"My Most Important Discovery" — America’s Microcap Expert

The "Oil Killer" Could Hand You up to 11,300%

A Little-Known Fuel Is Set to Revolutionize the Energy Sector in the Coming Years — This has NOTHING to do with Batteries, Hydrogen, or Nuclear Fusion


Dear Reader,

I have in my possession a document containing shocking details about what may be the most important energy innovation of the past 100 years.

This disruptive invention was developed in cooperation with the University of Ontario, and one sub-$1 Toronto-based company is behind it all.

Right now, it’s preparing this revolutionary technology’s full-scale product launch.

As soon as it’s released I expect it to almost instantly disrupt nearly every aspect of the $5 trillion global energy market.

Because this technology could unlock an unlimited supply of cheap zero-emission fuel.

I’m not talking about hydrogen, bioethanol, or nuclear fusion.

This is not about any new kind of battery either.

This technology is a radical upgrade to a world-changing innovation...

It has been described as the foundation stone of modern existence.

The BBC calls it "one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century."

Without it, almost half the world's population would not be alive today, which is why the scientist behind it won the Nobel Prize.

Yet most people are completely unaware of the role this invention plays in their lives.

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly why this invention has been so important over the past 100 years and why its upgrade made it possible to harvest an unlimited amount of this clean fuel.

But first, I want to show you how big this opportunity is for early investors. 

This Is How a $20 Million Company
Takes On the World's Fossil Fuel Market

The potential market for this fuel is huge... I’m talking about an astonishing $1.5 trillion profit opportunity.

I know, that's a big number... but in this case, it might actually be conservative.

$1.5 trillion is about the cost of all the oil globally consumed every year — almost 30 billion barrels worth.

And this technology could end it all.

That’s because this is a universal fuel. It can be used for everything.

It can power your car... 

Propel cruise ships...

And thrust aircraft.

These are not hypothetical examples. This has been happening for years.

Take the X-15... 

NASA’s hypersonic aircraft reached the edge of outer space. It holds the record for the world’s fastest crewed airplane.

More than half a century ago, the X-15 was powered by this amazing fuel to 4,520 miles per hour.

That's twice the muzzle velocity of a high-powered rifle bullet, and yet, the engine's exhaust released only harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

Or what about this car... 

It has an ordinary combustion engine with only some minor modifications. Nothing special, right? 

But recently, a team from the University of Michigan drove this car from Detroit to San Francisco. They needed only a single fill-up in Wyoming. 

All thanks to this little-known zero-emission fuel.

Or consider this massive ship engine... 

Marine propulsion manufacturer MAN is working on engines running on this fuel. It's currently adding the finishing touches to these giant power plants, which will soon be fitted to giant ocean-crossing tankers.

Forbes titled an article, "[This Fuel] Will Soon Power Ocean-Going Ships."

The Financial Times calls it "the fuel of the future."

And Yahoo Finance explains "[this fuel] paves the way for zero-carbon energy."

The U.S. military has been long interested in it as well... 

Huge amounts of fuel such as diesel need to be shipped for combat operations overseas.

This can add up to as much as 65% of the total tonnage.

That’s why the U.S. Army has been trying to figure out how to produce vehicle fuels in the field for decades.

This is not only a logistical problem. It’s a matter of life and death...

The resupply of fuel during combat operations costs about four lives for every 100 convoys.

To put it another way... 

One out of every 25 times a fuel convoy is deployed to refuel a station, someone in that convoy will die.

But this company from Toronto has found the solution...

Because it discovered a way to create fuel locally — in a fridge-sized machine.

A study by the U.S. Army concluded that using this fuel would lead to "considerable savings in weight, volume, cost, and complexity."

We’re on the cusp of a huge leap.

Think about the big oil companies like ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron... 

This breakthrough threatens to render their assets useless — and potentially bankrupt their huge monopoly.

The same goes for Tesla and the rest of the electric car industry — they’re going to be dead in the water. 

Nobody needs an expensive EV with a short range when you can switch to this clean fuel.

