, wind energy production has grown by an astronomical 4,483%.

In other words, 45 times more energy comes from the wind today than it did just two decades ago.

Now, I’m not trying to convert you to a proponent of wind energy.

I’m no wind “disciple” myself.

I’m just sharing the facts with you.

And it’s this exponential growth in wind power that has spawned the “programs” I’ve been telling you about.

In some cases, these “programs” have been established in states that you might not even think are windy...

Like Maryland.  

The state generates 191 megawatts of energy each year.

That’s not as much as some other states, but it’s still equal to 5 million hours of energy — enough to power 32,800 homes...

Or 5 million opportunities to collect a fraction of a cent and earn thousands of dollars thanks to Maryland’s “retirement program.”

There’s also a “program” in Montana — a much windier state.

Montana generates 695 megawatts (or 19 million hours) of energy per year.

That’s enough energy to power 139,000 homes, or nearly 40% of all the households in the entire state.

More importantly, you can collect small sums of cash for each hour the wind blows through Montana — all 19 million of them.

Kansas is one of the windiest states in the U.S.

The state produces a crazy 952 megawatts of power per year just from the wind.

That’s 26 million hours of energy... enough to power 190,000 homes.

And the list goes on.

All told, more than 40 states in the U.S. have these “programs” that allow you to collect small amounts of cash for every hour of wind energy produced.

And guys like Larry O’Neal have started jumping on opportunities like these with increasing frequency.

He’s new to these “programs,” yet the one he recently enrolled in handed him $1,900 on his first payout.

Charles Davenport is another new “program” participant.

So far, he’s banked $4,400 over two disbursements.

Harry Gonzales enrolled in a “program,” too, just over a year ago...

And already he’s banked four separate payouts totaling $9,600.

These are just baseline disbursements, too.  

Some folks, as you’ll see, are earning far more.

871 Million Hours of Energy... and You Can Collect
Cash on All of Them


As the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association says, “The U.S. is blessed with world-class wind resources.”

This includes states like:

  • Idaho, which produces 27 million hours of energy per year.
  • Michigan, which generates 38 million hours.
  • New Mexico, which produces 48 million hours.
  • Oklahoma, which delivers 87 million hours.
  • Texas, which generates 671 million hours.

That’s 871 million hours of energy... from just five states.

And you can cash in on every last one of these hours of energy simply by enrolling in “programs” like the ones I’ve been telling you about today.

Some investors are already doing so...

Like George Tillum.

He recently cashed in for $2,500 on one payout.

Jessie-Lee Lang has recently jumped in.

And she just collected a $2,800 payout a few weeks ago.

Stan Berger has begun taking part, too.

And he’s earned four payouts of $3,800 each — good for $11,400.

The best part is, it takes just $50 to get started in your own “program.”

And it’ll put you in a position to collect continual payouts just like the folks I’ve been showing you.

Some of These Payouts Are Now 276%
to 1,685% Bigger

Oh, and I should mention: The longer you’re in these “programs,” the bigger the disbursements will be.

For instance, there’s a "program" in North Carolina.

And over just the past several years, its payouts have risen an incredible 276%.

So say you were earning $2,000 per payout in 2012...

Today, you’d be earning $7,520 per payout.  

And remember these “programs” issue these disbursements continually.

So, all told, over the past seven years, you could have earned in the neighborhood of $98,000.

That’s on just one “program,” too. Remember, you can enroll in as many of these as you like.

And it takes just two minutes. No phone calls. No paperwork.

So you could have been collecting those growing payments from North Carolina while also getting in on a “program” in Maryland.

And you would have earned even more.

Maryland’s “program” has increased its disbursements by 450% since 2016.

So in just three years, you could have gone from making $2,000 per payout to raking in $11,000...


But it gets even better.

There’s a “program” in Florida, too. And its payouts have escalated...

Soaring by an astounding 1,685%.

That turns what was once a $2,000 payout into more than $35,000.

It’s crazy how much there is to be made.

Off just these three “programs,” you could have banked hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Keep in mind that these payouts are continual.

Some of them have been coming since the 1960s.

In other words, people have been getting rich for decades using this secret.

And now it’s your turn.

Here’s how it works...

How These "Programs" Work and Why
They Pay so Much

Imagine this:

You own a toll booth on a major interstate.

Every time a car passes through, you collect a toll.

Individually, each payment is tiny...

