The Secretive "Ex-Presidents Club" That's Been Off-Limits for 79 Years

Former U.S. presidents and politicians have been quietly using this investment secret to build generational wealth regardless of what party they belong to...

And now you can do it too, starting with as little as $100...


Dear Reader,

This is SHOCKING...

It’s a swindle of epic proportions...

A restriction that’s kept extreme wealth from flowing to the American public for generations...

And it all boils down to THIS:

U.S. politicians have been quietly using a little-known investment secret to get rich...

Right under our noses...

And they’ve been using this secret for over 79 years. 

I’m not just talking about making a couple million bucks here and there.

I’m talking FILTHY RICH. As in "never have to worry about money again" RICH.

I call it the secret of the "Ex-Presidents Club" because former politicians throughout governmental ranks have used it...

From those holding the lowest of public offices to those in the highest, they’ve used it to rake in obscene amounts of money. 


  • A former American vice president who "has a $200 million fortune" largely thanks to this investment secret.
  • A U.S. senator who’s "made a $250 million fortune."
  • An American governor with a net worth of $3.5 billion.
  • And many more...

Even two former U.S. presidents have "dipped their toes" into this insanely profitable investment realm!

It’s incredible, isn’t it? 

This "club" has nothing to do with commodities like precious metals or art or anything like that.

But unless you’re a politician or well-connected to the "insiders," you’ll probably never be a part of this "club."

Heck, if you weren’t reading this, you might not ever even hear about it...

But what you can do is the next best thing. 

See, a recent legislative change made it possible for everyday folks to participate in this unique, once all-but-off-limits market niche.

And in some cases, you can get started for as little as $100.

Let me explain... 

The Wealthiest "Club" in America?

Politicians are the folks that are supposed to have OUR best interests in mind.

But did you know that the majority of lawmakers in Congress are millionaires?

While millions of Main Street Americans were losing their jobs and incomes because of a lethal pandemic...

More than HALF of the folks in Congress were already millionaires. 

Crazy, right?

It’s even more shocking when you consider that the average salary of Congress members is $174,000 a year.

Yet the average net worth of members of Congress who filed disclosures last year is just over $1 million.

So where is all that wealth coming from?

Well, this investment secret has helped to make some of them quite rich.

How rich? Get THIS...

The wealthiest member of the House has a net worth of $189 million, thanks in part to this secret!

Can you imagine what you could do with a nest egg that huge?

You’d never have to worry about money EVER again. Your family wouldn’t have to worry about money either.

Now that’s what I call real FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

And while you may have known that there are certainly A LOT of wealthy politicians these days...

What most folks don’t know is how a lot of them built such incredible wealth for themselves. 

And, spoiler alert: it was NOT from their time in public office. 

You see, there’s an investment secret that unites many of these current and former politicians.

And it’s not about gold or silver. It’s not about art or collectibles, either. And it’s way more lucrative than regular stocks.

  • A U.S. representative from Florida has an estimated $74 million net worth because of this secret.
  • A former U.S. representative from Texas built a net worth of $93 million thanks to it.
  • A former American governor with a net worth of nearly $1 billion using this secret to help make his fortune.
  • A U.S. Senator from Virginia is a self-made millionaire because of it, and is now worth over $100 million.

This is the wildly profitable moneymaking potential of the "Ex-Presidents Club." 

The club that you’ll probably never be a part of... 

But whose strategies you can now copy...

Because up until recently, this investment strategy was virtually off-limits to the general public.

But here’s the thing...

Thanks to a recent change in legislation, there is nothing stopping you anymore from using this investment secret too. 

And today you can use it to help build your own small fortune, starting with as little as $100.

With this secret, you can now stake your claim in what is arguably the hottest market on Earth...

One that Main Street folks are usually NOT privy to, because they’ve been kept in the dark about it for decades...

But even though the velvet rope has been lifted, most Main Street investors aren’t going to get invited to take part.

But that’s where I come in. Because I DO get those invitations...

Hi, I’m Jason Williams. 

And I’m NOT a politician. I have no intention of running for public office, either.