These companies would like nothing more than to kill this unlimited fuel in its tracks.

You really can’t blame them. When you look at the facts I’m about to show you, the writing’s on the wall... 

A New Energy Hierarchy Has Emerged
and This Fuel Is the Undisputed King

As I said, the science behind this fuel is NOT new.

Chemists have known how to produce it for over 100 years. Half of the world’s population would not be alive today if it wasn’t for this discovery.

The problem was they couldn’t figure out how to produce it on the mass scale required to fulfill our energy needs.

That’s what this Canadian company’s invention is about. It puts this Nobel Prize-winning discovery within reach of the mass market.

I’ve been investigating this company since it was reserved for insiders as an exclusive private placement.

Recently, this opportunity opened up to everyday Americans.

In this presentation, I’m going to give you all the details I’m allowed to share publicly.

But I have to warn you, this is a highly sensitive situation.

You see, the company taking this breakthrough to the market is tiny. As of this publication, the stock was trading at a barely $15 million market cap.

To put that in the context of its competition...

Energy giant Chevron has a market cap of $173 billion... 

Which makes this company less than one-ten-thousandth of its size.

But when news of this company’s historic accomplishment goes mainstream, investors who understand the implications will immediately scramble to buy every share of this company’s stock they can get their hands on.

The Biggest Wealth Transfer in the
History of Modern Business?


$1.5 trillion per year — that's the size of the market.

Because its product is 100% clean, and now, highly affordable to boot, this company has the full potential to pull the rug out from under the massive machine that runs the global petroleum industry.

Even if it were to capture just one-tenth of 1% of this market through its disruptive innovation, that would still amount to control of a $1.5 billion per year revenue stream.

That would make this tiny, young company about one-one-hundredth of the size of Chevron, which corresponds to a market capitalization of about $1.7 billion.

That's 113 times the size of the company today... meaning that even by the most conservative estimates, early investors could stand to make over 10,000% gains in the coming years.

And if this company managed to swallow up more of the global oil market, which is almost inevitable, those gains would increase by leaps and bounds.

Expanding on our Chevron comparison, a 1% slice of the global pie could potentially return $1,000 for every single dollar invested — provided that you made your investment early enough.

Today, I’ll explain how exactly you have to position yourself to reap such extraordinary gains.

But first, you’re probably wondering which invention this company revolutionized and why almost half the world's population would not be alive today without it.

The story starts on this plot of land in Hertfordshire, England...

About 180 years ago, British scientists tested the effects of fertilizers on this field. They discovered that nitrogen is the single most important plant nutrient.

There was just one problem... 

Though nitrogen is by far the most abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere, no one knew how to harvest it.

This changed in 1909 when the chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch figured out how to pluck fertilizer from thin air by making ammonia. 

Nitrogen fixed in ammonia fertilizes crops, which, in turn, nourish you. 

Chemist Mercouri Kanatzidis from Northwestern University explains, "The Haber-Bosch process is one of the most important for humanity." 

Because half of the world’s population would starve if it wasn’t for the Haber-Bosch process.

That’s why the synthesis of ammonia, also known as NH3, won both scientists the Nobel Prize.

But NH3 is not only a fertilizer...

The Long-Awaited Upgrade to a Nobel
Prize-Winning Invention

Ammonia is also a fuel that can power internal combustion and jet engines. 

Unlike petrol or kerosene, it releases no poisonous carbon dioxide whatsoever.

An engine running on NH3 emits nothing but water vapor and nitrogen. In fact, you can inhale and drink the exhaust from a car engine running on it.

And that’s not all...  

NH3 has a 30% higher octane rating than gasoline, meaning it's more stable under pressure. It’s less of a fire hazard, and it forms no soot, allowing engine parts to stay clean.

So all of this begs the obvious question: Why don’t we run our cars, airplanes, and ships on ammonia already?

Well, unfortunately, the Haber-Bosch process, aside from helping to create the modern world, is also quite dirty and expensive.

It requires enormous amounts of heat, pressure, and fossil fuels — such as coal, oil, or natural gas — to make NH3 in chemical plants like this.