But collectively, you’d have a huge sum of cash.

These “programs” work much the same way.

But instead of cars, we’re dealing with wind.

And instead of a $3 toll, we’re collecting fractions of a penny.

In the same way, though, these sums of cash all add up and become huge payouts short term.

Think of it like this...

When the wind blows, it creates energy.

The energy is then turned into electricity by these “programs” and sold off to Big Utility for huge profits.

But these “programs” need funding to stay in action...

So they look to investors like you and me.

And in return for a small upfront investment, these “programs” and the firms behind them, in turn, pay you a small amount of money every time they generate an hour’s worth of power.

As you’ve seen, the numbers of hours of energy being produced are mind-boggling.

And you get paid on ALL of them wherever your “program” is in operation.

Of course, the firms behind these “programs” also make money.

They build wind farms, they fund the infrastructure, and they handle everything on the business side. You just sit back and collect money.

Take Clearway Energy.

It runs a “program” in California and makes $1 billion per year.

It also produces 61 million hours of energy each year, too.

And its “program” pays out cash for every single one of those hours.

Of course, this is just one of the hundreds of “programs” available, and many of them pay out far more cash.

For instance, you might make around $1,500 from Clearway’s program if you enrolled today.

And that’s not bad at all.

But consider people like: 

  • Olivia Hartley, who made $5,000 on her last payout.
  • Or John Davila, who pulled in $4,200.
  • Or William Hogg, who made $5,600.

See what I mean?

There’s tons of money paid out by these “programs” every year.

It’s just that some pay far more than others.

And I’ve just located one that I believe is the absolute best.

I’m going to share this “program” with you in a moment, but first I need to step back and share some critical details with you...

These “Programs” Are Now 45 Times Bigger... and They’re Just Getting Started

As I’ve mentioned, I’m no “disciple” of wind energy.

But facts are facts.

And wind power, like it or not, is growing at an unprecedented rate.

First of all, it’s a 100% renewable energy source.

Second, it’s far more economical than other means of power.

Third, you can’t run out of it. Ever.

And that’s just a brief explanation of why these “programs” are such a remarkable opportunity.

As long as there’s wind — which there always will be — these “programs” will be issuing millions of dollars in collective disbursements.

Even better, the wind industry is still growing at a ridiculous pace.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s already 45 times bigger than it was in the year 2000.

And it’s still in its infancy.

Within the next five years, it’s projected to be worth $100 billion.

As a visual, wind energy production looks like this right now:

twa california map now

Within just five years, it will look like this:

twa california map future

That’s a massive difference.

Not only that, but it’s creating jobs at a record pace.

Right now, they're already over 100,000 jobs in wind.

By 2050, that number will hit 600,000.

To put that in perspective, that’s more jobs in the wind than there are plumbers in the U.S. right now.

And this is the whole reason guys like Derrick Gates could pocket a check for $14,900 a few months back.

Or why Patrick Dunne collected $15,600 for himself... on just one payout.

And let me be clear: These are NOT government-funded programs.

I’m not talking about 401(k) plans, IRAs, or anything like that.

These are privately run “programs” that any investor, regardless of experience, is free to take advantage of at any time.

And there couldn’t be a better time to take advantage.

Which “Program” Paid out  $117,900 Last Year


Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of these “programs” before.

Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First, as I mentioned already, wind production is still in its infancy.

It’s only recently been taken seriously, and we’re just now starting to see the effects of that.

So, quite frankly, most people just don’t know these “programs exist.”

Second, the “powers that be” in the fossil fuel world don’t want you to know about this.

I mean, they don’t want your money going into these “programs.”  

So you’ll never see these opportunities advertised on Yahoo or CNBC.

They’re being artificially suppressed by the common train of thought that oil and coal are kings.

And that’s it. It’s just that simple.

That’s why, today, more and more investors are seeing through the veil and collecting huge sums of cash...

Like Kelly Harvey, who recently pocketed $20,100.

Or Tom Cayde, who raked in $39,300.

And each of these disbursements was just one of the many payouts these guys collected.

In all, Tom Cayde raked in $117,900 last year.

Now you, too, could start pocketing continual payouts thanks to these “programs.”

But before I show you how exactly to get started, let me briefly introduce myself.

My Name Is Briton Ryle

I cut my teeth in the world of finance on the floor of the CBOE, learning from the pros and devising new and explosive ways to make money.