But I’m certainly no stranger when it comes to making this exclusive type of investment... and the spectacular returns it’s capable of producing.

See, I dove headfirst into the world of finance right out of college as an analyst for one of the largest investment banks on Wall Street.

Billion-dollar orders from our high-net-worth clients crossed my desk on a daily basis.

But perhaps the most shocking secret I learned is that the REAL obscene wealth was NOT being made in the stock market at all.

Instead, it was being made by the folks in an "off-limits" investment niche, one that has nothing to do with traditional stocks, bonds, options, futures, or ETFs.

And it's was making them wealthier than most people could ever imagine possible.

I’m talking start-a-charitable-foundation rich...

Take-the-entire-family-on-a-world-cruise rich...

Buy-a-beach-house-AND-a-ski-lodge-in-the-mountains RICH.

And as much as American politicians love this investment, they aren’t the only ones getting ridiculously wealthy off it.

They aren’t the only ones in the "club."

Our bank’s clients included everyone from Texas oil tycoons to Chinese billionaires to Elon Musk himself.

That’s right!

The wealthiest man in the world owes much of his fortune to this incredible investment secret.

This was truly a playground for the ultra-rich.

And I watched as these investments skyrocketed in value.

There’s just no other asset in the world that offers greater profit potential. 

So I’m on a mission to show you how you could get rich beyond your wildest dreams...

From an investment empire that Main Street has been forcibly cut off from for 79 years.

In fact, that’s exactly why this "secret club" was started in the first place...

They did everything they could to block regular Americans from touching perhaps the most lucrative investment in U.S. history...

The Birth of an American Dynasty


It started after the stock market crash of 1929...

See, during the Great Depression, in the aftermath of the worst stock market collapse in history, Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC.

And he selected a very successful investor to be its first chairman.

That investor’s name was Joe Kennedy. Joe built a multimillion-dollar fortune for his family, which gave his children the freedom to pursue public service. His son, John, went on to become the 35th president of the United States.

But long before JFK was an acronym everyone knew, Joe Kennedy had gotten crushed by playing fast and loose in the stock market leading up to the 1929 collapse.

So when he got a chance to rewrite the rules of investing as the first SEC chairman, he made sure to give himself and his rich friends every advantage he could come up with.

And the biggest advantage he gave himself and his rich buddies was making the most lucrative investments in the market OFF-LIMITS to anyone who wasn’t rich enough to join their "club."

They called themselves "accredited investors," and the stipulations for membership were steep, to say the least. You literally already had to be a millionaire if you wanted a shot at these massive profits...

I’m talking about the most lucrative kinds of investments known to man!

And up until recently, you had to be part of their club.

You had to be an "accredited investor" to participate in this explosive investment niche.

The SEC defines an "accredited investor" as an individual with a net worth of $1 million or more (not including their primary residence) or who has had an annual income of $200,000 ($300,000 if married) for the last two years.

But here’s the part that REALLY gets my blood boiling...

The profits Joe Kennedy and his buddies in this "club" cut Main Street out of for over 79 years are truly monumental.

Take DoorDash, for instance...

The food-delivery app company went public in December 2020.

Investors who bought the stock were up a measly 6.6% as of February 2021.

But "accredited investors" who used this investment secret were laughing all the way to the bank.

That’s because when they invested in DoorDash back in 2013, BEFORE its IPO, they got in at a super-low price.

And eight years later, they saw the value of their initial stake rise by as much as nearly 4 million percent. 3,738,724%, to be exact.

That meant that every $1,000 they put to work in 2013 had swelled to as much as $37,388,235.29.

If they put in $50,000, they’d be sitting on well over $1.8 BILLION in pure profits...

All while the regular public is trying to find a way to be happy about a 6.6% gain.

Is It Any Wonder That American Politicians Love THIS Secret So Much?

This is a moneymaking realm like absolutely none other... one that you were essentially BARRED from up until very recently.

So what exactly is this unique investment vehicle? You might have already guessed...

In short, I’m talking about investments in private companies. I’m talking about owning shares of companies BEFORE they go public.