Creating NH3 this way consumes so much energy that it's simply not economically feasible to use it as a mass-consumption fuel. 

When compared with the abundance of cheap, easy-to-refine oil in the ground, ammonia as fuel just didn't make sense.

And that's the way things have been for more than a century right up until a few months ago...

Because one inventor from a small town in Ontario found a way to produce NH3 without using any fossil fuels at all.

His machine generates it from nothing but air and water.

This is a radical upgrade to the Nobel Prize-winning Haber-Bosch process... and because of what it can mean to the world's fossil fuel dependence, it's at least as significant.

Haber-Bosch fed the world. This innovation is expected to power the world with endless, clean energy.

This invention has caught the attention of the highest levels of government and business... 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau... 

Former Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller...

And Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary all have praised this upgrade.

Its inventor traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet a Saudi prince wishing to jumpstart the ammonia revolution in the kingdom.

Think about that for a second... the world’s biggest oil nation... shifting to ammonia. It's well aware that this is the future of energy.

Recently, Saudi Arabia shipped 40 tons of ammonia to Japan. The country set a zero-emission aim and is using the clean fuel for its thermal power stations.

However, Saudi Arabia’s ammonia production still requires fossil fuels.

That’s why the upgrade I’m going to show you is such a huge game-changer. As I said, it takes fossil fuels out of the equation completely.

The tiny company I’m going to reveal today teamed up with the inventor of this upgrade. Together, they’re preparing the full-scale product launch that’s set to happen very soon. 

If you were going to put money in one speculative play in the next decade — this company is it.

Because the potential upside is huge.

As I said earlier, a return of 100 times your investment in the coming 2–3 years is not unrealistic.

I'm required to temper my enthusiasm for legal reasons, of course. The reality is, I believe that even that 100x projection is conservative.

In a moment, I’ll explain why I believe early investors are going to see these kinds of gains... how exactly it’s possible to generate fuel from air and water... and what you have to do in order to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But first, please let me introduce myself...

This Is Unlike Any Investment
You’ve Made Before

I’m Alex Koyfman.

I'm not your typical investment "guru." I've never worked for a Wall Street bank or hedge fund.

That being said, my investment strategies, and the results they generate, routinely put most top hedge funds to shame.

I've been in the investment research business for almost two decades. I started out as a self-taught trader in my late teens.

In my 20s, I turned a hobby into a career.

I've traveled the world, from Vancouver to Vladivostok, Russia, to search for investment opportunities few ever hear about.

I've traded on American, Canadian, European, and even Mongolian exchanges.

I count numerous members of the rarefied 0.1% among my friends and colleagues, which isn't something I often boast about.

But it's something you should expect from the person you go to for cutting-edge, informed investment strategies.

Back in 2014, I was urged by the owners of Angel Publishing to launch a service based on my proven investment methods.

I told them straight out that I wouldn't cater to hedge-seeking breeds just looking for a safety net to protect their assets.

I wanted real people who were interested in turning modest stakes into fortunes by targeting little-known under-bought stocks.

In the summer of that year, I came on board to publish a new advisory service geared specifically to the profit-minded investor.

Microcap Insider, as it came to be known, is where I reveal all my profit opportunities, special updates, timely alerts, and anything else you'll need to know to exploit incredible profit opportunities by investing in small, development-stage companies.

And you can be sure that my research is 100% independent.

I answer to you — that's it.

Few in my industry can say the same.

My goal is to deliver my readers results because that's the way I stay in business. So only the best stock picks get by me and into my readers' inboxes...

Picks I know could put you on the fast track to ultimate freedom and happiness. It's because that's what they've done for me.

So far, three-quarters of the model portfolio trades I've closed out have been winners. You could've banked gains of 122%, 163%, 210%, 284%, 300%, 347%, and more...

I've seen my recommendations blow up to more than three times their initial value — inside of a week.

Like I said before, I crush the big hedge funds on a regular basis with my return rates. 