In the 15 years since, I’ve generated over two million in gains (and there’s no telling how much money those listening to me made).

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But enough about me... let’s get back to these “retirement programs” and how you can start today.

Once you learn the secret of how this works, I think you’ll realize few things in life are easier or simpler than collecting continual disbursements.

Remember, you’re not buying any expensive stocks... playing with options... or doing anything complex here.

Not only that, but you can also keep on collecting these payouts for as long as you wish. And once the money hits your account, it’s yours — free and clear.

You’re simply taking advantage of the wind power being generated daily. That’s it.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not...

I’ve already shown you several real people who’ve been collecting these payouts regularly...

And more and more people are catching on every day.

I’ve already received several emails from folks who are excited about these “programs,” and due to the obscene profits you could make, it’s easy to see why.

So, because of the high demand for information, I wrote up a full report on this new revolutionary “program.”

twa california retirement report

It’s called, quite simply, "How to Bank $43,000 Annually With The $50 'California Retirement Program.'”

But as I already mentioned, you don’t have to live in California or even know anyone there.

That’s simply where the first “program” started.

So, in my newest report, I will explain every detail of these “programs.”

  • How to enroll in the “program” I believe is the best in a decade
  • How to make as much as $43,500 per year
  • Why you don’t need any investing experience
  • Why it only costs around $50 to start

But perhaps the best piece of information you’ll receive today is that this report is free of charge.

That said, you might be wondering why I would give this information away for free.

Well, I’ll tell you...

Why This Report Is 100% Free

In my 15 years as an investment specialist, I’ve discovered one ultimate truth:

Roughly 95% of people who want to retire on time are going about investing the wrong way.

I can tell by what people are buying, when they’re buying it, and how they go about "saving their money."

And it’s quite disconcerting, especially when money can be so easily had.

I mean, think about it... starting today, you could be on your way to earning an extra $43,500 over the next 12 months just by collecting disbursements from a single “program.”

In time, you could earn upwards of $100,000 per year.

It’s astounding how quickly it all adds up once you get into the swing of things.

The bottom line is this: Income generation strategies aren’t just for the pros; they’re for anyone who knows how to use them.

After enrolling in the “program” I’m going to share with you, you can sit back, and rake in huge amounts of annual income.

It only takes a short time to get started, and it only requires around $50 to get started.

That figure might change shortly, but for now, that’s the minimum to get in on this opportunity.

So how do you collect your own “program” disbursements today?

I’ll tell you, but the only thing I ask is that you agree to a trial run of my income generation service, The Wealth Advisory.

As you might expect, a good portion of the service revolves around the best income generation strategies the market has to offer... and this new opportunity fits right in with that.

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And I’m not talking about option plays or low-paying bonds here, either...

I’m talking about actual income in your pocket... lump-sums of cash you can use for whatever you like.

So whether you’ve already retired, are a few years away, or have decades to invest...

The best way to start generating solid, low-risk income is by taking advantage of what I’ve found to be the most potentially profitable “program” out there.

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twa endless income book report

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I'm a bit embarrassed to tell you. The price is THAT low.

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Today, the price is just $99 for a full year's membership.

I consider that an absolute steal considering you could make that amount back on today’s wind “programs” alone — ON A SINGLE PAYOUT.

I will say, though, that this is a limited-time offer. There’s no telling when I might have to raise the price back to the original amount.

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And of course, you're 100% covered by my no-risk guarantee.

Become a trial member today, and you're locked in with no risk and no obligation.

Take 180 days to decide if The Wealth Advisory is right for you. That's six full months.

During that time, you'll have full membership access. You can log into the private member's site, check out all the special reports, and view every update I've posted.

If you find The Wealth Advisory isn't what you thought, just let me know, and I'll refund every penny you spent on the subscription — no questions asked.

Any information, reports, or profits you received courtesy of my service are yours to keep.

But I'm confident it'll never come to that. Not once you see how easy it is to enroll in your first “program” and start collecting cash.

I'm a complete believer that a year from now, you'll be looking back on a very different life.

And I say that because I have a great feeling you'll have more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Remember, you could collect an extra $43,500 in the next year alone just by earning wind “program” disbursements.

The only thing left to do now is to take your trial run of The Wealth Advisory and find out how to get started...

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Briton L. Ryle
Investment Director, The Wealth Advisory

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