And before most folks know they even exist.

Just look at Zoom Communications...

The company went public back in 2019. But the stock didn’t really move much until COVID-19 struck and forced the world inside for months on end.

Zoom’s stock price ran up from around $66 in December 2019 to $557 by October 2020. And in the process, it delivered savvy investors phenomenal gains.

Anyone who bought Zoom on the public markets in December 2019 was treated to a 753% gain in just 10 months.

But, again, that pales in comparison to what the pre-IPO investors were looking at. By that point, their gains were hitting up to 5,388,233%!

And every $1,000 they’d invested in the company in 2014 when it was still private was worth as much as $53,883,333.33.

That’s an absolute fortune. And it could have all started just six years earlier with a $1,000 pre-IPO investment.

Sure, not every investment is a winner, but these are the types of gains that create family legacies. They’re what creates a new class of billionaires each generation. And they’re how the rich and powerful remain rich and in power.

But thanks to a landmark act of Congress a few years ago, these investments are now open to EVERYONE over the age of 18.

You can now get a piece of this market too — without having to be a wealthy "accredited investor."

Now YOU have a chance to strike it RICH and take home HUGE profits. The kind of wealth that you could pass down to your children or grandchildren.

But here’s the thing...

Just because everyone can get a stake in pre-IPO private companies doesn’t mean everyone will.

While you don’t have to be rich anymore, that was never the only criterion for getting into these lucrative deals...

You also had to be well-connected enough to find out about them in the first place.

I mean, there’s not really a section for private investments on Yahoo Finance. And if you don’t know about it, how are you going to put money into it?

So you have to know people and be known by people to get access to these special sweetheart deals.

Even though the income restrictions are gone, most Main Street investors aren’t going to be getting phone calls from startup CEOs looking for help funding the next Google.

And that’s something not even Congress can change.

But that’s where I come in...

Again, My Name Is Jason Williams. 

And I’ve made my career helping people get rich from the right investments...

You already know I jumped right into the world of high finance out of college...

I quickly started working my way up the ladder at one of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks, Morgan Stanley.

To say I was in the thick of it would be an understatement. I got a baptism by fire as I learned from some of the world’s smartest investors.

Every day before 8 a.m., I would execute billions of dollars in trades with investors all over the globe.

From London to Singapore, New York to Hong Kong — wherever there was money to be made and people who wanted to make it, I had a client.

I learned how to keep my cool in the hottest situations...

I learned how to spot potential problems before they even popped up...

I learned about forecasting and modeling, data, and day-trading...

You name it and I got a lesson from some of the best in the business.

But the real lesson I learned, the one I took most to heart, was where the REAL money gets made...

And it wasn’t through publicly traded stocks like McDonald's or Walmart.

Being at Morgan Stanley, I had an inside view of how the financial markets really work...

The big companies like us had all the power. And our super-wealthy clients got all the benefits.

We made sure there was always a way for THEM to make money...

And more often than not, that "way" came at your expense.

We made sure our clients got the first shot at blockbuster IPOs by selling them shares directly.

Then they got to sell those shares to retail investors at inflated prices on the secondary market.

But honestly, our clients weren’t even making that much on those IPOs we curated for them.

The real life-changing profits were ALWAYS going to the people who were getting out at the IPO, not the people who were getting in...

Obviously, the founders of these companies were getting outlandish payouts. And so were some of the early employees who got stock options.

And then there were the backers.

I got to witness this entire moneymaking process firsthand as Morgan Stanley held IPOs for companies like Facebook, Groupon, GM, and countless other multibillion-dollar businesses.

And in literally every single case, the group that made out with the lion’s share of the profits was not the people who bought shares in the IPO from me and my fellow bankers.

It was the people who got in early. That’s really who we were working for underwriting those IPOs.

People like founders and early employees... 

And angel investors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Morgan Stanley was a pretty good place to be. And I loved my job.

The work was challenging, and of course, the money wasn’t bad either.

But no matter how hard I worked or how well my desk’s profits came in, I would NEVER make as much as those angel investors were making.