In the six years since I started running Microcap Insider, my recommendations have gained untold billions of dollars in market capitalization.

But despite all these wins, I expect this discovery to be my biggest and most important achievement... 

Possibly the Biggest Energy
Play in a Century...

As you may know, the energy sector generated some of the biggest fortunes in history.

Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty built their fortunes on oil.

The Koch brothers, worth $99 billion, also amassed their wealth from oil.

The energy sector is so lucrative, it's created rare and exceptional trades big enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million in a single transaction in just four years' time.

And yet this NH3 upgrade could DWARF anything that's come before it...

Because right now, we’re starting to see ammonia replace oil-based fuels across vital industries.

Take the shipping sector... 

Vessels like the "Viking Energy" are currently being retrofitted to run on ammonia...

As the British Royal Society points out, "The maritime industry has already identified the significant retrofitting potential for ammonia as a green fuel for shipping, noting its ease of storage, existing maritime networks and bunkering capabilities."

Chemistry professor Bill David confirms, "Ammonia is the only zero-carbon fuel that will get you across the oceans."

Or take the aviation industry...

Planes can now run on ammonia rather than kerosene, allowing airlines to keep their existing fleet. A modification recently developed by the University of Oxford makes this possible.

As engineer Dr. James Barth explains, "[Thanks to ammonia] a fast transition to a sustainable aviation future is possible at low cost."

And then there’s the trucking industry...

These heavy-duty diesel trucks were recently converted to run on ammonia. They’re part of Canadian freight company TFX International’s fleet.

It’s no wonder the Financial Times referenced ammonia as "the fuel of the future."

Look, the global NH3 market is currently valued at $72.82 billion.

Oil is valued at over $1.5 trillion.

All together, the global fossil fuel industry pulls in about $3.3 trillion per year.

In other words, the fossil fuel sector is more than 45 times bigger than the NH3 sector.

NH3 is beginning to replace oil in the transportation sector. As you’ve seen, this shift is occurring across the shipping, aviation, and trucking industry. 

Keep in mind that the transportation industry is THE biggest oil consumer.

As oil consumers are beginning to move toward this zero-emission alternative, the NH3 industry could end up flooded with billions, perhaps trillions, of dollars from the oil market.

Right now, we’re witnessing what could be the most explosive opportunity in our lifetimes.

The little-known company I’m revealing today is at the heart of it all. Thanks to its patent-protected technology...

As our earlier market share scenario showed, an 11,000% gain isn't just possible, it could actually be a conservative estimate of the long-term potential. 

And this could start to unfold within the next 12 months. I’ll explain why in a moment. 

But first, I want to show you how exactly it’s possible to create fuel from nothing but air and water.

An Unlimited Fuel Supply in Your Garage


The man behind this world-changing invention is named Roger.

Roger is the truest kind of engineer there is. His talent is matched by his conviction.

Years of his time and his own money went into the machine that generates cheap, clean, and renewable fuel.

But Roger was more than just an engineer.

Before Roger started working on his invention, he spent his career as a CEO. His company produced pharmaceutical ingredients for sale around the world. One of them was ammonia.

With decades of experience in the ammonia market, Roger realized its potential as an alternative fuel.

It took him almost nine years before he had an active prototype. But today, he’s driving a converted Ford F-350 that runs on NH3 he’s generating in his garage.

Let me show you how Roger is able to produce an unlimited supply of fuel.

You see, producing ammonia can be simple... 

Because both components required to make it are in the air we breathe and in the water coming out of your tap.

I’m talking about nitrogen and hydrogen.

The machine Roger built is continually sucking air in to take the nitrogen and sucking water in to take the hydrogen.

Patent-protected technology combines both elements in a cylinder to produce ammonia.

This is what one of the early prototypes looked like... 

A pilot system built and housed at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology is currently producing over 500 liters of NH3 per day. That’s more than 50 times the amount of ammonia made by earlier versions of this machine.

Remember, the Haber-Bosch process requires large industrial-scale equipment. 

But this apparatus can sit at any location where fuel is needed. It can be easily scaled to the quantity of fuel required.