And I just couldn’t sit around grinding away when I knew there was something so much better out there waiting for me.

So I made one of the toughest decisions of my life...


I walked away from one of the largest investment banks in the world.

But it also turned out to be the most profitable decision of my life because I was immediately able to get to work thanks to the network I’d built on Wall Street.

SO I set up my own private office in Manhattan and started advising clients one on one.

At first, they were just close friends and family and a few "whales" I’d met in my time at Morgan Stanley...

But as my network started bringing me new lucrative investments, my clients started making serious money and started talking to their friends.

And my network grew some more.

I used the connections I’d made on Wall Street and in postgraduate work at Harvard Business School to find the hottest investments out there.

And THAT is what made me life-changing money.

My network and my investments gave me the ability to "retire" from money management in my early 30s.

They also gave me the financial freedom to do things I’d always dreamed of... like when I bought a 27-foot sailboat a couple of years ago after cashing in part of my investment in a cannabis startup.

And it let me start a completely new "retirement gig" that’s become more of a passion than a job.

Now instead of making more money for people who already have more than enough, I get to help regular folks achieve the same kind of success.

Instead of finding pre-IPO deals for the super-wealthy, I get to share them with retail investors, people who’ve never had the chance to make these kinds of life-changing profits.

And I want to start sharing them with you today...

Because right now, I’ve got angel investments lined up that could put all of my past successes to shame.

These companies are all on the verge of completely disrupting their industries...

And making early investors massive profits at the same time.

And thanks to Congress’ decision to open up the pre-IPO market to everyone, there’s no reason you can’t invest in any or all of them.

These Startup Investment Deals Are No Longer ONLY Available to the Super-Rich...

Everyday Folks Can Now Get in on Them Too!

The hardest part for most investors out there... the folks who are not "plugged in" to the tight-lipped world of venture capital... is FINDING the deals with the biggest upside potential...

The deals that could potentially turn a tiny stake into millions in profits.

As I said earlier, just because anyone can get in on these deals doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to... or that they should.

Every investment comes with risk, and these types of opportunities are among the riskiest.

So startup CEOs aren’t going to just call you up and ask you for help in funding the next Tesla.

You still need to have a network of contacts alerting you to the best angel investment deals available.

You still need to investigate the companies firsthand by visiting the firm’s headquarters and inspecting the company’s product and the production process.

You still need to meet and grill the company’s management teams and the millionaire CEOs.

You can’t just rely on some "report" you found about the company on the internet like most "analysts" do.

But again, this is where I can show you how to get rich.

Thanks to my elite network of contacts that I built over my career on Wall Street, during my postgraduate work at Harvard Business School, and through my own private client advisory group...

I get exclusive access to the most promising angel investment deals in a wide variety of sectors... software, biotech, agriculture, cannabis, and more!

This is the kind of "velvet rope" access that’s reserved for wealthy venture capitalists and other high-net-worth investors.

But today, YOU can become a part of my elite network. YOU can have a direct line to the very best deals in the world... the deals that are happening right now!

I put every single deal under the microscope before determining if it's worth putting a single penny into.

But I don’t just scroll the internet with my index finger like a hamster on a wheel.

I fly all over the world to visit company headquarters and learn their inner workings...

I flew 2,400 miles to Colombia, in South America, to investigate the operations of a medical cannabis company and meet with the firm’s top executives. This company has built one of the
largest greenhouses on the entire planet, spanning an incredible 69 acres!

Here I am inspecting the headquarters of a very unique cannabis firm in California and
meeting with its CEO. It’s revolutionizing the marijuana industry as a supplier
of specialized products and services to growers.

I meet with the CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, directors, comptrollers, institutional investors, salesmen, interns, janitors, politicians...

No one is off-limits.

That’s because whenever I investigate a new angel investment deal, I want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about the company.

I want to know EVERY single player involved.

I want to review the company’s supply chains.

I want to know the true amount of revenue a company is bringing in...

The true amount of cash it has on hand...

The true amount of credit it can access...

The true amount of its total debt...

Heck, I want to know the company better than the CEO himself does!

Because this is the ONLY way you’re going to be able to truly separate tomorrow’s hottest companies from the duds.

My reputation is why CEOs and other angel investors reach out to me directly to raise money from me and my contacts.

But here’s the thing...

My team and I will only recommend startup companies that pass my meticulous T.I.M.E.R. screening process.

These are what I consider to be "best of breed" startups.

These are the ones with MASSIVE upside potential. They could very well be the next Google, the next PayPal, or the next Netflix. 

Let me tell you how I narrow down the field so that I’m investing only in the opportunities with the most potential for monstrous gains.

My Secret Weapon For Monster
Angel Investment Profits


Now, because of my wide network of startup founders, venture capitalists, angel investors, and serial entrepreneurs, I have a much easier time finding investment opportunities with huge upside potential than most folks do.

Remember when I said mom and pop weren’t getting calls to help fund the next Google? Well, they’re not. But because of my vast network of connections, I am.

I get hundreds of pre-IPO investment opportunities crossing my desk every single month because people know that I can help their company grow.

But nobody can expect to invest in everything, and even though these are friends and colleagues bringing me the deals, I still have to pass on a lot of them.

But the ones I do take all have ONE thing in common...

They all pass all five parts of my T.I.M.E.R. strategy for selecting only the best private investments with the biggest potential for explosive growth.

Here’s how my T.I.M.E.R. process works...

Each letter stands for one of the five critical criteria every successful angel investment MUST have.

T stands for "the team" running the show. And I’m not just talking about CEOs, CFOs, and COOs...

But the politicians, billionaires, venture capitalists, and angel investors who back these businesses in the first place...

These are the people who know the TRUE operating cost of a business, its TRUE debt levels, its TRUE growth potential, its TRUE obstacles, and much more.

That’s why I meet with them before determining if the business is worth putting a single penny into.

But having a great team isn’t enough. It’s the first big step, but there are four more criteria that every successful angel investment must meet.

I represents "the idea" that the company is bringing to market. It MUST be an idea that addresses a need in a truly unique way... in a way that’s never been done before.

Airbnb is a prime example of this concept...

Before it came along, there wasn’t ONE convenient place where folks could find short-term vacation rentals.

So instead of being a company that rents out vacation homes...

The founders of Airbnb decided to create a platform that gave people the power to become their OWN vacation rental company.

In 2009, Airbnb convinced a handful of investors to provide funding at a valuation of $2.4 million.

After going public at the start of 2021, it garnered a market cap of $118.3 BILLION.

And in an instant, those early investors saw the value of their initial stakes explode by as much as a face-melting 4,929,483%!

That means every $1,000 they invested back in 2009 was worth as much as nearly $50 million just a few years later.

That’s the power of an idea that satisfies a major need in a unique way!

M stands for "the market" the company is trying to address.

It’s not enough for the company to have a great team and a great idea. It also needs to have a big market to sell its idea to!

I’m talking about a market that’s big enough to give a company the runway to grow into a multibillion-dollar operation.

The market must have millions of potential customers OR a few potential customers with millions of dollars to spend.

E stands for "the execution" of the business plan.

The team, the idea, and the market don’t matter if the company can’t execute its plan for growth.

If the company can’t execute, it can’t grow.

It doesn’t matter how impressive the team is. They could all be MIT grads with Harvard doctorates in experimental physics. But if they can’t execute, they’re just a bunch of overeducated goofs.

If the execution isn’t there, then we’re not putting a single cent into the company.

And R indicates "the roadblocks" keeping a competitor from stealing the company’s market share.

If other companies start to notice how much success your company is having, they’re going to try to come in and get a piece of the action too.

Huge companies with hundreds of millions of dollars like Facebook and Google can come in, rip off your product, and sell it to your customers.

And that’s why you’ve got to have some "roadblocks" set up to keep the competition at bay.

These could be in the form of patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property...

If your competitors want to copy you, then they MUST pay YOU license and royalty fees because you own that market and you’ve got legal proof.