That’s why remote communities in Canada, farmers, and large mines are already interested in using it on site.

Like Roger, you could put this machine in your garage. It would constantly be generating fuel so that you’d have a reserve when you need to fill the car.

As you might have guessed, this whole process requires electricity. But as strange as it may sound, that’s exactly what makes this opportunity so exciting... 

143 Countries Will Soon Be in Dire Need
of This New Technology

You see, this technology solves wind and solar’s biggest problem. I’m talking about electricity storage.

Let me explain...

Wind and solar energy have surged by 77% in the U.S. since 2010. In California, rooftop solar is already producing three times as much as centralized stations.

But this is just the beginning...

The Biden administration has called for 100% clean energy by the middle of the century.

This new legislation will inject $1.7 trillion into clean energy technologies. That money will pay for an annual addition of 100 gigawatts generation capacity.

That’s enough to supply California and New Jersey with electricity for a whole year.

There’s one problem, however. This kind of energy supply is unstable. 

On the one hand, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. 

On the other hand, when there’s a lot of sun and wind, much more energy is being produced than the grid can handle.

Solar panels and wind turbines have to be disconnected from the grid to prevent overloads when that’s happening. 

As a result, California alone loses nearly 200 gigawatt-hours of electricity each month.

That’s enough to power about 228,050 homes, and it’s simply going to waste.

The only way to use this excess power is by feeding it into storage solutions. 

As The Conversation reports, "As renewables boom, [the] need for energy storage is more urgent."

And with all that extra wind and solar power coming online very soon, the demand for cheap electricity storage is about to soar.

The fridge-size machine you’ve seen can take excess electricity and transform it into ammonia.

When there’s no sun or wind, that ammonia can be fed into thermal power stations to produce zero-emission electricity.

It's like a liquid battery, only without the chemical waste or constant potential for failure.

That’s why Energy Central calls ammonia the "ultimate energy storage."

According to the U.S. Department of Energy ammonia is the lowest-cost, proven technology for long-term, large-scale energy storage.

Right now, the U.S. has 23.2 gigawatts of capacity in energy storage. 

But that’s not enough to transition to 100% renewable energy.

As research firm Wood Mackenzie estimates, 900 gigawatts of new storage will be needed in the next 10 years.

That’s an increase of 3,779%. And that’s just the U.S. 

Globally, 143 countries are committed to 100% clean energy roadmaps. 

Countries like Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Iceland... and even places like Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Jamaica are fully transitioning to wind and solar energy.

Wood Mackenzie projects a thirteenfold increase in grid-scale storage until 2024 as a result.

That equates to an investment of $132.4 billion in the next four years.

The opportunity here is so big that it’s hard to calculate how much this tiny company holding the patents for the Haber-Bosch upgrade could soar.

And remember, this is ON TOP of its primary business model: fuel production.

Now, before I continue, I want to make sure you understand that despite all of the prospects, the early-stage nature of this company makes this is a highly speculative bet.

But with the potential we’re facing here even a small initial stake can potentially grow into a sizable position.

Make no mistake, this isn’t one of those situations where you can just take your time. The window to get in front of the largest gains is closing.

That’s because of a federal rule that could be enacted within the next 12 months. As soon as that happens, this stock is set to explode.

In fact, a narrow version of this rule already exists. Few people know this, but this rule helped Tesla rake in almost $2 billion in profits in 2020... 

This Company Is About to Use Tesla’s
"$2 Billion Backdoor" for Huge Extra Profits

You see, Tesla’s fastest-growing business isn't selling cars or batteries...

Tesla’s emerging new money-maker is its environmental credits business. It amasses these credits from the federal government because of its zero-emission cars. 

Rivals like GM and Chrysler are forced to buy these credits from Tesla to offset their carbon footprint. Otherwise, they’re facing big fines.

This little "side business" made Tesla close to $2 billion in profit in 2020.

Right now, this credit system exists on the federal level only for the auto industry. 

But with Biden’s climate agenda, this could change soon...

Biden’s White House climate coordinator is Gina McCarthy. This pick says a great deal about where he’s heading. 

Because McCarthy already implemented the country’s first emission credit program in Connecticut back in 2004.

And with other states already having emission credit programs in place, Biden is unlikely to lag behind.

Ten northeastern states have a system like this in place for the power sector.

And in California, this kind of system applies across the whole economy. 

With the Biden Administration pushing its green agenda forward, I expect a credit system to be set up nationwide in every possible sector you can imagine: Power generation, transportation, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing... 

And I expect this to happen in the very near future. Maybe even before the end of this year.

This means every business emitting CO2 will be forced to buy credits if it wants to avoid getting fined. 

The tiny company making the Haber-Bosch upgrade can make millions, if not billions, selling these credits.

Let’s assume this company will sell a carbon credit for $30 per ton of reduced CO2... 

The transportation sector in the U.S. alone emits 6.4 billion metric tons per year.

As a consequence, this company can generate a $1.9 billion profit by selling credits that offset a mere 1% of the transportation sector’s emissions.

Look, each metric ton of NH3 used as fuel reduces CO2 emissions by more than 5 metric tons, which means this company can quickly pile up a huge amount of credits.

Once again, that’s money it can make ON TOP of the profit from selling ammonia and energy storage.

Don't forget this is a tiny company, whose total share count is valued at a mere $15 million (USD) at the time of this publication.

Can you see how explosive this opportunity is? 

With climate policy being at the top of Biden’s agenda, this new legislation could be enacted within the next 12 months.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the share price double, triple, or even quadruple on the news of a draft bill alone.

Look, you may NEVER have another shot like you have today — RIGHT NOW — with this tiny company.

That’s not just because of this impending legislation... 

It’s because of a huge announcement this tiny company could make as soon as tomorrow.

The Full-Scale Product Launch Could
Happen Any Day Now

As I said, the revolutionary redesign of the Haber-Bosch process has been in development for years now...

After extensive experimentation, the Phase I system first produced NH3 in 2009.

In 2012, the Phase II pilot system at the University of New Brunswick was completed and operational.

The Phase III pilot system, built and housed at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, was completed in late 2019. It was more than 50 times as effective as Phase II.

And right now, this company is finalizing Phase IV to further improve system efficiency while lowering capital and operating costs.

This is expected to be the last step toward a full-scale product launch. When this happens, investors will rush into this stock in droves. 

This will be the biggest energy shakeup in decades... and the stock is set to skyrocket as a result.

But make no mistake... 

This profit opportunity could be gone well before the official launch because the market always prices in the future.

As you can see, this small company’s stock may be one of the most explosive ones on Wall Street, even though most investors have never heard about it...

That’s because stocks like this remain a mystery to most investors...

But they aren't a mystery to me.

Again, my name is Alex Koyfman.

Like many successful people, I got to where I am doing something I really enjoy.

To me, investing isn’t a job, a casual hobby, or another form of gambling.

It’s a passion — something I obsess over, day in and day out. The fact that I take it seriously has paid off.

For example, check out these gains:

  • 560% Gains on Assure Holdings
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Of course, these are just a few of my best examples, but the results speak for themselves

My approach is unique and tailored for a very specific, risk-loving investor. 

By now, you know how it works: I exclusively take advantage of the tiniest stocks with the downright greatest growth potential.

I’m talking about an untapped treasure trove reserved for Main Street investors.

That’s right, Wall Street can’t touch these incredible investment opportunities. I’ll explain why in a moment.

Is this opportunity risk-free? No. Nothing in the stock market is. 

Investing in new technology — and in particular, a smaller, more volatile company like this — is no different.

Anything we choose to do involves some level of risk. My advice is... have your eyes open... and only invest capital you’re prepared to risk.

But with shares trading for less than one dollar each, you don’t have to bet the farm to have a chance at life-changing profits.

As you’ve seen, we have every reason to believe that this tiny company will forever change, disrupt, and eventually cripple the $3.3 trillion fossil fuel market.