Or it could just cost way too much for someone to catch up to your company. This is why Amazon spends so much money on its data centers — so NOBODY can take the top spot from Amazon Web Services.

To recap, if you’ve got the Team, the Idea, the Market, the Execution, and the Roadblocks addressed, you’ve got what’s likely to become a very successful angel investment on your hands.

And that’s the only kind of angel investment I want in my portfolio and yours.

I’ve just found a pre-IPO investment opportunity that checks all of my T.I.M.E.R. boxes...

It could be — hands down — the SINGLE best recommendation I’ve ever made...

This is as rare an opportunity as I’ve ever seen...

A once-in-a-generation opportunity that’s loaded with massive profit potential and low risk.

I’ve put the details about my No. 1 pre-IPO investment opportunity and how to participate immediately inside my report: "The Top Angel Investment Opportunity Open NOW"...

I’ll show you how to claim your stake in this opportunity right away.

You could see your starting stake in this startup absolutely skyrocket in value!

I won’t get into the full details right here because I’d like to send this report to you absolutely FREE of charge.

All you need to do is claim the report and it’s yours... FREE.

The only thing I ask in exchange for this special report — which details what I believe is the top angel investment with the potential to soar as much as 500% over the long term — is that you take a trial run of my research advisory service.

It’s called...

Main Street Ventures

Main Street Ventures is your "all-access pass" to analysis of the hottest pre-IPO investment deals on Earth...

The kinds of deals that were "locked away" from the majority of Main Street investors for 79 years...

And were reserved exclusively for wealthy politicians, rich families, company founders, and venture capitalists!

But now, thanks to the JOBS Act, YOU have access to thousands of small, private companies in a wide variety of booming markets. 

I’m talking about companies that are poised to disrupt entire industries, the kinds of companies that have enormous multibillion-dollar growth potential!

If you have a few spare minutes and a hundred bucks and can click a mouse a few times...

You have a chance at raking in millions of dollars from this once off-limits market niche...

You’ll have the chance to build the kind of wealth that lasts for generations, just like America’s political elite has with this investment strategy.

Just have a look at what readers are saying about my work:

"Your picks work. Thank you for providing me with a successful business model. Overjoyed to find something which is the real deal!"

— Dave L., California

"Jason, your analysis and research is impeccable. I love your [selection] methodology. Thanks again!"

— Paul K., CEO of an agriculture technology company

"You have an awesome community, and we're thrilled to be working together to grow this."

— Jeff N., CEO of a healthcare technology company

"Jason, this is some of the best advice I have seen in a while... Thanks for the great practical advice."

— Kate F., Arlington, Virginia

I love getting messages like these. And I hope you’ll send me a note too.

Because as I told you earlier, this is my passion in life...

Talking every day with CEOs of different startup companies, visiting companies' headquarters, digging deep into a firm’s financial projections, examining partnership deals...

Most folks would find this kind of work boring, but not me! I absolutely live for this stuff. So I don’t consider what I do "work" at all.

Finding the next great startup company with the potential for life-changing gains is a thrill ride like none other.

Here I am getting a "bird’s-eye view" of a real estate investment
play in Nevada for my readers.

My team and I do everything to show you how to succeed in this explosive market. There’s no other place in the investing world where you can capture gains this huge, this FAST.

And because I’ll only send you analysis on the pre-IPO deals that make it through my T.I.M.E.R. screener... 

You’ll only get the ones that I feel are the hottest opportunities with the BIGGEST profit potential.

You’ll have all the information you need to invest in explosive, rapidly growing startups from the second you join.

And it all starts with details on the incredible deal in my new special report...

"The Top Angel Investment Opportunity Open NOW."

This could be the single best investment idea I’ve seen in my entire career. And you’ll get the full details on how to claim a ground-floor stake in it inside the report. 

You’ll discover the name of the company, my full analysis on it, why it passes my T.I.M.E.R. strategy with flying colors, how to invest in it today... everything.

Even better, this report is yours for FREE just for taking a risk-free trial subscription to my exclusive angel investment newsletter, Main Street Ventures.

But this exciting deal is just the start...

I’ll Send You "Deal Dispatches" That Give You All the Information You Need to Stake Your Claim in Today’s Hottest Startups!

As a member of Main Street Ventures, you’ll be set to receive my research and alerts containing the hottest new pre-IPO investment opportunities.

I call them "Deal Dispatches."

I’ll send them to you via email and also via text message, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a pre-IPO opportunity.

This is the heart and soul of my service. Each dispatch gives you a complete rundown of the newest pre-IPO investment opportunity. 

You’ll discover the name of the company...

You’ll get my full analysis on it and how the company passes my T.I.M.E.R. system... 

You’ll learn the amount of money it takes to claim a stake in the company (usually around $100 or less)...

And you’ll get clear instructions on how to invest in it through a special digital platform.

You could watch your starting stake absolutely explode in value! Each one gives you the chance to multiply your money hundreds of times over. 

We aim to send you three deals a quarter. Sometimes you may receive more. But sometimes you may get less... 

Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity, so I only recommend an investment if it meets my strict requirements.

And when you join today, you’ll also receive: 

Main Street Ventures
Virtual Company Headquarters Tours,
Video Tutorials, and CEO Interviews

I’ll record and share videos with you about the hottest pre-IPO investment opportunities available now. I’ll give you all the details about these startups, including how they pass my T.I.M.E.R. screening system. 

I’ve made instructional videos for you that walk you through how to open up an account for making angel investments, how to buy shares in private companies, and many more secrets you can use to maximize your profits.

I’ll also share videos of my visits to companies' headquarters.

And I’ll be interviewing CEOs and startup founders of the companies we’ll have the opportunity to stake a claim in.

Here’s me interviewing the CEO of a startup that’s poised to disrupt the $22 billion agricultural technology market. Readers who chose to invest are up 600%.

Here I am interviewing the CEO of a startup set to revolutionize
the $792 billion industry for electric trucks.

Main Street Ventures is all about making pre-IPO investing easy, fun, and — most importantly — profitable!

That’s why I’m also going to send you my...

Main Street Ventures
Angel Investing Boot Camp


This is a four-part investment training series that I’ve designed specifically to help you hit the ground running as a new angel investor.

It’s like an Ivy League education in angel investing, distilled into four quick, easy-to-digest guides:

  • Boot Camp Part 1: Starting off Right — This is your complete guide to my T.I.M.E.R. filtering system. I’ll show you how it works and how to use it to spot the best angel investments with the highest profit potential.
  • Boot Camp Part 2: Reading a Deal Dispatch — Here you’ll find a handy, easy-to-read glossary of terms and phrases that you’ll likely encounter as a new angel investor and that you’re likely to come across in our deal dispatches, videos, and special reports.
  • Boot Camp Part 3: Deal Hunter Pro — This is your guide to the digital marketplaces that I recommend using for buying and selling shares of private companies. These are the platforms that are the easiest and safest to use.
  • Boot Camp Part 4: Portfolio Management Pro — I’ll show you how to build a properly balanced, low-risk, high-reward angel investment portfolio. One that has investments across multiple industries. And I’ll show you a method for deciding how much to put into each company. Diversification is the key to unlocking huge angel investment wealth.

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"Profit Fortress: How to Legally Pay ZERO Taxes on Your Angel Investments."

The members of the "Ex-Presidents Club" use every trick in the book to grow and preserve their wealth. And this little-known secret is one of them! I’ll reveal the details inside.

"Become a Cash-Out King: How to Reap Huge Profits on Private Investments WITHOUT an IPO."

Most people think that in order to make money from angel investing, the company must have an IPO.

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If you want to cash in your shares, you do NOT have to wait for an IPO. And I’ll show you exactly what you need to do if you decide to take this route.

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"Backdoor Billions: The Loophole That Gives You Access to Non-JOBS Act Investments."

While many of these once off-limits angel investment deals are now open to the public, there are still some high-risk, high-reward opportunities that require you to be an accredited investor.

But there’s a "back door" you can use to get some skin in the game on even the most exclusive angel investment deals.

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