Not only that, but it will revolutionize the $1.7 trillion renewables sector by turning ammonia into a new medium of liquid energy storage...

On top of that, it’s positioned to make billions selling carbon credits... 

This Might Be a Replay of Paladin Energy’s Legendary 108,370% Surge

Right now, we’re witnessing one of the biggest changes in the energy sector.

Tiny companies in the energy sector offer the opportunity to make investors very wealthy, especially when they’re at the heart of radical shifts.

The best example of this life-changing profit potential is Paladin Energy.

You see, in 2006, out of the blue, a uranium mine called Cigar Lake flooded.

This mine was projected to fulfill 10% of the global supply of uranium all on its own, and it had to be shut down.

Ten percent of the global supply of uranium never made it to market. It disappeared.

Hardly anyone had heard of the name Paladin Energy at that point. It was an off-the-radar uranium miner trading for mere pennies.

But thanks to this huge disruption in the energy market, Paladin Energy’s stock exploded by 108,370%...

A $1,000 investment would’ve made you a millionaire...

Rare and exceptional? You better believe it. But the power of little-known energy plays is undeniable... 

Make no mistake: The tiny company I’m tracking today offers similar upside potential.

Could this company deliver 108,370% like Paladin Energy?

Look, I’m conservative with my assumptions... 

So I’m not promising the 108,370% return Paladin Energy delivered. No one can make that kind of projection.

But even a fraction of that could change your life...

Look, these kinds of gains don't come from "go-nowhere" blue-chip stocks like Microsoft, Walmart, or ExxonMobil.

That’s why I recommend only little-known plays that have the potential to completely change your financial future.

Just like this tiny Toronto-based company I’ll reveal in a moment...

But first, let me explain the one reason you won’t get to hear about such opportunities anywhere else...

Why No One Else Is Talking About
These Opportunities


You see, Wall Street doesn’t benefit from you buying these kinds of stocks. They don’t get one tiny bit of the money you put into them.

That’s because most hedge funds — especially the big ones — are extremely limited in the types of stocks they can buy.

It all comes down to a company’s market cap... I’m talking about the total market value of all outstanding shares.

If you’re a Wall Street firm working with hundreds of billions of dollars in capital, it isn’t worth it to buy a 5% stake in a company with a small market cap of, let’s say, $50 million. 

Because even if the company surged by 10,000%, it would represent such a tiny portion of the firm’s assets, it would hardly move the needle for them.

That's why Wall Street doesn’t care about these stocks. And if Wall Street ignores them, the media won’t talk about these companies either.

But everyday Americans can navigate in and out of the market’s tiniest stocks... the microcaps that Wall Street can’t touch... targeting the biggest returns professional investors can only dream of.

That’s exactly how I've delivered my readers one winner right after another...

For gains of 96% in two months on MCW Energy Group... 110% in one month on CO2 Gro... 127% in four months on Future Farm Technologies... 223% in three months on Aragon... 300% in six months on Dajin Resources... 347% on SharpSpring in less than two years... and more.

Of course, we’ve had our share of losers. That’s part of the game. But with my winning picks absolutely crushing it, my readers couldn’t be happier.

And it’s exactly the same with the small company I told you about today... 

Remember, ammonia is about to replace oil-based fuels in the shipping, aviation, and trucking industries.

With some minor modifications, you could even power your own car with it. 

That’s why this company is expected to completely disrupt the oil market, which is 45 times bigger than the NH3 sector.

But remember, ammonia isn’t just a replacement for oil. 

It’s the "Ultimate Energy Storage."

With 100 gigawatts of renewable generation capacity about to come online each year, the market is rushing toward new storage solutions.

This Toronto-based company, even based on conservative projections, could come out as the 11,300% winner once this new industrial trend really gets rolling.

We’re looking at the chance to turn every $500 invested into $56,500... 

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With climate change being Biden’s top priority, the expansion of the carbon credit system could be announced any day now.

The stock could skyrocket on this news alone. 

Most importantly, this company is expected to be close to a full-scale product launch. It could announce it as soon as tomorrow. 

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